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This walkthrough will take you through all the steps necessary to complete Final Fantasy X. Any sidequests will be linked to at the point where they become available in the walkthrough, with this guide following the linear nature of the game. The walkthrough gives exact instructions how to progress through each area, including the locations of all items, enemy as well as boss strategies.

About the game[edit]

Story wise, most of the game is played as a flashback from the movie seen at the start, until the player reaches this point about four fifths of the way through the game (note that this does not affect gameplay in any way). The player starts in Zanarkand, and progresses through discrete areas, almost identical to how the walkthrough is set up. After the first 2 locations, you will generally move north through Spira, starting in the far south on Besaid Island, towards the climax of the journey: the Zanarkand Ruins.