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MMB final1-01.png

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Screenshot Walkthrough
MMB final1-02.png Right from the start, Bass can fly up using Treble Boost, collect a spare body, and continue upwards.
Mega Man, instead, should use the Ice Wall to get past a spiked floor and a hidden pit, then use the Magic Card to collect the spare body, then use his slide to continue.
MMB final1-03.png The black Angry Centipedes are weak against the Ice Wall.
MMB final1-04.png These smash tiles are faster than in Astro Man's stage. Bass can use the Treble Boost to easily get past.
MMB final1-05.png 1st check point
If you die, you restart from here.
Bass can skip the disappearing blocks with a double-jump, Mega Man has to time his slide.
MMB final1-06.png Mega Man's slide allows to easily dodge most enemies.
MMB final1-07.png The Ice Wall is the most effective weapon against Gori-Threes, too.
MMB final1-08.png Another room where Bass' Treble Boost gives a great advantage. At the top, past the conveyor belts, be careful of the "falling" Sniper Joe's: advance with caution.
MMB final1-09.png Be careful of the spikes concealed under the second junk pile. Then, equip the Ice Wall (or Bass' Hyper Buster) to dispatch easily the Gori-Three at the bottom.
MMB final1-10.png 2nd check point
If you die, you restart from here.
MMB final1-11.png Remember that the Wave Burner is the only weapon that can destroy Gabyoalls.
MMB final1-12.png The green liquid lowers jump height, but not jump length. Bass can easily get through, Mega Man should make sure to destroy the enemies beyond each "water"-fall.
MMB final1-13.png Either use the Magic Card and the Energy saver, or Bass Buster and Hyper Buster.
MMB final1-14.png 3rd check point
If you die, you restart from here.

BOSS: Atetemino & Monking[edit]

MMB boss11.png

The name "Atetemino" comes from "atetemina" (Japanese for "try and hit me") and "minomushi" (Japanese for "bagworm"). Monking is a recurring enemy whose variations appeared already in Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 5 (GB).

Atetemino is weak against Astro Man's Copy Vision. Furthermore, when a Copy Vision is on screen, Monking will attack it instead of Mega Man.

Therefore, don't rush. Wait for Monking to get in the arena, then create a Copy Vision on the floor, jump on the platform and lift up Atetemino; Monking will leave short before the Copy Vision disappears. This way, Mega Man won't be attacked by Monking, and Atetemino will be hit two-three times by the Copy Vision.

Be careful when Atetemino receives the final blow! The platform where Mega Man stands on will fall into the lava. If Mega Man doesn't jump to safety, the fight will result in a double knock-out!

  • Trivia: like most elements in Mega Man & Bass, Atetemino is a boss that appeared already in Mega Man 8.