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  • No. = Japanese for "Number"
  • DL: Dr. Light
  • DW: Dr. Wily
  • MK: Mega Man Killer
  • WW: Wily Wars
  • SD: Stardroid
  • KG: King
  • ET: Extra-Terrestrial

Original names, when different from the localized ones, are in parentheses. Spin-off sport games are smaller and in parentheses.

On the GBA port there is the option of resetting the database. Go to the save screen (e.g. enter and exit a stage), then press L Button + R Button + Select Button + Start Button at the same time.

CD Serial Robot Master Game(s) Location in MM&B
1 DL No.01 Mega Man (Rock) all Dynamo Man
2 DL No.02 Roll since MM1 Cold Man
3 DL No.03 Cut Man MM1, MMw1, MM8, MMPB, MMPF, (MMS), MMX8 Magic Man
4 DL No.04 Guts Man MM1, MM7, MMPB, MMPF, (MMBC) Burner Man
5 DL No.05 Ice Man MM1, MMw1, MMPB, (MMS), (MMBC) Cold Man
6 DL No.06 Bomb Man MM1, (MMS) Tengu Man
7 DL No.07 Fire Man MM1, MMw1, (MMS) Astro Man
8 DL No.08 Elec Man MM1, MMw1, MMPF, (MMS) Dynamo Man
9 DW No.09 Metal Man MM2, MMw2 Magic Man
10 DW No.10 Air Man MM2, MMw2, MMPF, (MMS) Tengu Man
11 DW No.11 Bubble Man MM2, MMw1, MMPF, (MMS) Pirate Man
12 DW No.12 Quick Man MM2, MMw1, MMPF, (MMBC) Dynamo Man
13 DW No.13 Crash Man MM2, MMw2, MMPB Ground Man
14 DW No.14 Flash Man MM2, MMw1, (MMS) Cold Man
15 DW No.15 Heat Man MM2, MMw1, MMPB, MMPF Burner Man
16 DW No.16 Wood Man MM2, MMw2, MM8, MMPB, (MMS) Burner Man
17 DW No.17 Needle Man MM3, MMw2, (MMS) Ground Man
18 DW No.18 Magnet Man MM3, MMw2, MMPB Dynamo Man
19 DW No.19 Gemini Man MM3, MMw3, MMPB, MMPF, (MMS) Astro Man
20 DW No.20 Hard Man MM3, MMw2 Burner Man
21 DW No.21 Top Man MM3, MMw2, (MMS) Magic Man
22 DW No.22 Snake Man MM3, MMw3, (MMS) Tengu Man
23 DW No.23 Spark Man MM3, MMw3 Dynamo Man
24 DW No.24 Shadow Man MM3, MMw3, MMPF, (MMBC) Astro Man
25 DW No.25 Bright Man MM4, MMw4 Dynamo Man
26 DW No.26 Toad Man MM4, MMw4, (MMS) Robot Museum
27 DW No.27 Drill Man MM4, MMw3 Ground Man
28 DW No.28 Pharaoh Man MM4, MMw4, MMPF, (MMS) Ground Man
29 DW No.29 Ring Man MM4, MMw4 Astro Man
30 DW No.30 Dust Man MM4, MMw3, MMPB, (MMS) Magic Man
31 DW No.31 Dive Man MM4, MMw3, MMPF Pirate Man
32 DW No.32 Skull Man MM4, MMw3, (MMS) Tengu Man
33 DW No.33 Gravity Man MM5 Dynamo Man
34 DW No.34 Wave Man MM5 Pirate Man
35 DW No.35 Stone Man MM5, MMw4, MMPF Ground Man
36 DW No.36 Gyro Man MM5, MMPB, MMPF Tengu Man
37 DW No.37 Star Man MM5 Astro Man
38 DW No.38 Charge Man MM5, MMw4 Magic Man
39 DW No.39 Napalm Man MM5, MMw4, MMPB, MMPF, (MMBC) Dynamo Man
40 DW No.40 Crystal Man MM5, MMw4 Cold Man
41 DW No.41 Blizzard Man MM6 Cold Man
42 DW No.42 Centaur Man MM6, MMPF Pirate Man
43 DW No.43 Flame Man MM6 Burner Man
44 DW No.44 Knight Man MM6 Cold Man
45 DW No.45 Plant Man MM6, MMPB, MMPF Burner Man
