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Map of the Skull Fortress
Original NES version

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Surprise can

A short and pretty simple level. You'll fight through a few small corridors, with the only threats being junk golems that heave boulders at you. These guys especially weak against the Top Spin, and don't pose a threat at all. Just blow them away and keep moving forward.

Item list:

  • 2 large + 4 small W-capsules
  • 4 small E-capsules
  • 1 surprise can

Teleport System[edit]

There's not a single boss in this level, but instead you must fight all eight Robot Masters again in a teleporting hatch room. A useful piece of advice: each Robot Master is vulnerable to his own weapon. Use this strategy if you get low on the "traditional" weakness.

Needle Man
Megaman3WW boss24.png
Snake Man
Magnet Man Spark Man
Gemini Man Shadow Man
Hard Man Top Man

Every Robot Master drops a large E-capsule when defeated. The Robot Masters have different levels of artificial intelligence. Start from the hardest opponents, and when Mega Man is low on hit points, fight some of the easy ones to refill his energy.

Robot Master Artificial intelligence
Snakeman EASY - regular pattern
Topman EASY - regular pattern
Magnetman EASY - regular pattern
Hardman MEDIUM - regular pattern, hard to dodge
Geminiman MEDIUM - regular pattern, hard to dodge
Sparkman MEDIUM - no pattern, slow movement
Needleman HARD - no pattern
Shadowman HARD - no pattern

Once all the Robot Masters bite the dust, step through the door at the bottom-right hand corner of the room, and exit via the teleporting hatch.

Items after the teleport system:

  • 1 extra life
  • 4 small W-capsules (use to reload the Hard Knuckle)