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Now that you've beaten Cragalanche, it's time to take out the reset bomb factory so no more reset bombs can be made.

Air section[edit]

Note how the enemies are attacking each others' factions.

You start out the chapter with a ton of enemies. Don't worry; they barely attack. You see, the Forces of Nature and the Underworld Army hate each other as much as they hate you. This means that they'll often attack each other when they appear at once. You will see the bomb quickly after that and you will start going toward it. When you finally get to it, shoot the tiny green spots and the core will be exposed. Then, shoot the core and the bomb will be disarmed.

Next up, collect the Recovery Orbs and prepare for the second half of the section. As you approach the Reset Bomb Dept, nothing should pose too much of a threat, although the lack of Underworld enemies means your foes won't be distracted. This section should be fairly simple.

Ground section[edit]

Be sure to make the jump!

When you land, collect the food and go straight ahead. and you will will have to fight new enemies called bumpety bombs. They will follow you around and explode if you take too long to defeat them. Next, hop into the Cherubot and go forward. Be sure to jump over the chasm in order to reach hearts and a treasure chest. Then, go down in the Cherubot to fight both Underworld and Forces of Nature opponents. After they're done, leave the bot behind to get on the jump pad.

The next section will pit you against a series of turret-like Nature enemies, which can cause quite a bit of pain with their lasers. Take cover behind the stone walls and pop out to shoot ranged attacks, particularly charged shots, when their attention is elsewhere. Shoot the purple containers by them to create explosions that consume the enemies.

Follow the path to another new enemy called a Mudrone. These resilient enemies can be tough, and have to be defeated three times in order to keep them down. Fortunately, they're vulnerable to a few good melee hits. Afterwards, continue, and watch out for the electric walls while following the path. Eventually, there's an intersection, but all of the roads lead to the same spinning electric walls, so it's suggested you go along the leftmost path to minimize the danger.

Again you have to fight both forces to advance. Once you do, the rest is easy. Just follow the path and destroy everything along the way. There Fortunately, many of these enemies will take each other out if you leave them to their own devices. Don't take the first left available; the treasure chest at the end is a Mimicutie. Eventually, you'll meet a Meeba, a new kind of enemy. Think a biped rhinoceros beetle that's only vulnerable from behind. They're relatively easy to deal with sol long as you don't take them head on.

Once you get to a jump pad, just keep jumping on it until you reach the top, and defeat the mudrone up ahead to get the treasure. After you do, use the jump pad and dash up to the green arrows to jump from platform to platform. Then, jump on the grind rail and defeat the enemies you pass by. Afterwards, go on the jump pads and defeat the wave of enemies to get a new treasure. It's a jump pad; save it for the next small area so you can jump up and get a lot of hearts that are hanging in the air.

At the next intersection, go left to reach a bridge. It will move back and forth, but if you cross it safely, you get a new treasure. Then, take the jump pad back to the intersection and go along the main path. After the next closed arena, an elevator will appear that goes up. Don't go up it yet! Instead, use the hidden elevator left of the door you came in to reach the Zodiac chamber.

Up the elevator is an arena with a Cherubot. Use it to destroy all the enemies in the area and then drive it forward. Destroy everything you find until you reach a doorway. Inside is an elevator down to a Drink of the Gods. Grab it and prepare for a boss fight.

Boss: Reset Bomb Pod[edit]

Hit the green guys into the big egg thing in the back.

The Reset Bomb Pod is guarded by the Forces of Nature Guards. They will appear in groups of about four and use a mixture of melee and ranged attacks. However, their presence is actually a blessing in disguise. You make the Reset Bomb Pod vulnerable by meleeing the guards into the large pod in the background. Then, open fire on the exposed pod. When it closes up, melee another guard into it and repeat the process.

This should be a fairly easy battle, especially for the hardened veteran of bosses like Medusa, the Phoenix, and even Cragalanche. However, there are a few possible difficulties. Players can be overwhelmed when fighting four moderately strong opponents using only melee attacks, particularly when armed with primarily ranged weapons like staffs. Conversely, the Reset Bomb Pod is hard to damage without some sufficient ranged firepower, even if it's just a charge shot from a club. For these reasons, it may be best to bring a Blade to the fight, rather than a more specialized weapon. This chapter is simple enough so that even your default First Blade may be adequate.

Regardless, this should be an easy fight. Don't worry though; next chapter will be harder.