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You will not be able to return to this Temple, so complete everything before leaving the area. This is the last proper temple that you'll have to go through, and it takes a long time…

Bevelle Temple: Cloister of Trials[edit]

Djose Temple was longer than Kilika Temple. Macalania Temple was longer than Djose. Bevelle Temple is longer than Macalania. Oh dear. First of all, head up and push the pedestal containing the Bevelle Sphere onto the shining glyph and it'll make a platform. You'll stand on it, and quickly be whisked away to the main portion of the trials. Be aware that now solid ground is pretty rare. You'll have to get used to moving around on the "tracks" that make up the pathways in Bevelle Temple. Press the X button on a glyph as you move across it when you want to change direction, although nothing will happen if you're already traveling in the direction a glyph would send you. The glyphs fairly rapidly change direction, so you have to time your pressing of Cross button quite well.

There are two loops:

  • The upper loop will just restart and take you to the end and repeat over and over until you select a glyph. This gives you a chance to view the playing field ahead and below. There is no rush to make your selection.
  • The lower loop is reached by going right at the first glyph in the upper loop. You can then go to the end of the lower loop and it will repeat.

First of all, ignore the first glyph which can take you down a "floor" (lower loop). When the second glyph points left, press Cross button to stop. Take the Bevelle Sphere from the slot and put it in the pedestal. Push the pedestal back into the track and ride the platform on the upper loop back to the start. Select the second glyph when it points right, stop and put a Bevelle Sphere into the slot on the wall and you'll make a section of track appear on a lower level. Now ride around in a loop and stop at the first glyph when it points right to go downwards. You can confirm your direction at the bottom, so wait until the glyph points forwards, down a floor again, and press X to go. Head down and take the Bevelle Sphere from the slot and put it in the pedestal. Go back up by pushing the pedestal into the track and ride it up to the next floor.

Go right (the middle, main path) and turn right at the third path. Use the Bevelle sphere on the pedestal to make a bridge by using the slot. Return to the second path and take it to the right. Pick up the glyph sphere and take the path back to the third glyph and put the glyph sphere on the wall to unlock a Destruction Sphere. Put it on your pedestal, return to the confirmation glyph and go right at the second path again (where the Glyph Sphere was). Place the Destruction Sphere there. A short scene shows part of the level open up.

Go back and get the Bevelle Sphere from the bridge where you got the Destruction Sphere (right at the third path) and put it in the pedestal. You should now have two Bevelle Spheres in the pedestal. Ride the platform back to the Confirmation area, go straight, then take the first right. Warning: you should have two Bevelle Spheres in the pedestal at this point. If you don't, get the second one and return here (it's the one creating the bridge to the Destruction Sphere slot). If you continue here without it, you won't be able to get the true secret treasure at the end of the puzzle.

Push the pedestal towards the bottom of the screen and you'll ride the platform up to the top of the Cloister of Trials. When your pedestal re-materializes, take a Bevelle Sphere from it and put it in the slot at the top of the stairs. Go right and you'll be forced to open the chest containing a HP Sphere. This is basically the Destruction Sphere treasure of Bevelle Temple but since you can never return here, they kindly made it so that it's impossible to leave Bevelle Temple without finding and breaking the sealed chest here. Step on the shining glyph that appears in place of the chest to call your pedestal, then push it to the left and ride the track to the proper secret treasure of Bevelle Temple, a Knight's Lance.

Once you've got those, head out and into the Chamber of the Fayth.