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Original NES version

Stage walkthrough[edit]

Protoman, the recurring sub-boss
Surprise can
Energy can
Energy can

This otherworldly stage begins in what appears to be a space region, with Mega Man running across shiny mineral crystals while being attacked by mechanical penguins. Proto Man appears to open Gemini Man's cavernous fortress for Mega Man, but he does not attack as he does in his other appearances. After proceeding underground, the remainder of the stage is spent in a cavern made of multicolored rocks, inhabited by flying tadpoles and more mechanical penguins.

This is one of the three stages where the Rush Marine can be used to traverse the water.

Save the Search Snake for the boss fight. Use the other weapons freely; the Shadow Blade is probably the most useful.

Item list:

  • 2 large E-capsules
  • 1 large W-capsule (to encourage the player into using the special weapons)
  • 1 extra life
  • 1 ?-can
  • Underwater area:
    • 1 extra life
    • 2 Energy Cans
    • 2 large W-capsules (to reload the Rush Marine)

Enemies list, sorted by appearance:

  • Nitron - a flying eye robot; take it down with the Shadow Blade.
  • Bomber Pepe - a penguin robot that usually appears together with Nitron; the Shadow Blade cuts through its bombs and hits it easily.
  • Protoman
  • Pole - tadpole robots that come from eggs that block the path; shoot the egg and the Pole with the Mega Buster.
  • Yambow - "yambow" is Japanese for "dragonfly"; immune to Search Snake, weak against all other weapons; when Mega Man is onboard the Rush Marine, simply move away.
  • Penpen Maker - a big penguin robot that blocks the path; hit it in the eyes with the Shadow Blade.
  • Gyoraibo - a fish robot that shoots torpedoes vertically; its name probably derives from "gyorai", Japanese for "torpedo"; fight it underwater with the Rush Marine.
  • Mechakkero - a frog robot; use the Magnet Missile, save the Search Snake for the battle against Geminiman.
  • Bikky - a huge jumping robot; hit it when it's in mid-air; destroy it with a single Hard Knuckle.

Megaman3GB enemy3 BomberPepe.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Pole.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Yambow.png Megaman2GB enemy3 Yambo.png Megaman3GB enemy3 Mekakkero.png Megaman2GB enemy3 MechaKero.png

Gemini Man[edit]

Geminiman's room
Gemini Man, (C) 1999 Capcom, Inc.
  • Weakness: Search Snake
  • Weapon: Gemini Laser

"Gemini" is Latin for "twins", and appropriately he'll start the fight by splitting in two. The two men will circle the arena in a predictable pattern, firing only when you fire. Dodge their shots, learn the pattern, and fire away. When Geminiman's energy drops to 50%, he'll become one again, and begin using lasers that bounce off the walls. These are slow-moving and not too tough to avoid. Just stay on your toes and you'll be victorious.

The key to success here is the Search Snake. With these in hand, you'll blow Gemini Man away in no time flat.

Special weapon[edit]

The Gemini Laser, which is gained after this battle, is the same as that used by the boss.


Character designer

Gemini Man can create an alter ego with his hologram. He is also a narcissist.

  • Serial Number: DW No.19
  • Year of Creation: 2010
  • Strength: He's elegant.
  • Weakness: He's overconfident.
  • Likes: Mirror.
  • Dislikes: Snakes.