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The species creations are unlocked by collecting a certain number (usually around 4) of every fiend in a species (e.g. all types of flan). Hitting for 99,999 with Quick Hit is a necessity for the harder species creations (as they have high Agility and Evade), but you might get away without it for some of the species creations with lower HP. Each creation embodies the theme for that type of monster, so will have at least one very large stat (e.g. Jumbo Flan has large Magic and infinite Defense stats). Most of the monsters here will also drop spheres for their stat when defeated, making the species creations essential for becoming more powerful. In general Species Creations have much, much more health than Area Creations, so watch out. Each of the below fiends will cost 8,000 Gil to fight.


At 850,000 HP, Fenrir, will be by far the most powerful lupine enemy you will ever face. He's fast, meaning even with 150+ Agility you will still only get less than six turns in between his attacks, although Hastega and Quick Hit will soon put him back down the turn bar where he belongs. Unfortunately, his Evasion stat is also pretty decent, so expect quite a few attacks to miss.

His attacks consist of Fangs of Chaos, which does a large percentage of a character's current health to one character and inflicts Confusion, Fangs of Hell (which is instant death) and Fangs of Ruin which lower stats and does a lot of damage. Attack Reels and Blitz Ace are the way to go here, as always, with Quick Hit in between. Fenrir drops Agility Spheres; 1 normally, 2 for an Overkill (this drop rate applies to all enemies which drop stat spheres). Yojimbo can kill Fenrir in one summon, if you're lucky enough to keep him alive. If this quick method fails, just use the strategy above.


Ornitholestes is the souped-up reptile fiend, with 800,000 HP. You will notice that although Ornitholestes is slow he has a very high evade rate, so expect few attacks to actually connect. Keep trying to attack until it does enough damage to someone to knock them into Overdrive or it accumulates on its own, then Entrust it to either Tidus or, preferably, Wakka and use Blitz Ace/Attack Reels. Poison Touch does a proportion of a character's maximum HP to them and inflicts Poison (this is a 100% chance without Poisonproof or Ribbon, and if you notice that's enough for one turn of Poison to kill the afflicted character), and Drain Touch is pretty similar but will heal the damage dealt from Ornitholestes. He also drains fire attacks.


Pteryx is the small bird species creation, and has only 100,000 HP which means two hits at anything more than 50,000 a hit will kill it. However, its high evade rate will mean most attacks miss. You've got two choices here; Doublecast Ultima (which even for a 130+ Magic stat will hit for 30,000+) or an Overdrive - either Blitz Ace or a perfect Attack Reels is a guaranteed Overkill. Pteryx's only attack of note is Beak of Woe which is about 2,000 damage to everyone, plus Curse. If this happens use a Holy Water to clear it up. Pteryx drops Evasion Spheres.


The greatest of the wasps, Hornet has 620,000 HP and is incredibly accurate regardless of your Evasion stat. He has a poison-inflicting sting attack and a death-inflicting sting attack, neither of which ever miss (you can only avoid the status effect with either Poisonproof/Ribbon and Deathproof respectively), and his normal sting attack which inflicts a whole host of different statuses including death (but it might miss). Once again, Quick Hit and Attack Reels should swat this insect down for good. He has a fairly high evade rate compared with most monsters (although nowhere near that of Fenrir/Ornitholestes/Pteryx/Vidatu). Hornet drops Accuracy Spheres.


Vidatu has only 95,000 HP and low Defense, so land one hit at 99,999 and you win. The difficulty is landing that one hit, as Vidatu is another example of a high evade-rate monster. Repeatedly Quick Hit it until an attack connects or just use an Overdrive. His relatively weak collection of magic (including Ultima) will barely tickle you.


One-Eye is the ultimate Evil Eye with 150,000 HP. However, in terms of attacks he's pretty brutal. If he gets the first turn it will always be Shock Wave, which is potentially upwards of 9,999 damage to everyone plus a truckload of status effects including confusion. Black Stare is his other trick, which is instant death to one character. He also has a decent evade rate (similar to Hornet). At low-levels beat him down with Aeons as One-Eye's attacks are pretty useless against them or use Attack Reels - providing you can hit for 9,999 a hit a perfect Attack Reels will kill it. One-Eye drops Triple AP weapons on occasion, but his normal drop is Magic Defense Spheres.

Jumbo Flan[edit]

Jumbo Flan is by far and away one of the most annoying of all the creations in any category. At 1,300,000 HP this doesn't seem like much of a problem besides a lot of health but when you factor in the following...

  • He is in constant Reflect status.
  • He has maximum Defense and a pretty high Magic Defense.
  • He is completely immune to physical attacks. begin to have a problem. His absurdly high Defense means Attack Reels and Blitz Ace won't make even a tiny dent in his large HP total, with Attack Reels reduced to around 3,000 damage a hit for a Strength of around 150. So, how do you beat it?

