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Second stage selection screen

After Mega Man beat the eight Robot Masters, four new enemies appear. The four stages can be cleared in any order. Let's follow the Japanese reading order: after Needle Man's and Shadow Man's stages, Spark Man's stage would come next.

Save the Magnet Missile and the Search Snake for the boss fights. Use the other weapons freely.

Metal Man and Quick Man are waiting in the Spark Man stage.

Original NES version

Stage walkthrough, part 1[edit]

Item list:

  • 1 large E-capsule

Enemy list, sorted by appearance:

  • Peterchy - a walking eye; easy to defeat.
  • Jamacy - a robot that moves on ladders; use Shadow Blade or Gemini Laser.
  • Elec'n - a flying enemy shaped after a set of electric plugs; shoot it with the the Shadow Blade.
  • Giant Springer - a big, red, hemi-spherical robot that shoots homing missiles; it takes 8 shots from the Mega Buster, or 4 shots from most weapons; the Shadow Blade is probably the best way to destroy it and its missiles.

Metal Doc Man[edit]

Metal-Docman's room

Metal Man has the same weaknesses as Hard Man: the Hard Knuckle and the Magnet Missile.

Quick work can be made of Metal Man equally by Hard Knuckle or Magnet Missile. Just the fact that he's metal tells you that Magnet Missiles are the better choice, thanks owed to their homing abilities.

In the remake Mega Man The Wily Wars, the Magnet Missiles are diverted by the Metal Blades: get closer to Doc Man before you fire.

Stage walkthrough, part 2[edit]

Item list:

  • 1 large E-capsule

Enemy list, sorted by appearance:

  • Boltton and Nutton - a flying bolt and nut; they attack Mega Man over a large pit with moving platforms and spiked ceiling; equip the Top Spin to counterattack.
  • Electric Gabyoalls - they appear in pairs and create a temporary vertical barrier; they are invincible, Mega Man has to jump through them.
  • Junk blocks - jump before they block the path.

Quick Doc Man[edit]

Quick-Docman's room

Quick Man has the same weaknesses as Gemini Man: Gemini Laser and Search Snake.

Logic says that Gemini Laser would be the best thing, but that's not the case here. Use the Search Snake to get rid of him quickly, but be wary, as running into Quick Man drains your life quickly.