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Auto's shop[edit]

Seven parts were introduced in Mega Man 8, seven more were introduced earlier. Moreover, there are eleven new parts.

The S column specifies how many Stages must be cleared in order to unlock some items.

S Icon Name Hero Cost Type Effect
0 MMB item1-1 SpareBody.png Spare body Anyone 50 Consumable Life: classic extra lives.
0 MMB item1-2 E-Balancer.png Energy balancer
(GBA: E. balance)
Anyone 120 Permanent Weapons: weapon capsules will be collected even if no weapon is equipped.
0 MMB item1-3 ExitUnit.png Exit unit Anyone 50 Permanent Exit: allows to exit from a stage already cleared.
0 MMB item1-4 SpikeGuard.png Spike guard
(GBA: S. guard)
Anyone 10 Consumable Defense/energy: protects from deadly spikes, but it is used up and has to be purchased again.
0 MMB item1-5 Transceiver.png Transceiver
(GBA: Com. system)
Anyone 100 Permanent Roll: allows to get 4 information lines and 1 flavor text about each Robot Master stage.
0 MMB item1-6 ItemPresent.png Item presenter
(GBA: I. present)
Anyone 60 Consumable Defense/energy: surprise boxes will be scattered in the next stage (similar to an item from Mega Man 8); especially useful for Bass.
3 MMB item2-1 EnemyAnalyzer.png Enemy analyzer
(GBA: E. analyze)
Anyone 50 Permanent Roll: gives one hint about each Robot Master.
3 MMB item2-2 CounterAttack.png Counter-attacker
(GBA: C. attack)
Anyone 200 Selectable Weapons: when the character's energy is very low, attack power doubles.
3 MMB item2-3 SuperRecover.png Super recover
(GBA: S. recover)
Anyone 200 Selectable Defense/energy: doubles the effect of energy capsules and weapon capsules (same as an item from Mega Man 8).
6 MMB item3-1 E-Saver.png Energy saver
(GBA: E. saver)
Anyone 200 Selectable Weapons: weapons energy requirement is halved.
6 MMB item3-2 DamageAbsorb.png Damage absorber
(GBA: D. absorb)
Anyone 300 Selectable Weapons: whenever the character gets hit, some weapon energy is restored (similar to an item from Mega Man 8).
6 MMB item3-3 SuperArmor.png Super armor
(GBA: S. armor)
Anyone 300 Selectable Defense/energy: suffered damage is halved (similar to an item from Mega Man 8).
6 MMB item3-4 CD-counter.png Compact-Disc counter
(GBA: CD counter)
Anyone 100 Permanent Roll: informs about how many Compact-Discs are left in each stage.
Mega Man's parts
3 MMB item2-4 AutoCharge.png Auto charger
(GBA: A. charger)
Megaman 50 Selectable Weapons: automatically charges the Mega Buster.
3 MMB item2-5 Eddie.png Eddie Megaman 150 Gauge Defense/energy: brings various capsules to Mega Man.
3 MMB item2-6 RushSearch.png Rush search
(GBA: R. Search)
Megaman 100 Gauge Rush: necessary to get 39 Compact-Discs in the game.
6 MMB item3-6 HighSpeedCharge.png High speed charge
(GBA: H. S. C.)
Megaman 150 Permanent Weapons: allows to charge the Mega Buster very quickly (same as an item from Mega Man 8).
6 MMB item3-8 CD-finder.png Compact-Disc finder
(GBA: CD finder)
Megaman 300 Permanent Rush: upgrade for Rush Search; it allows to see where 39 Compact-Discs are buried.
6 MMB item3-7 Beat.png Beat Megaman 300 Gauge Defense/energy: Mega Man is invincible as long as the shield lasts.
6 MMB item3-5 AutoRecover.png Auto recover
(GBA: A. recover)
Megaman 450 Selectable Defense/energy: when Mega Man stands still, life energy is slowly refilled.
Bass' parts
3 MMB item2-4 HighSpeedDash.png High speed dash
(GBA: H. S. D.)
Bass 100 Permanent Agility: extends the length of Bass' dash and the height of Bass' dash-jump (same as an item from Mega Man 8).
3 MMB item2-5 StepBooster.png Step booster
(GBA: S. booster)
Bass 100 Permanent Agility: allows Bass to climb ladders faster (same as an item from Mega Man 8)
3 MMB item2-6 TrebleBoost.png Treble boost
(GBA: T. boost)
Bass 200 Gauge Agility: allows Bass to fly around (similar to the early Rush Jet from Mega Man 3).
6 MMB item3-5 StrongerBuster.png Stronger buster
(GBA: S. buster)
Bass 300 Selectable Weapons: doubles the damage dealt by the Bass Buster.
6 MMB item3-6 HyperBuster.png Hyper buster
(GBA: H. buster)
Bass 300 Selectable Weapons: allows the Bass Buster to shoot through walls ("hyper" and "super" are the Greek and Latin spelling, respectively, of the same word).

Character-specific parts[edit]

Each character has two parts specific for his basic buster. Then, Mega Man has three parts that improve his defense and life energy, while Bass has three parts that improve his agility. Finally, Mega Man only has two parts specific to collect compact-discs.

Part type Mega Man Bass
Buster parts
  • Auto charger
  • High speed charge
  • Stronger buster
  • Hyper buster
Support parts
  • Eddie
  • Beat
  • Auto recover
  • High speed dash
  • Step booster
  • Treble boost
Database parts
  • Rush Search
  • Compact-Disc finder