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Rikku is a young Al Bhed girl introduced very early on in the game, although she is the last character to join the party (doing so at the Moonflow area). Her true identity as an Al Bhed remains hidden from the likes of Yevonites such as Wakka in an attempt to avoid persecution. However, this fact is inevitably leaked and Wakka soon gets over the shock accepting Rikku as a valuable guardian. Rikku's father (Cid) is leader of the Al Bhed Home, and her brother (Brother) is not only the airship pilot but also an excellent Blitzball player. It should also be noted that Rikku has an intense fear of lightning (which causes a lot of problems for her at the Thunder Plains) because Brother accidentally cast a Thunder spell on her instead of a fiend when she was younger.

Basic Fighting Style[edit]

Rikku is the thief of the party. Her main skills Steal and Use allow her to steal items from enemies and use items other members of the party would not ordinarily be able to. Other than these 2 skills and a couple of others, Rikku is not likely to be used for much else owing to mediocre strength and magic attributes. However, the uses of stolen objects for customizing weapons and armor, teaching Aeons abilities as well as being very useful for her overdrive, makes Rikku a very useful character. As she joins the party a lot later than the rest of the crew, her route on the sphere grid is by far the shortest, and therefore the attribute increases are generally higher than those on the other characters' paths. It should also be noted that Rikku's grid starts with a lot of HP nodes to help get her strong enough to fight the battles she immediately finds herself in. Being a thief, Rikku is of course highly agile and excels only really in this attribute, although her accuracy and defenses are serviceable.

Rikku is able to dismantle a variety of Machina enemies instantly with her Steal command, and the Use command may come in handy in many boss battles, especially when other members may not be available. If you decide to take on the Monster Arena and/or Dark Aeons, Rikku is likely to be essential for the hardest enemies. Although both her and Yuna have sensible bonuses on their Celestial weapons, Yuna's ability to summon may attract you for a lot of the battles. However, Rikku's extremely versatile overdrive (Mix) is a necessity for some battles, especially against the Dark Aeons, and she is likely to be used in tandem with Yuna.

Notable Skills[edit]

The skills that Rikku gains on her initial Sphere Grid path are detailed below:

  • Steal — Steals an item from an enemy (as a rule of thumb success rate starts at 100%, and halves after each steal, although luck does affect success rate), and will instantly destroy certain Machina enemies. Enemies carry both common and rare items, and abilities on weapons such as Master Thief will enable only the rare items to be stolen.
  • Use — Uses an item not available from the 'Item' command (often these are items stolen from enemies).
  • Luck — Raises the Luck attribute of all active party members for the battle, this effect can be stacked up to 5 times.
  • Spare Change — Throws Gil at an enemy to damage them (damage is Gil thrown divided by 10).
  • Mug — Combined use of the Steal and Attack commands (steals an item and does damage). Mug has a hidden attribute of causing death at a very small chance. See Deathstrike for details on how to utilize Mug for an ultimate attack.
  • Bribe — If you give a monster enough money (equivalent to 20 times their HP), they will run away from the battle and leave (often a lot of) rare items behind. What item a fiend drops can be found on the Enemy page. Note that the total you give is cumulative, so if you give a large amount and miss, just give a few Gil each time until it works. As this skill will cost you a lot of money (usually around the hundreds of thousands to millions of Gil), it only becomes really useful when obtaining these items for assistance in battling the Monster Arena creations. Therefore this skill is discussed in more detail in the Monster Arena section, along with useful fiends to bribe.
  • Pilfer Gil — Steals Gil from an enemy. International version only.
  • Nab Gil — Combined use of the Pilfer Gil and Attack commands (steals Gil and does damage). International version only.
  • Quick Pockets — Uses an item, but your next turn will come up quicker — like a quick hit but with items instead of an attack. This skill is surrounded by a lot of Lvl. 4 Key Spheres and has a high MP cost, so you may want to consider the use of a precious Master Sphere and either Copycat or 1 MP cost to help you utilize it correctly. International version only.
  • Copycat — The user will perform exactly the same action as the last party member (unless it was an exclusive action such as an overdrive or summon). This includes skills the user has not learnt, and will even work with doublecasts. Whatever the previous action was, it will always cost 28MP to copycat, but bear in mind that the damage is not likely to be the same due to differing attributes between characters. You cannot use this skill in the Omega Ruins.