46 DW No.46 Tomahawk Man MM6 Tengu Man
47 DW No.47 Wind Man MM6 Tengu Man
48 DW No.48 Yamato Man MM6 Astro Man
49 DW No.49 Freeze Man MM7, MMPB Cold Man
50 DW No.50 Junk Man MM7, MMPB Magic Man
51 DW No.51 Burst Man MM7 Ground Man
52 DW No.52 Cloud Man MM7, MMPB Tengu Man
53 DW No.53 Spring Man MM7, (MMBC) Dynamo Man
54 DW No.54 Slash Man MM7, MMPB, MMPF Burner Man
55 DW No.55 Shade Man MM7, MMPB, MMPF Ground Man
56 DW No.56 Turbo Man MM7, MMPB Magic Man
57 DW No.57 Tengu Man MM8, MM&B Tengu Man
58 DW No.58 Astro Man MM8, MM&B Astro Man
59 DW No.59 Sword Man MM8 Ground Man
60 DW No.60 Clown Man MM8 Magic Man
61 DW No.61 Search Man MM8 Burner Man
62 DW No.62 Frost Man MM8 Cold Man
63 DW No.63 Grenade Man MM8 Dynamo Man
64 DW No.64 Aqua Man MM8 Pirate Man
65 MK No.01 Enker (Enka) MMw1, MMw5, (MMS) Astro Man
66 DL No.01 Quint (Quintet) MMw2, MMw5 Magic Man
67 MK No.02 Punk MMw3, MMw5 Cold Man
68 MK No.03 Ballade MMw4, MMw5 Magic Man
69 SD No.01 Terra (Earth) MMw5 Astro Man
70 SD No.02 Mercury MMw5 Pirate Man
71 SD No.03 Venus MMw5 Pirate Man
72 SD No.04 Mars MMw5 Tengu Man
73 SD No.05 Jupiter MMw5 Tengu Man
74 SD No.06 Saturn MMw5 Astro Man
75 SD No.07 Uranus MMw5 Ground Man
76 SD No.08 Pluto MMw5 Burner Man
77 SD No.09 Neptune MMw5 Pirate Man
78 ET No.01 Sunstar (Sungod) MMw5 Ground Man
79 MW No.01 Buster Rod-G MMWW Astro Man
80 MW No.02 Mega Water-S MMWW Pirate Man
81 MW No.03 Hyper Storm-H MMWW Burner Man
82 KG No.01 Dynamo Man MM&B Dynamo Man
83 KG No.02 Cold Man MM&B Cold Man
84 KG No.03 Ground Man MM&B Ground Man
85 KG No.04 Pirate Man MM&B Pirate Man
86 KG No.05 Burner Man MM&B Burner Man
87 KG No.06 Magic Man MM&B Magic Man
88 (human) Dr. Light all Cold Man
89 Rush since MM3 Dynamo Man
90 Eddie since MM4 Tengu Man
91 Beat since MM5 Ground Man
92 Tango MMw5 Robot Museum
93 Auto (Rightot) since MM7 Ground Man
94 (human) Dr. Wily all Cold Man
95 Bass (Forte) since MM7 Astro Man
96 Treble (Gospel) since MM7 Tengu Man
97 King MM&B Burner Man
98 DL No.00 Proto Man (Blues) since MM3 Magic Man
99 ET No.02 Duo MM8, MMPF, (MMBC) Dynamo Man
100 Mega Man & Bass - Robot Museum

Characters excluded from the database:


Number of CDs that can be collected by each character.

This is a summary of who can collect what:

  • 39 CDs: Mega Man & Rush only;
  • 9 CDs: Mega Man only (sliding);
  • 5 CDs: Bass only (using either Treble Boost or Ice Wall & double-jump);
  • 47 CDs: either character; further requirements for such CDs are as follows:
    • 17 CDs: free;
    • 14 CDs: either Bass' double-jump or Ice Wall;
    • 1 CD: either Bass' double-jump or Lightning Bolt;
    • 9 CDs: Wave Burner;
    • 4 CDs: either Bass' Treble Boost or Ice Wall & spike guard;
    • 1 CD: Lightning Bolt (or spike guard);
    • 1 CD: spike guard;