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Wakka is the captain and coach of the Besaid Aurochs, a Blitzball team (and a pretty poor one until Tidus comes along). He's a devout follower of Yevon and its teachings. He also has a deep resentment of the Al Bhed, believing their use of machina is sacrilegious. He had a younger brother, Chappu, who died shortly after joining the Crusaders (a large group of semi-religious soldiers who have sworn to battle Sin, despite knowing that only summoners and the Final Summoning can actually defeat it).

Basic Fighting Style[edit]

Wakka's preferred weapons are balls which collectively make up the only ranged physical weapon group. This allows him to hit aerial targets with ease (partly due also to his high Accuracy stat) and hit enemies from great distances which other weapons can't reach. He also wears armguards for defense. Most of his stats are pretty decent — his Accuracy is the highest of any character, but lacks great Evasion. His HP, Defense, Magic Defense, and Magic stats are all slightly higher than Tidus', although his Attack and MP are roughly the same and his Agility is significantly lower.

As his preferred weapons suggest, he's best against aerial targets that dodge most melee attacks, or those that are too far away for ordinary weapons to hit. Examples are the Floating Eye, Bird, and aerial mage species of fiend, like the Buer (Thunder Plains), Condor (Besaid Island) and Gandarewa (Mushroom Rock) fiends.

Notable Skills[edit]

  • Dark Attack/Buster — inflicts damage and Darkness status effect. (Note that Attack is less reliable, but lasts for three of the enemy's turns. Busters are almost 100% reliable but only inflict it for one turn. Busters are good against enemies with absurdly high resistance to that status effect but not immunity.)
  • Silence Attack/Buster — inflicts damage and Silence status effect.
  • Sleep Attack/Buster — inflicts damage and Sleep status effect.
  • Aim — increases party's Accuracy stat.
  • Drain — a black magic spell that depletes some health from an enemy and adds it to Wakka. Make sure you do not use either Drain or Osmose on Zombified enemies as the effects will be reversed.
  • Osmose — a black magic spell that depletes some MP from an enemy and adds it to Wakka.
  • Triple Foul — inflicts damage, Darkness, Silence and Sleep for three turns. Enemies that are strong enough to be sufficiently weakened by this are usually highly resistant or immune to some or all of these status effects, although there are some who aren't. Often repeated uses of Buster skills are more effective.


Wakka's Overdrive is Slots. It is based on sets of reels which you need to stop in various combinations to achieve maximum effect. However, the Aurochs Reels is not necessarily bound by this.

Element Reels[edit]

  • available from the start of the game
  • hits either one or all enemies with an attack combined with the element on the reels (two or less of one element hits one enemy, all three of the same element hits all enemies)

Attack Reels[edit]

  • available as 1st prize from the first Blitzball Tournament you can enter (ignoring the storyline-based one in Luca)
  • randomly hits all enemies with physical attacks, an amount which is determined by the values on the reels (maximum is 12 hits)

Status Reels[edit]

  • available as 1st prize from Blitzball League (appears randomly)
  • attacks cause status changes
    • 3 Skulls = Silence, Poison, Darkness, and Sleep
    • 3 Hourglasses = Petrification
    • 3 Pointers = Full Break)

Aurochs Reels[edit]

  • available as 1st prize from Blitzball tournament (appears randomly)
  • combination of all kinds of Reels plus a new symbol — Aurochs. 3 Aurochs cause a special attack.

Celestial Weapon[edit]

Wakkas's Celestial Weapon is the World Champion. It is powered up by the Jupiter Crest, then the Jupiter Sigil. You need the Celestial Mirror to obtain this weapon.

Obtaining the Weapon[edit]

First of all, you must play Blitzball until you have won 5 games (not counting your first match against the Luca Goers) or at least placing 3rd or higher in a tournament. Go to the Luca Cafe and talk with bartender. If you have the Celestial Mirror, she will give you the World Champion. If she refuses to give it to you, go and win some more games and make sure you have the mirror.

The Jupiter Crest[edit]

Go to Luca. You will find it inside locker in the Aurochs' locker room.

The Jupiter Sigil[edit]

You can win it in Blitzball League, but only if you have all Wakka's Overdrives.

Final Outcome[edit]

When we power up the Celestial Weapon to the very limit the outcome will be:

  • Weapon Effects:
    • Break Damage Limit
    • Triple Overdrive
    • Double AP
    • Evade & Counter
  • Wakka does more damage if his HP is full.
  • Ifrit can break the 9999 damage limit.