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Air Section[edit | edit source]

Pit sets out on his destination to the Aurum Hive. There will be a few Aurum enemies on your front. You will have battleships on your front, shoot the green targets on the ships.

Then you will encounter more and avoid the lasers being fired at you. Then the matters get more worse when Hades arrives in the scene and sends out Underworld Troops at you

Then when you are heading closer to the Hive, green meteor-like enemies called 'Rozzes' try to charge at you and hinder your progress. When you get under, dodge the blue electrical hazards

And Pit is close to the Hive, but Palutena can't find a way in. Then your friend Hades fires a ship at the entrance. And when you are entering, ignore the fire you see.

Ground Section[edit | edit source]

Boss: Aurum Hive Power Generator[edit | edit source]

Then you are in the room where the Aurum Hive Power Generator is. You will be riding grind rails while shooting it, but some Aurum enemies will try to attack.

The matters get more worse when three shields that can shoot purple lasers appear around it to defend it. Keep on shooting and you're done