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In order to get Rikku's Mercury Sigil, you must first complete the Cactuar Minigame by finding 10 lost Cactuars.

Starting the Game[edit]

After gaining the Airship, go to the Sanubia Desert on Bikanel Island. Follow the path to the fourth screen (Sanubia Desert--West on the map). Go to the northeast, to a cliff overlooking the area with the sandstorm, and there should be a Cactuar Stone. Press Cross button to read it, and it will give you your first clue.

Way of the Gatekeepers[edit]

  • It may look like fun and games, but the Gatekeepers are a proud race of warriors.
  • While they dislike combat, they will turn and face any enemy that takes their back.
  • Should you fail to sneak up on them they will realize they have over-estimated their enemy and depart in disgust.
  • Sneak up on the cactuars when their backs are turned to confront them. It's better that way, believe me.

Each cactuar you find, you will have to play a game of Red Light, Green Light to catch. Simply run toward them, and when the screen flashes Needletime! in Al Bhed, stop moving. When you successfully sneak up on them, you'll be forced into combat. Hint: This is a great time to catch your 10 Cactuars for the Monster Arena.


  • Fail to catch the Gatekeeper unaware, and you'll obtain the Sphere del Perdedor!
  • Best the Gatekeeper and obtain his personalized sphere!
  • Collect lots of spheres to receive an award at the village.

If you win, you will receive that Cactuar's personalized Sphere. If you lose, you receive a Sphere del Perdedor. After receiving each Sphere, you will have to return to the Cactuar Stone for your next clue.

1-2 Personalized Spheres 3-6 Personalized Spheres 7-8 Personalized Spheres 9-10 Personalized Spheres
Potion Elixir Megalixir Friend Sphere

Gatekeeper Cactuars[edit]


  • Duties: Fetching Water. Takes his time and, as a result, is often left behind.
  • A little dim.
  • Clue: Tomay's gone. Gone to fetch the water.
  • Location: You can find Tomay at the first screen, Sanubia Desert - Oasis.
  • Time: 10.0 seconds
  • Course: You start off on a hill at the back left of the screen. Tomay is under a tree at the front right.

This one's easy. Simply run toward him when he isn't looking, and stop when he turns toward you. Just don't get stuck behind the hill you start on.


  • Has no patience for certain dimwitted friends.
  • Not a progressive thinker.
  • Clue: Rovivea's gone walkabout. Be back soon.
  • Location: Second screen, Sanubia Desert - East. When you first enter from the third screen, you'll see a large section to the west. Rovivea is running around in there.
  • Time: 13.0 seconds
  • Course: Similar to Tomay, you start at the back. Rovivea is at the front.


  • Recently learned to count to 50.
  • A little needy.
  • Attention deficit.
  • Clue: Little Chava likes big numbers. Be back soon.
  • Location: On the west side of the fourth screen, Sanubia Desert - West, is an area where the paths make an X. There are two signposts. Go to the one on the left and press Cross button to read it. It reads, in Al Bhed, "Danger! Strong fiends in the area!" and below that, "20% off all Travel Agency goods!". Chava will appear below it.
  • Time: 13.0 seconds
  • Course: You start in the back near one sign, Chava is at the front at the other.

Alek & Aloja[edit]

  • Two brothers, rarely separated.
  • They move as one, their closeness a paragon of brotherhood.
  • Clue: Alek and Aloja play tag in the ruins of men. Be back soon.
  • Location: Screen Three, Sanubia Desert - Central, to the west among the ruins. You'll see them running around.
  • Time: 13.0 seconds
  • Course: Another straightaway. You start at the back, the two brothers are at the front. They will turn at the same time, so no need to worry about them as individuals.

There's a slight time crunch, so be sure to use it wisely. Also, you will now have to fight two Cactuars, which isn't a problem unless they both use their 10,000 Needles attack, which does- you guessed it- 10,000 damage. That will leave only one of your characters standing, so keep Phoenix Downs on hand.


  • Loves new things.
  • Hard on others, easy on self.
  • Stingy.
  • Clue: Vachella seeks the shining blue. Be back soon.
  • Location: "The shining blue" is a Save Sphere. On Screen Two, Sanubia Desert - East, there is a Save Sphere under a tent. Examine it, save, and Vachella will appear.
  • Time: 14.0 seconds
  • Course: Vachella will be at the Save Sphere in back, Tidus at the front. It's a straight shot, but Vachella is a quick little bastard. Once he turns around, he'll do so three more times in quick succession. You'll need very fast reflexes.


  • A real needle brain.
  • Likes cramped spaces.
  • Check out his great collection!
  • Clue: O, Robeya's stuck inside. Be back soon.
  • Location: In the third screen, Sanubia Desert - Central, follow the fence on the northern edge of the southwestern corner. There will be an unopened treasure chest. When you open it, you'll find Robeya.
  • Time: 14.0 seconds
  • Course: Another straightaway. This time, there are 4 treasure chests- the one in the back will be open (it's where you found Robeya), the one on the back right will contain two Shadow Gems, the one on the left contains two Shining Gems, and the one in the front right contains a Blessed Gem.

The trick here is getting all three treasures and sneaking up on Robeya. The timing is a lot more forgiving than Vachella's, but it is possible to get two of the treasures in the same round. I was able to grab the first two, then the third on the second try, and then only had to focus on Robeya on the third.


  • The philosopher about town. Today, he digs holes. Again.
  • A cautious sort.
  • Clue: A fiery inscription- The lord of the hole is gone. Isrra thinks. Be back soon.
  • Location: You must leave the screen and come back for Isrra to appear. He is in the same screen as the Cactuar Stone, running around in one of the Antlion pits.
  • Time: 15.0 seconds
  • Course: There are two Antlion pits, one at the back near Tidus, and one at the front near Isrra. The easy way to beat him is to run into the Antlion pit closest to the start point, straight to the front. There is an invisible tunnel connecting the two pits, and you can still move even when Isrra is turned since he can't see you.


  • To see what lies beyond the sands, he travels far to distant lands.
  • Hyper-reactive and a bad poet.
  • Clue: Much-curious Elio has left on a journey. Be back soon.
  • Location: Go to screen one, Sanubia Desert - Oasis. When you approach the oasis, you'll see a short scene where you see Elio teleport up to the Airship. You will have to board the Airship, then go up to the roof to catch him.
  • Time: 11.0 seconds
  • Course: You are by the door to the interior, Elio at the bow. When you move, the ship will tilt, which makes it visually more difficult, but that's about it. When you reach Elio, he freaks out and falls to his apparent death, since you obtain his sphere without fighting him.

NOTE: If you have already selected "Sin" as your destination on the Airship, you will be forced into that battle before you can try to catch Elio. If you haven't gone to the Whitebridge in Bevelle yet, then there is no problem since you can't fight Sin yet. This does not happen in the HD Remastered version of the game.


  • The guy you never invite but he always shows up anyway.
  • Cheeky.
  • Clue: Flaile is always behind. Be back soon.
  • Location: When you set Elio's sphere in the Cactuar Stone, Flaile will appear and automatically initiate the minigame.
  • Time: 13.0 seconds
  • Course: This one is a lot more difficult. The sounds and words that appear on the screen are completely irrelevant. Flaile just turns around whenever he wants, so you have to watch his movements to time your running, and just ignore anything else.

Flaile gives you a special red sphere when you beat him. The Cactuar Stone will replay each of the clues, then the sandstorm will disappear and you can now enter the Cactuar Village. One will contain the Mercury Sigil, the other, your prize based on how many named spheres you acquired. On the HD Remastered version, the sigil will be the Venus Sigil instead of the Mercury Sigil.