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Map of the Skull Fortress
Original NES version

Use the weapons for the future bosses only when strictly necessary. Use freely the other ones.

Weapons for the bosses Free weapons
Hard Knuckle
Search Snake
Top Spin
Magnet Missile
Gemini Laser
Needle Cannon
Spark Shock
Shadow Blade

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Energy can
Surprise cans

Again, Wily's fortress provides another pretty straightforward area. The Holograns from the Shadow Man level reappear here, and to be on the safe side, you'll want to take them out before moving on. Fortunately, most of the enemies in the level aren't that hard to defeat.

Item list:

  • 3 large W-capsules
  • 3 breakable walls (use the Hard Knuckle)
  • 1 E-can
  • 1 extra life
  • 4 small E-capsules
  • 2 surprise cans

Enemy list, sorted by appearance:

  • New Shotman - a robot that shoots horizontally and in an arc; easy to hit with the Magnet Missile.
  • Hologran - a robot that creates darkness; this time, it can be hit only by the Magnet Missile.
  • Walking Bomb - they appear after the Holograns; use the Search Snake to clear your path.
  • Hammer Joe - a green robot that throws hammers; this time, it's easy to avoid and hard to hit.
  • Bikky - a huge jumping robot; hit it when it's in mid-air; destroy it with a single Hard Knuckle, or stun it with the Spark Shock.

Boss: holographic clones[edit]

The room of the holographic clones

For the boss fight, you'll be pitted against three Mega Man Clones, each on its own platform. The catch? Only one of the Mega Clones is vulnerable to attack at any given moment, and they shift vulnerability throughout the fight. You'll want to fire rapidly at whichever one is currently vulnerable, using the weapon that is most effective: the Search Snake. Just stay on the move and fire away at the vulnerable one, and you'll win in no time flat.