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Non Player Characters, or NPC's, are characters that are significant to the story, but you cannot control their actions. Listed here are the main NPC's and a little bit about them.

Summoners & Guardians[edit]

  • Dona and Barthello

26 year old Summoner. Originated from Kilika. Snippy personality, always mocking Yuna and her guardians. Barthello is her guardian.

  • Isaaru, Pacce, and Maroda

Summoner guarded by younger brothers Pacce and Maroda. Has always looked up to Braska. Fights Yuna at Bevelle.

  • Belgemine

She is constantly testing Yuna and her Aeons. Later found at Remiem Temple.

  • Ginnem

Lost her life when attempting to capture Yojimbo. Lulu was her Guardian.

  • Zuke

Former Summoner guarded by Wakka and Lulu. Gave up his pilgrimage upon reaching the Calm Lands.

High Summoners[edit]

  • Braska

Yuna's father. Summoner who defeated Sin 10 years before Yuna's pilgrimage.

  • Gandof

High Summoner who defeated Sin 400 years ago, leaving a huge rift in the Calm Lands. Before he was High Summoner, he sealed up the Cactuars roaming the Thunder Plains.

  • Ohalland

Champion Bliztball player for the Kilika Beasts. Became High Summoner by defeating sin 230 ago. 3rd summoner to bring the Calm. Once owned Wakka's Celestial weapon.

  • Yocun

Member of the Crusaders who became High Summoner. Often trained in the Calm Land, outside the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

  • Yunalesca

Legendary Summoner and daughter of Yu Yevon. She was the first to defeat Sin using the Final Summoning. Sacrificing herself and her husband Lord Zaeon in the process. She remains at the Zanarkand Ruins to guide future summoners who complete their pilgrimage.

  • Yu Yevon

Leader of Zanarkand during the war between Zanarkand and Bevelle. Bevelle began using Machina to easily overcome Zanarkand. As a last hope Yu Yevon led the remaining summoners to turn themselves into the original Fayth to save Zanarkand. In doing so, Sin was created. Now looked at as a God, followed by many denizens of Spira.


  • Seymour Guado

Half Human, Half Guado. Became Maester and Leader of the Guado when his father, Lord Jyscal Guado mysteriously died. He is playable only during Operation Mi'ihen. He always seems to be up to no good.

  • Maesters Yo Mika, Kelk Ronso, Wen Kinoc


The Crusaders were founded by Lord Mi'ihen. He created a group called the Crimson Blades to fight Sin. Deemed traitors by Yevon, Mi'ihen lead a crusade down what is now known as the Mi'ihen Highroad to prove he was doing good. During this trial, the clergy of Yevon saw his side and decided make the Crimson Blades apart of the church in order to gain control of the group. Renaming them the Crusaders in the process.

  • Chocobo Knights
    • Lucil

Well respected captain of the Chocobo Knights

  • Elma

Second in command to Lucil.

  • Clasko

Loves Chocobos, not a very good Crusader. Constantly questions his life.

  • Crusaders
  • Luzzu

Crusader in charge of the Besaid sect. Was close friends with Chappu and convinced him to join with the Crusaders. His fate can be determined by the player, if Gatta is chosen to live, Luzzu will die and vise versa.

  • Gatta

Young Crusader under the command of Luzzu. Impatient to see battle. His fate in Operation Mi'ihen can be chosen by the player. Before the start of the operation, if you tell him to stay behind, he survives. If you talk to him twice and tell him his place should be at the front lines, he dies.


  • O'aka XXIII and Wantz

O'aka is a down on his luck traveling merchant. Wantz is his younger brother who is infatuated with Yuna. Wantz ends up taking over for O'aka when O'aka is imprisoned by Yevon.

  • Cid and Brother

Cid is the leader of the Al Bhed. Father to Rikku and Brother. Brother to Yuna's mother. He is a very proud man who likes to take things into his own hands. Brother a pilot of the Airship, who can be used for a Blitzball player.

  • Jecht

Tidus' father. Bliztball celebrity in Dream Zanarkand. Legendary guardian to Braska. Sacrificed himself for the Final Summoning. Hated by Tidus. Alcoholic.

  • Maechen

Mysterious old man who loves history. Tends to give long-winded speeches.

  • Chappu

Wakka's younger brother. Has a similar appearance to Tidus. Former boyfriend of Lulu's. He left Besaid to fight with the Crusaders, giving up his sword for a machina weapon. Died.

  • Biran and Yenke Ronso

Warriors for the Ronso Tribe of Mt. Gagazet. They grew up with Kimahri, constantly making fun of him. Kimahri battled Biran when he was younger and lost. Unwilling to admit the failure, Biran shamed him by breaking his horn.

  • Shelinda

Young acolyte devoted to Yevon. Initially against the Crusaders and Operation Mi'ihen, ends up healing the wounded. She seems unsure of what she wants in life. Has a weak, shy personality.

  • Tromell

Seymour Guado's assistant.

  • Rin

Al Bhed merchant. Owner of all Rin's Travel Agency's found in Spira. He takes an interest in Tidus, helping him learn Al Bhed. Can be played as a Blitzball player.