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Air Section[edit]

This section starts over a desert, but you'll reach the ocean soon enough. In the meantime, try to avoid being hit by the various enemies that fly by. When you reach the ocean, it will open up, allowing you to go down to the ocean floor. Komaytos are in plentiful supply though, so be sure to melee attack them as soon as possible. Also, it might be tempting to run along the floor. Don't. Restricting movement by an extra dimension only makes you more vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Obstacles are a larger problem under the sea than in other chapters, and some parts of the level are narrow, so try to focus a bit less on shooting and a bit more on evading than usual. Also, be sure not to touch the deadly Ornes midway through the level! This floating skull can kill you in just one hit! Furthermore, they're immune to your attacks. Once again, evasion is key.

Coral can hurt, but is easily blasted away. At the end of the level, there are some waves of enemies, but nothing too deadly. Get ready to fight on the ground.

Ground Section[edit]

Starting in the first room, you meet a new enemy, the Snowman. These icy enemies can use melee attacks, but their true strength lies in their ranged breath attacks, which can freeze Pit on the spot, leaving him vulnerable for a few seconds. Hit them from a distance. The next room forces you to fight some old enemies again, and then you enter a corridor with three grind rails, running parallel. Hop between them to avoid the electrified obstacles along their paths. Be sure to stick to the red rail in order to grab a treasure chest.

At the end of the rails, there is another room full of enemies. This one has flowing water that slowly pushes you into one of several holes. Falling down these hurt, so keep moving. After going up the elevator, be sure to collect the treasure chest before going down the new path. The next room is icy, so you'll slide around by default. Be sure to avoid being frozen in place by the Ice themed enemies or being shocked by the moving balls of electricity.

The next elevator will spawn a couple of enemies halfway up, so don't let your guard down. At the top, be sure to collect the food before going into the next icy room of enemies. Defeat these enemies from a range using the items you pick up. The next room has two treasure chests. The one to the right is a Mimicutie, aka a hidden enemy, while the one on the left leads to a trap door. The only way forward is through it, so go left.

Going on, you'll find a Level 4 Intensity Gate to your right. Ignore this on lower difficulties. To your left is an obstacle course of moving lightning balls. You can wait for them to pass and then rush forward, or you can follow them closely from behind to collect the nearby hearts. Just watch out for the octopi that shoot missiles. In the next room, you meet another new enemy, the Vakloom. This foe sucks up projectile attacks, and after a certain point, shoots out a large laser. Unfortunately, it is only vulnerable to ranged attacks. Just be sure to shoot at it while it's dispelling its load.

Next up is a moving platform. Having mobility-based powers such as sky jump can be useful here. You see, you have to use the platform to progress, but can't control its speed. Therefore, you must always rush forward. Using mobility powers is a good way to gain an extra second or two. It might be impossible to reach the treasure chest in time, so don't worry about it. The next notable room contains enemies, but bear through it. After a few waves, its time for the boss.

Boss: Thanatos[edit]

Thanatos has a variety of forms, each with their own styles of offense and defense. Use the appropriate section below to deal with their respective part of the fight. Note that not all sections will necessarily occur every time you fight him.

  • Regular - This form is fairly unremarkable. Thanatos will shoot several projectiles at a time or a large floating skull. He is vulnerable to both melee and ranged attacks.
  • Foot - This large form will follow you around the arena, trying to stomp you. Shoot it from a range and run away.
  • Bat - Thanatos will occasionally split into swarms of bats to attack you. Run away from these and attack him when he consolidates.
  • Sword - Surviving this form is all about evasion. Attack however you see fit, so long as you can avoid being hit.
  • Doll - Shoot the gem in each doll. Smaller dolls come out of larger ones, making them more numerous and harder to hit. The smallest enemy will be Thanatos, who is temporarily vulnerable. This part is best fought with ranged attacks.
  • Pot - Regular attacks are useless against this form. Hit the white projectiles back at it with melee attacks to do damage.