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Roll's transceiver[edit]

SNES version GBA port
  • You ought to use your special weapons against the centipede.
  • You won't be able to jump as high when you're under the sandfalls.
  • Keep jumping so you don't get sucked under the quicksand!
  • Hurry before the Drill Moles dig out all the ground you can stand on!
  • (This stage is full of old ruins. I bet there're probably some hidden rooms!)
  • A centipede-robot is very tough.
  • Limited jump ability in the sand shower.
  • Watch your step in the quicksand!
  • Mole-type enemy robots prune away the ground.
  • (Maybe there are hidden passages somewhere...)
  • Is there any weapon you could use to prevent Ground Man from tunneling?
  • Stop him from going underground.
  • There appear to be... hmm... 13 Compact-Discs left here. Work hard to find them!
  • .

Item walkthrough[edit]

If you're looking for a specific CD, sort the table by CD or by character. If you want to sort it back by stage progression, sort it by Walkthrough.

CD Mega Man Bass Walkthrough
75 MMB CD075 MM.png N/A 01. The first CD is hidden behind a sandfall. Mega Man only can get it, using his slide.
51 MMB CD051 MM.png MMB CD051 B.png 02. In the next section, the CD is visible; what is hidden is a ladder that allows to reach it. Alternatively, Bass can perform a double-jump.
91 MMB CD091 MM.png N/A 03. This CD can be collected by Mega Man only, using Rush Search and CD-finder.
55 MMB CD055 MM.png MMB CD055 B.png 04. In order to get tis CD, the character should stick to the right when falling in the sandfall.
93 MMB CD093 MM.png N/A 05. This CD can be collected by Mega Man only, using his slide, Rush Search and CD-finder. The Angry Centipedes can be either dodged, or destroyed by the Ice Wall.
17 MMB CD017 MM.png MMB CD017 B.png 06. Bass can collect this CD thanks to mid-air jumps, while Mega Man should use the Ice Wall. In order to exit safely, Mega Man should push an Ice Wall and ride it until close enough to the ladder.
MMB Subboss MamaCentipedeMM.png MMB Subboss MamaCentipedeB.png 07. Sub-boss: MOTHER CENTIPEDE
This boss is weak against the Remote Mine. Four well-placed mines will deplete its 96 hit points.
78 MMB CD078 MM.png MMB CD078 B.png 08. This CD is in a chest on a side path (entrance shown in Mega Man's screenshot). The Wave Burner is necessary to blast the blocks and collect it.
28 MMB CD028 MM.png MMB CD028 B.png 09. This CD is in a chest within a hidden path (entrance shown in Bass' screenshot). Bass can use his buster and mid-air jump to get it, while Mega Man needs the Ice Wall.
59 MMB CD059 MM.png MMB CD059 B.png 10. The next CD is at the end of the same hidden path, inside another chest. As stated above, in order to enter the area Bass can simply use his buster, while Mega Man needs a special weapon.
13 MMB CD013 MM.png MMB CD013 B.png 11. This and the next CD are along the main path. Using the Lightning Bolt twice, the characters can pass through the moving spikes; shoot the second bold just an instant before the spikes touch you. Otherwise, a Spike Guard item will be used up.
27 MMB CD027 MM.png MMB CD027 B.png 12. If you managed to get the previous CD without using up the Spike Guard, you have to dash back and forth through the spikes to get this CD. The Lightning Bolt won't work.
35 N/A MMB CD035 B.png 13. Bass only can get to this CD. He has to use his double-jump skill together with the Ice Wall in order to reach a very high ladder. The CD is in a chest in the room.
84 MMB CD084 MM.png N/A 14. This is probably the hardest CD to get in the whole game! Mega Man only can get it, using Rush Search & CD-finder. First, destroy the Sniper Joe from the distance. Then, get in place and call Rush. While Rush digs, destroy the Dig Moles that jump from the right before they get to Rush; jump and shoot can help.

Summary of requirements to get all 13 CDs:

  • 2 CDs: free
  • 1 CD: Spike guard
  • 1 CD: Lightning Bolt (or Spike guard)
  • 1 CD: Wave Burner
  • 1 CD: Bass Buster or a special weapon
  • 2 CDs: Bass' double jump (and buster) or Ice Wall
  • 1 CD: Bass' double jump and Ice Wall
  • 1 CD: Mega Man's slide
  • 3 CDs: Mega Man's Rush Search & CD-finder

ROBOT MASTER: Ground Man[edit]

MMB KGno03 GroundMan.png

Ground Man is weak against Pirate Man's Remote Mine.

  • Burrowing: Ground Man goes underground and will come out right under Mega Man; if Mega Man is in a corner of the room, he will come out in the opposite corner, instead; a Remote Mine attached to him will automatically explode and prevent the attack.
  • Giant drill: the converse of the previous attack, Ground Man digs in the ceiling and comes down three times transformed in a giant drill; a Remote Mine attached to him will automatically explode and prevent the attack.
  • Transform: Ground Man transforms into a drill tank and dashes three times across the room; he's invincible while transformed, but a Remote Mine can still attach to him, and it can be dotanted when he transforms back.
  • Spread Drill: Ground Man shoots a splitting drill-projectile that can intercept and nullify the Remote Mines.