Rikku has by far the most versatile overdrive of any character. Mix allows her to combine any two items in the inventory to create a whole range of different effects. It would be impractical to list all the possible combinations here as there are so many, but below are some particularly useful examples. A complete list can be found on the Overdrives page.

Name Effect Mix
Final Phoenix Revive all party members with full HP Phoenix Down + Lvl.1-4 Key Sphere
Final Elixir Revives party members, restores HP and MP, removes status effects High Potion + Lvl.1-4 Key Sphere
Ultra NulAll Casts all 4 Nul spells and stat boosters (e.g. Cheer, Focus etc.) Heal Spring + Musk/Hypello Potion
Hyper Vitality Doubles maximum HP and casts cheer Stamina Tonic + Potion
Hyper Mighty G Casts Auto-Life, Protect, Shell, Regen and Haste on all party members Heal Spring + Pendulum/Underdog's Secret/Amulet
Miracle Drink Gives all party members a high critical hit rate Ether + Designer Wallet
Trio of 9999 Each attack of all party members will hit for 9999 damage Door to Tommorow + Door to Tommorow
Supernova 2 times 9999 damage (19998) to all enemies Shining Gem + Supreme Gem


Rikku's Mug ability can be used to cheaply destroy just about any enemy. If you attach the Deathstrike ability to her weapon, when she uses Mug and it successfully connects (that is, the enemy takes damage), you will instantly kill the enemy (this works at any level once Mug is available). This glitch is caused by Mug having a very small chance to cause death, which is not described anywhere in the game. The main benefits to this strategy is that Rikku will often steal items from enemies, but she will also kill them without using any mana! If you know an enemy has more than one item, make sure not to Mug them before stealing the items that you want to acquire.

Celestial Weapon[edit]

Rikku's Celestial Weapon is the Godhand. It is powered by the Mercury Crest, then the Mercury Sigil. Obtaining the weapon will require the Celestial Mirror, as will powering it up.

Obtaining the Weapon[edit]

Type in 'GODHAND' as a password on the Airship, which will open up a secret location at Mushroom Rock Road. Go there, walk to the end of the area to find the chest with the Godhand in it.

Mercury Crest[edit]

Go to Sanubia Desert and search in the area just before Home for an alcove that contains the treasure chest. This will be fairly obvious on your mini-map, as long as you are in the correct area (it is near the alcove with a sandstorm, in the pits that pull you in forcing you to fight a fiend).

Mercury Sigil[edit]

In the same area as the Crest. Examine the Cactuar glyph to start a mini-game. Once you have completed this, you will be able to get to the chest with the Sigil by going to the area formerly blocked by a sandstorm. The mini-game involves you having to find all 10 Cactuars hidden mainly in the desert. (Since the desert is a large place, if you want to quickly find the Cactuars with no battles, the No Encounters ability always helps - No Encounters can be customized by using 30 Purifying Salts, or is on weapons dropped by the boss at Baaj Temple). Try to catch the Cactuar without it looking at you, and you will get better prizes at the end. After catching each Cactuar go back to the glyph to present the sphere you received, and after finding all 10 you will be able to get the Mercury Sigil plus another item depending on your performance. The locations of the Cactuars are:

Name Location
Tomay At the oasis by the save point.
Rovivea In an alcove in the north-west of the area after the oasis.
Chava Examine the Al Bhed signs in the same area as the glyph until you find the one where he will appear from.
Alek In the ruins in the north-west of the large, open area.
Aloja In the ruins in the north-west of the large, open area.
Vachella Hiding behind the second save point (in the tent), you must examine the save point to find the Cactuar.
Robeya Found in a treasure chest in the south-west corner of the large, open area.
Issra In one of the pits that sucks you in, just before Home. (You may have to leave the area and return before he appears)
Elio Firstly found at the Oasis, but then moves and can be found again on the Airship Balcony(where you fight Evrae).
Flaile Automatically appears.

Final Outcome[edit]

When we power up the Celestial Weapon to the very limit the outcome will be:

  • Weapon Effects:
    • Break Damage Limit
    • Triple Overdrive
    • Double AP
    • Gillionaire
  • Rikku does more damage when she has a higher percentage of HP.