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  • Tidus uses Sword Play, this uses a bar to determine damage. Stop his overdrive in the middle by pressing Cross button before the time runs out to get maximum results. Different attacks are learned by using his Overdrive.
  • Yuna uses a Grand Summon Overdrive. This allows one of her Aeons a full overdrive bar when Grand Summoned. It is stackable (meaning if you Grand Summon an Aeon who already has a full bar, you'll be able to use their overdrive abilities twice).
  • Lulu uses Fury. Rotate the Neutral rstick to determine the amount of times Lulu casts a magic spell of your choice.
  • Auron uses Bushido. This is a combination of buttons to damage all enemies with a massive attack. More can be learned by finding Jecht Spheres.
  • Kimahri has the ability for Ronso Rage. He absorbs the talents of many of his enemies to do damage. He must use Lancet on certain enemies before he is able to learn most of the attacks.
  • Wakka uses Slots. This is a series of reels that can be stopped using Cross button to damage enemies depending on your luck. New slots can be learned by playing Blitzball.
  • Rikku uses Mix to combine different items in your inventory to get different results.


To get Tidus's overdrives to inflict maximum damage, you must successfully stop a pointer scrolling along a bar in the middle section as quickly as possible. If you fail to do this in the time allotted for the attack, Tidus will hit for minimal damage if at all.

Swordplay / Overdrive Name Description How to Obtain
Spiral Cut Attacks a single enemy Available from start of game.
Slice and Dice Hits random enemies a total of 6 times at around 50% power Use Tidus' overdrive command 10 times
Energy Rain Hits all enemies once Use Tidus's overdrive command 30 times
Blitz Ace 8 Slashes at around 15% power followed by a Sphere Shot (damage equal to that of the 8 slashes) on one enemy Use Tidus' overdrive command 80 times


Yuna's overdrive is Grand Summon. It will summon any available Aeon, but supply them with a full overdrive bar. After using this overdrive the Aeon's overdrive bar goes back to what it was before it was summoned, meaning that 2 overdrives in a row is possible if the Aeon has full overdrive and is then grand summoned.

Aeon Overdrive Description
Valefor Energy Ray Non-elemental Ray shot at All Enemies
Valefor Energy Blast Non-elemental Blast Shot at All Enemies
Ifrit Hellfire Fire-Elemental ball engulfs All Enemies before Ifrit tosses a large rock.
Ixon Thor's Hammer Lightning-Elemental storm attacks All Enemies
Shiva Diamond Dust Ice-Elemental magic freezes all Enemies before Shiva snaps her fingers to turn them to dust.
Bahamut Mega-Flare Non-Elemental Damage done to All Enemies
Yo-jimbo Increases chance that Yo-jimbo will use Zanmato
Anima Oblivion Pulls all Enemies into "oblivion" to cast multiple non-elemental attacks.
Magus Sisters Delta Attack The sisters combine attacks to hit enemies x6


Lulu's overdrive is called Fury, and when activated you must choose one black magic ability that will be cast many times. Any black magic spell can be used, and the process does not require any MP. You then have 4 seconds to rotate Neutral rstick as many times as possible, with the amount of spells that will be cast building up as you rotate it. More powerful spells require more rotations to add an extra spell to the counter, and a higher magic stat reduces the number of rotations required to add an extra spell to the counter. The spells are cast randomly against the enemies at half normal casting strength. An enemy can be hit multiple times (although it will not be hit any more if it dies, so your spells aren't wasted), and the total damage of all the spells that hit it (rather than each spell individually) determines an overkill.

Note: Since Bio doesn't inflict damage, Bio Fury uses spells that have roughly a half as likely chance of inflicting poison on the targets (the actual chance is then determined by status effect resistances, for example a monster with no resistance to poison will succumb to a spell from Bio Fury half the time, and one with a 50% resistance to it will succumb 25% of the time). Demi Fury spells hit for 1/8 of the target's health rather than 1/4, and some monsters that are affected by Demi (bosses in particular are often immune to gravity) may be immune to Demi Fury. Death Fury works in a similar way to Bio Fury.


Auron's overdrives do the most damage when the button sequence that appears on the screen is inputted before the allotted time is up.

