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Second stage selection screen

After Mega Man beat the eight Robot Masters, four new enemies appear. The four stages can be cleared in any order. Let's follow the Japanese reading order: the last one is Gemini Man's stage.

Save the Gemini Laser and the Shadow Blade for the boss fights. Use the other weapons freely.

In Gemini Man's stage, Flash Man and Bubble Man are hiding out. The terrain is glistening as in Flash Man's stage in the previous game, as well as the water environment is quite familiar to Bubble Man.

Original NES version

Stage walkthrough, part 1[edit]

Surprise can
Surprise can

Item list:

  • 2 ?-cans

Enemy list, sorted by appearance:

  • Jamacy - a robot that usually moves on ladders; use Shadow Blade.
  • Nitron - a flying eye robot; take it down with the Shadow Blade.
  • Bomber Pepe - a penguin robot that usually appears together with Nitron; the Shadow Blade cuts through its bombs and hits it easily.
  • Potton - a flying pot that drops a ton weight; it's easier to avoid that to hit.
  • Pole - tadpole robots that come from eggs that block the path; shoot the egg and the Pole with the Mega Buster.

Flash Doc Man[edit]

Flash-Docman's room

Flash Man has the same weaknesses as Needle Man: Needle Cannon and Gemini Laser.

Flash Man's arena is full of platforms, much like it was in Mega Man 2. This would make you think that Gemini Lasers might be good, but because of the platforms, you should aim carefully. Stay on the top platform, so that you can easily jump over Docman. Needle cannon is a good alternative for less patient players.

Stage walkthrough, part 2[edit]

Item list:

  • 3 large W-capsules (to recharge the Rush Marine)

Enemy list, sorted by appearance:

  • Jamacy - a robot that drops from cracked rocks and climbs down ladders; use Top Spin.
  • Gyoraibo - a fish robot that shoots torpedoes vertically; its name probably derives from "gyorai", Japanese for "torpedo"; fight it underwater with the Rush Marine.
  • Potton - a flying pot that drops a ton weight; it's easier to avoid that to hit.

Bubble Doc Man[edit]

Bubble-Docman's room

Bubble Man has the same weaknesses as Spark Man: Spark Shock and Shadow Blade.

The thing about Bubble Man is that the ceiling is covered in spikes. Spikes means instant death, so there isn't much room for jumping. This guy can be easy if you use Shadow Blades. It's helpful to fire them overhead when Bubble Man is jumping, too.