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MMB final2-01.png
Weapons for the stage Weapons for boss and sub-bosses
Ice wall
Spread Drill
Tengu Blade
Wave Burner (Mega Man)
Lightning Bolt
Remote Mine
Magic Card
Copy Vision
Wave Burner (Bass)

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Screenshot Walkthrough
MMB final2-02.png Even if you didn't recharge your weapons, there are plenty of W-capsules scattered along the stage.
MMB final2-03.png There is only one Item Present in the whole stage. For 60 Bolts, it's a bit of a rip-off, indeed.
MMB subboss KingTank.png Sub-boss: KING TANK
  • Turret: use the Lightning Bolt 4 times; make sure you shoot as soon as the turret rises, or you will miss.
  • Front cannon and treads: use the Remote Mine 3 to 5 times on each part; the treads are optional.
  • Rear hatch: use the Magic Card 16 times, safely from below.
MMB final2-4.png There is a spare body (extra life) in the lower chest. Since the save point is in the previous room and all items respawn, this allows for infinite lives until you beat the next sub-boss.
MMB final2-5.png Destroy the respawning Tellies and fully recharge all your weapons.
MMB subboss KingJet.png Sub-boss: KING JET
The most effective weapon is not the one that defeats it with less hits, but the one that hits more easily: the Copy Vision.
MMB final2-7.png As before, destroy the respawning Tellies and fully recharge all your weapons.
MMB final2-6.png A tricky jump for Mega Man: make an Ice Wall near the edge, push it, ride it, and when it falls, jump forward.
MMB final2-8.png If you get tired of destroying the Tellies, there are three W-capsules just outside the boss door.

Sub-boss hit chart[edit]

The values listed here are not the damage dealt, but the number of hits required to destroy a part of the Tank.

King Jet (notes)
Remote Mine 3 3 4 5 3. It deals lots of damage, but it may miss
Lightning Bolt - 4 4 4 2. Full-screen attack; not enough shots to defeat the Jet
Magic Card - 16 16  ? 5. Short range; ineffective against the red laser
Copy Vision - 2 2 4 1. The most effective weapon
Tengu Blade - 16 -  ? 7. Short delay when shooting the blade; very difficult to aim
Wave Burner - 8 8  ? 6. Short range
Spread Drill - 5 6 10? 4. Ineffective against the red laser
Ice Wall - 4 - - 8. Cannot be used

BOSS: King[edit]

Screenshot Walkthrough
MMB King1.png Phase 1: KING'S SHIELD
King is invincible, thanks to his shield. He will perform three times his "five crosses attack", then Protoman comes in and destroys the shield.

The five crosses have an arc trajectory, always in the same sequence: down, down, up, down, up. Get in the leftmost corner. In order to dodge the downwards crosses, just jump over them. In order to dodge the upwards crosses, Mega Man can slide under them and Bass can summon Treble; release Treble as soon as the attack is over, so to save its energy.

Whatever attack Mega Man or Bass will do, the shield will absorb it and shoot back a powerful laser.
MMB King2.png Phase 2: KING
King is weak against the Lightning Bolt. Bass can easily dodge and counter-attack using his double-jump and shooting the lighting from the top of the screen. Mega Man will probably suffer more damage, but he can use his Auto Recover between this battle and the next phase.
MMB King3.png Phase 3: GETTER KING ROBO[1]
  • First of all, use four Remote Mines to damage the tracks, thus preventing King from charging at you; effective against the red laser, too.
  • The Copy Vision allows to deflect and destroy Getter Robo's homing "elbow shot"; effective against the red laser, too.
  • Use up the remaining Lightning Bolt to dodge any two attacks; it also deals 1 damage to King.
  • King's head is weak against the Wave Burner, but getting up there is difficult; Mega Man should better attack using fully charged Mega Buster (King is immune to normal shots). Bass should rise with Treble Boost, then change weapon and fire the Wave Burner while falling down.[2]
  1. Getter Robo is a manga and anime by the very famous Go Nagai.
  2. The combination of Treble Boost and Wave Burner is reminiscent of the final battle in Mega Man 3, where the player had to combine Rush Jet and Top Spin.