Dragon Fang[edit]

  • has these button commands — Down dpad, Left dpad, Up dpad, Right dpad, L1 button, R1 button, Circle button, Cross button
  • hits all enemies for slightly more than an ordinary attack
  • only hits one enemy if the button sequence is not completed
  • you always have this overdrive

Shooting Star[edit]

  • has these button commands — Triangle button, Circle button, Square button, Cross button, Left dpad, Right dpad, Cross button
  • hits one enemy for high damage, may Eject them
  • no Eject effect if button sequence is not completed
  • collect 1 sphere to obtain

Banishing Blade[edit]

  • has these button commands — Up dpad, L1 button, Down dpad, R1 button, Right dpad, Left dpad, Triangle button
  • hits one enemy for high damage, inflicts all four breaks (100% chance) if enemy not immune
  • only inflicts one random break if button sequence is not completed
  • collect 3 spheres to obtain


  • has these button commands — Cross button, Right dpad, R1 button, Left dpad, L1 button, Triangle button
  • hits all enemies for high damage twice
  • only hits once if button sequence is not completed
  • collect all 10 spheres to obtain

Collecting the Spheres[edit]

The spheres only appear after you beat the boss in Macalania Woods, immediately after which you will gain your first sphere (and Auron's second overdrive). Therefore spheres listed in locations met early in the game can only be obtained later on. The spheres have a similar appearance to Al Bhed primers, and are picked up in the same way (by pressing Cross button). When you collect a sphere you will watch a short scene from Lord Braska's pilgrimage 10 years ago, where you will find out more about Auron, Jecht and Braska. After the scene, the sphere will disappear and if you have enough one of Auron's overdrives will be unlocked.

Sphere Locations[edit]

Map Name Details
Macalania — Spring After Defeating Spherimorph
Besaid Village On the right hand side of the temple
S.S Liki — Cabin Board at Besaid to be able to find this room
Luca Stadium — Basement A Outside the Auroch's Locker room
Mi'ihen Highroad — Oldroad Near the chest with Mars Crest, at the end of the road
Mushroom Rock Road — Precipice South of the rising platform
Moonflow — South Wharf Near the shoopuf dock
Thunder Plains — South Near a lightning rod/tower on the right (2nd one down from travel agency)
Macalania Forest — South Go right at the entrance from Thunder Plains
Mt. Gagazet — Mountain Road At a dead end from a fork outside (located somewhere between 1st and 2nd grave)


Overdrive Name Description Can Be Learned From
Jump Kimahri pole vaults to Damage One Enemy Available at the beginning of the Game
Seed Cannon Kimahri shoots a projectile at One Enemy Received after tutorial in Kilika Woods
Self-Destruct Kimahri sacrifices his life to damage One Enemy Bomb, Biran Ronso, Grenade, Purboros
Fire Breath Kimahri deals Fire damage to All Enemies Dual Horn, Valaha, Yenke Ronso, Grendel
Stone Breath Kimahri petrifies All Enemies Basilisk, Anacondaur, Yenke Ronso
Aqua Breath Kimahri deals Water damage to All Enemies Chimera, Chimera Brain, Yenke Ronso
Thrust Kick Kimahri kicks one enemy for small amount of damage and low chance to Eject Enemy from Battle YKT-63, Biran Ronso, YKT-11
Bad Breath Kimahri inflicts random status ailments to All Enemies Malboro, Great Malboro
Doom Kimahri spell cast on a Enemy, that enemy dies after X amount of turns Ghost, Biran Ronso, Wraith
White Wind Restores Health to Party equal to that of 1/2 of Kimahari's current HP Yenke Ronso, Dark Flan
Mighty Guard Kimahri casts NulAll, Protect, and Shell to Party Biran Ronso, Behemoth, Behemoth King
Nova Kimahri deals massive Non-Elemental Damage to All Enemies Omega Weapon, Nemesis


Wakka's overdrives are based on sets of reels which you need to stop in various combinations to achieve maximum effect, although the Aurochs Reels are not necessarily bound by this.

Element Reels[edit]

  • available from the start of the game
  • hits either one or all enemies with an attack combined with the element on the reels (two or less of one element hits one enemy, all three of the same element hits all enemies)

Attack Reels[edit]

  • available as 1st prize from the first blitzball tournament you can enter (ignoring the storyline-based one in Luca)
  • randomly hits all enemies with physical attacks, an amount which is determined by the values on the reels (maximum is 12 hits)

Status Reels[edit]

  • available as 1st prize from blitzball league (appears randomly)
  • attacks cause status changes(3 skulls = Silence, Poison, Darkness, and Sleep; 3 hourglasses = Petrification; 3 pointers = Full Break)

Aurochs Reels[edit]

  • available as 1st prize from blitzball tournament (appears randomly)
  • combination of all kinds of Reels plus a new symbol — Aurochs. 3 Aurochs cause a special attack.


