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Most items can be obtained by simply walking atop them. Your reticule will change color to yellow when equipped with a throwable item, and said item will also appear on the touch screen. Most items last a certain period of time before losing effect.

Recovery Items[edit]

  • Recovery Orb - Heals a small amount of health. The only way to heal midair.
  • Food - Restores a larger portion of health
  • Drink of the Gods - Recovers all health


  • Gilded Bomb - Explodes when attacked, but only hurts enemies.
  • Rock Bomb - Explodes upon being attacked, sending shrapnel flying.
  • Wrecking Ball - Rolls through targets, but can easily flatten friend and foe alike.
  • Mega Marble - Similar to a Rock Bomb, expect that these fragments bounce off of walls.

Power Ups[edit]

  • Dodge Token - Lets players automatically dodge some attacks.
  • Impact Amplifier - Charged attacks knock foes back.
  • Power-Up Drop - Creates a very short-lived period of invincibility.
  • Shrinky Bean - Makes the user smaller, and thus harder to hit.
  • Happy Trigger - Weapons charge quicker.
  • Speed Boots - Boosts speed of movement.
  • Elemental Cards - Adds poison, paralysis, stone, flame, or ice effects to one's attacks.
  • Icy Aura - Freezes those it comes into contact with.
  • Back Shield - Protects the user from attacks from behind.
  • Spike Ball - Deals damage to those that touch this defensive weapon
  • Centurion Assist - Creates a small drone that shoots arrows independently.
  • Giant Maker - Makes the user bigger and more powerful
  • Daybreak - This item has three parts. When all three are collected, they create a devastating weapon. Only found in Together mode.

Throwable Items[edit]

  • Jump Mat - Allows one to jump high into the air.
  • Killer Eye - A turret that shoots any enemies within its range of vision.
  • Boom Rocket - Shoots skyward, and lands with a powerful explosion a few moments later.
  • X Bomb - Explodes in different orientations based on how it is thrown.
  • Cyclone - Pulls enemies into its center, damaging them and throwing them into the air.
  • Medusa Head - Temporarily turns enemies in front of it into stone.
  • Chomp Trap - Deals damage to those that step on it.
  • Capture Circle - Traps targets into staying in a limited area.
  • Grenade - Causes an explosion.
  • Smart Bomb - An explosive device that slowly engulfs enemies.
  • Jump Bomb - Sends friends and foes alike flying towards the sky.
  • Boom Spear - An explosive device with a homing ability.
  • Bouncy Bomb - An explosive that bounces off of surfaces before detonating.
  • Eggplant Bomb - Temporarily turns the target into an eggplant.
  • Tempura Bomb - Temporarily turns the target into a tempura.
  • Lightning of Judgment - Shoots spears of electricity down upon enemies.
  • Atlas Foot - Stomps the earth in front of the user.
  • Poison Cloud - This wide-ranged weapon creates a poisonous cloud.
  • Demon Vine - Quickly grows, creating an impenetrable barrier.