With Anima[edit]

Anima has the special attack 'Pain' which is unique in that it is unaffected by any defense stat. Thus, a fairly powerful Yuna will be able to allow Anima to inflict upwards of 50,000 damage a hit to Jumbo Flan with Pain (sadly Jumbo Flan is immune to instant death). However, this is not enough to take it down, so teach it Lancet, Haste, Dispel, Slow, Reflect, Shell and Regen. Start the battle by casting all these white magic boosts, then repeatedly Pain Jumbo Flan, using Lancet to heal where necessary.

Without Anima[edit]

Cast Reflect on one of the members of your party. Cast all your spells on the character with reflect. If the character with reflect wants to cast drain or any cure spells cast it on the Jumbo Flan. Doublecast helps. You can also use Ultima since it penetrates Reflect, but it has a long animation. Use Dispel if he casts Regen on himself. Keep casting spells and he will eventually fall.

Nega Elemental[edit]

Nega Elemental is very easy to defeat; just use Dispel on it when it attempts to use Reflect. Keep on using double-cast Ultima or Flare. All other physical attacks lead to its Ultima attack, so be prepared with Auto Phoenix or Auto Life. Nega Elemental has 1,400,000 HP.


A large helm, you obtain this by catching at least 5 of each helm species throughout Spira. With this monster you will need a large amount of Strength and Defense, or at least a reasonable amount and a weapon with piercing capabilities. It has 850,000 HP.


This armored dragon is one of the toughest opponents in the monster arena with his very high damage and triple attack. Fafnir can use all elemental attacks and they do a decent bit of damage if your characters aren't high enough in Defense and Magic Defense. Like all drakes in the game, it has high Defense, which takes reduced damage from all weapons except piercing. Make sure your party has Celestial Weapons and Auto-Phoenix. He normally drops 20 Light Curtains and 40 for an overkill.

When battling him, your best party would be Tidus, Auron, and Wakka. Use Blitz Ace and perfect Attack Reels. Also, if Yuna is strong enough, you could use Aeons, as you would have done against the Magus Sisters or Anima.

Sleep Sprout[edit]

Counters any physical attacks with Goodnight. Two attacks that inflict 99,999 damage will easily kill it with an Overkill. It will drop Teleport Spheres or Dark Matter and gear that prevents Sleep, Dark, and Stone.

Bomb King[edit]

This is the easiest battle of all the creations/original. If you can inflict 99,999 with each hit, then you're set. He doesn't counter anything, and it's really easy to hit him. 5 hits and you take the throne.

This is the only "Bomb" type enemy who doesn't blow after 3 hits. But he grows on every hit, and his attacks will get stronger too. When he's huge, he will always attack with "Ultima". Five 99,999 attacks on it, and you will see the Pyreflies.

An easy method is to equip or customize someone with Fire Eater, and Counter Magic. Damage him until he swells for the first time and starts using Fira. Then have anyone that doesn't have these 2 abilities escape, and cast haste on the Bomb King. Now simply defend on your turn. Bomb King will use Fira on you (healing damage because of Fire Eater) and then you will counter. Counter attacks will not cause him to swell, thus not raising the amount of damage he inflicts. Using this method, it is impossible to lose.


Obtained by capturing all Ruminant type fiends. His first move always is "Charging", followed by "Salvo", a fire attack to all of your characters. So, when you see "charging", use "Nul-Blaze". He's immune to all magics, so this battle is all strength. He drops Strength Spheres. Two spheres for an overkill. It has 1,250,000 HP.


Obtained by capturing all Iron Giant type fiends (10 Iron Giants at the Thunder Plains, 10 Gemini A and 10 Gemini B Inside Sin).

Ironclad has 2,000,000 HP. Have Rikku, Auron, and Wakka in your party for high lvl characters. Since Armor Break only has a 5% chance of working, use Rikku's Mix ability and make a Frag Grenade (any 2 of Ability, Power, Mana, or Speed). It deals Armor Break with a 100% success rate and it has a few nasty attacks. Reppangekki is its normal counterattack; it deals about 10K+ damage to one character, so if you're at a low level it's an insta-kill. It may use it twice in a row, so keep up with auto life or summon Yojimbo.

Yojimbo is a major asset here if you have been boosting Yuna (i.e. sending her through Auron, Tidus, and Wakka route) then Yojimbo will evade every time making the fight long, giving you plenty of time to pull off a Zanmato. Also to note if you're playing the HD Remastered version, Yojimbo will perform Wakizashi without you having to pay him. He will even counter using this randomly on the very rare chance he will perform Zanmato.

Trick to Yojimbo when you pay him (watch closely):

  • If he nods his head, he will perform Zanmato.
  • If he just turns to face the enemy, it will be Wakizashi or Kozuka.
  • If he throws his hand up like he is ushering you away, it will be Dagorio.