Name Effect (Regular Damage/Critical) Mix
Grenade Damage (350/700), Not affected by stats or buffs (Bomb Fragment+Antarctic Wind), (Bomb Core+Arctic Wind), (Fire Gem+Ice Gem), (Electro Marble+Fish Scale)
Frag Grenade Damage (800/1600)
Pineapple Damage (1250/2500) (Power Sphere+Power/Speed/Mana/Ability Sphere)
Potato Masher Damage (2500/5000) (Power/Mana Dist+Map/Rename Card)
Cluster Bomb Damage (4800/9600) (Blessed/Shining Gem+Bomb Core/Fragment)
Tallboy Damage (9250/18500) Supreme Gem+Bomb Core/Bomb Fragment/Fire Gem/Electro Marble)
Blaster Mine Damage (1100/2200), Inflicts Sleep, Darkness, Silence (3 Turns) (Grenade/Frag Grenade+Antidote/Soft)
Hazardous Shell Damage (2300/4600), Inflicts Sleep, Darkness, Silence (3-4 Turns), Poison (Grenade/Frag Grenade+Tetra Elemental/Healing Water)
Calamity Bomb Damage (3600/7200), Inflicts Sleep, Darkness, Silence (5 Turns), Poison, Full Break (Grenade/Frag Grenade+Master/Attribute Sphere/Lvl 3/4 Key Lock)
Chaos Grenade Damage (7250/14500), Inflicts Sleep, Darkness, Silence (8 Turns), Poison, Full Break, Slow (Grenade+HP/MP/Defense/Strength Sphere)
Heat Blaster Fire damage (5x400); Enemy's affinities may alter damage done (HALF, Null, ABS, WKN) (Bomb Fragment/Core+Antidote/Soft)
Firestorm Fire Damage (6x700) (Fire Gem+Echo Screen/Antidote/Soft/Eye Drops)
Burning Soul Fire damage (9x900) (Bomb Fragment+HP/Master Sphere/Lvl 3/4 Key Lock)
Brimstone Fire damage (3x400) (Bomb Fragment+Silence Grenade/Sleeping Powder/Dream Powder/Smoke Bomb)
Abaddon Flame Fire damage (3x900) (Bomb Fragment+Chocobo Feather/Wing, Bomb Core+Dream Powder/Farplane Shadow)
Snow Flurry Ice damage (5x400) (Arctic/Antarctic Wind+Antidote/Soft)
Icefall Ice damage (6x700) (Ice Gem+Antidote/Soft/EchoScreen/Eye Drops)
Winter Storm Ice damage (9x900) (Antarctic Wind+HP/Master Sphere/Lvl 3/4 Key Lock)
Black Ice Ice damage (3x400) (Antarctic Wind+Silence Grenade/Sleeping Powder/Dream Powder/Smoke Bomb)
Krysta Ice damage (3x900) (Arctic Wind+Dream Powder/Farplane Shadow/Wind, Ice Gem+Sleeping Powder)
Thunderbolt Thunder damage (5x400) (Electro/Lightning Marble + Antidote/Soft)
Rolling Thunder Thunder damage (6x700) (Lightning Gem+Antidote/Soft/Eye Drops/Echo Screen)
Lightning Blot Thunder damage (9x900) (Electro Marble+HP/Master Sphere/Lvl 3/4 Key Lock)
Electroshock Thunder damage (3x400) (Electro Marble+Silence Grenade/Sleeping Powder/Dream Powder/Smoke Bomb)
Thunderblast Thunder damage (3x900) (Lightning Marble+Dream Powder/Farplane Shadow/Wind, Lightning Gem+Sleeping Powder)
Waterfall Water damage (5x400) (Dragon/Fish Scale+Antidote/Soft)
Flash Flood Water damage (6x700) (Water Gem+Echo Screen/Antidote/Soft/Eye Drops)
Tidal Wave Water damage (9x900) (Fish Scale+HP/Master Sphere/Lvl 3/4 Key Lock)
Aqua Toxin Water damage (3x400) (Fish Scale+Silence Grenade/Sleeping Powder/Dream Powder/Smoke Bomb)
Dark Rain Water damage (3x900) (Dragon Scale+Dream Powder/Farplane Shadow/Wind, Water Gem+Sleeping Powder)
Nega Burst Gravity damage, Takes 3/4 of current HP (Shadow Gem+Power/Mana/Ability/Speed Dist.)
Black Hole Gravity damage, Takes 15/16 of current HP (Shadow Gem+Master/Warp Sphere/Pendulum/Amulet)
Supernova Damage (19998/19998) (Underdog's Secret+Underdog's Secret/Winning Formula/Gambler's Spirit, Winning Formula+Gambler's Spirit)
Ultra Potion Fully restores party's HP (Potion+Potion/Hi-Potion/Mega Potion/X-Potion)
Panacea Cures Berserk, Confusion, Curse, Darkness, Petrification, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Zombie (Potion+Antidote/Soft/Eye Drops/Echo Screen)
Ultra Cure Restores half of the max HP and cures status alignments (Power Dist+Silence Grenade/Sleeping Powder/Dream Powder/Smoke Bomb)
Mega Phoenix Revives and restores half the max HP (Phoenix Down+Potion/Hi-Potion/Mega-Potion/X-Potion)
Final Phoenix Revives and fully restores HP (Mega Phoenix+Potion/Hi-Potion/Mega Potion/X-Potion)
Elixir Fully restores HP/MP (Antidote+ Power/Mana/Speed/Ability Sphere)
Mega Elixir Fully restores HP/MP (Potion+Elixir/Blessed/Shining Gem/Farplane Shadow)
Super Elixir Fully restores HP/MP and cures status alignments (Healing Spring+Map, Potion+Megalixir/Supreme Gem/Special/Attribute Sphere)
Final Elixir Fully restores HP/MP, cures status alignments and revives to full HP (Potion+Dark Matter, Hi-Potion+Dark Matter/Amulet/Teleport/Attribute/Special Sphere)
NulAll Casts Nulblaze, Nulfrost, Nulshock, Nultide (Potion+Bomb Fragment/COre/Electro Marble/Fire Gem)
Mega NulAll Casts Nulblaze, Nulfrost, Nulshock, Nultide (Hi-Potion+Bomb Fragment/COre/Electro Marble/Fire Gem)
Hyper NulAll Casts NulAll(+Cheer and Focus) (Lunar Curtain+Mana/Stamina/Soul Spring/Purifying Salt)
Ultra NullAll Casts NulAll(+ 5x Cheer, 5x Focus, 5x Aim, 5x Reflex) (Chocobo Feather/Wing+Healing Water/Tetra Elemental)
Mighty Wall Gain Shell and protect (Antidote+Lunar/Light/Star Curtain, Soft+Lunar Curtain)
Mighty G Gain Shell, protect and haste (Power Dist.+Power/Mana/Ability/Speed Dist.)
Super Mighty G Shell, Protect, Haste and Regen (Bomb Core+Lunar/Light/Star Curtain, Fire Gem+Lunar Curtain)
Hyper Mighty G Shell, Protect, Haste, Regen and Auto-life (Light Curtain+Underdog's Secret/Gambler's Spirit, Pendulum+Chocobo Wing, Lunar Curtain+Door To Tomorrow)
Vitality Doubles max HP (Hi/X-Potion+Hi/X-Potion)
Mega Vitality Doubles max HP for party (Hi-potion/Potion+Stamina Tablet/Three Stars)
Hyper Vitality Doubles max HP(+Cheer) (Stamina Tonic+Potion/Hi-Potion/Mega-Potion/X-Potion)
Mana Doubles max MP (Ether+Potion/Hi-Potion/Mega-Potion/X-Potion)
Mega Mana Doubles max MP (Turbo Ether+Potion/Hi-Potion/Mega-Potion/X-Potion)
Hyper Mana Doubles max MP(+focus) (Mana Tablet/Tonic+Potion/Hi-Potion)
Freedom 0 MP cost (Ether+Mega Phoenix/Remedy/Farplane Wind)
Freedom X 0 MP cost (Twin Stars+Potion/Hi-Potion/Mega-Potion/X-Potion)
Quartet of 9 Minimum damage/heal becomes 9999 (Bomb Core+Amulet/Pendulum/Door To Tomorrow, Bomb Fragment+Dark Matter)
Trio of 9999 Minimum damage/heal becomes 9999 (Door To Tomorrow+Wings To Discovery/Underdog's Secret/Gambler's Spirit, Gambler's Spirit+Gambler's Spirit)
Hero Drink Always deal critical damage (Potion+Luck/Fortune Sphere/Designer Wallet, Hi-Potion+Fortune Sphere)
Miracle Drink Always deal critical damage (Ether+Luck Sphere/Designer Wallet, Turbo Ether+Luck/Fortune Sphere/)
Hot Spurs OD gauge fills up 1.5 times as fast (Stamina Tonic+Shining Gem/Mega Phoenix, Elixir+Clear Sphere, Shining Gem+Mana Tablet)
Eccentric OD gauge fills up twice times as fast (Megalixir+Defense/Strength/Magic Def/Magic Sphere)