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Home of the Burned Tower.
Poké Mart
HGSSPokeBallSprite.png Poké Ball Pokebuck.png200
HGSSPotionSprite.png Potion Pokebuck.png300
HGSSSuperPotionSprite.png Super Potion Pokebuck.png700
HGSSAntidoteSprite.png Antidote Pokebuck.png100
HGSSParlyzHealSprite.png Parlyz Heal Pokebuck.png200
HGSSAwakeningSprite.png Awakening Pokebuck.png250
HGSSBurnHealSprite.png Burn Heal Pokebuck.png250
HGSSIceHealSprite.png Ice Heal Pokebuck.png250
HGSSRepelSprite.png Repel Pokebuck.png350
HGSSEscapeRopeSprite.png Escape Rope Pokebuck.png550
HGSSTunnelMailSprite.png Tunnel Mail Pokebuck.png50
HGSSHealBallSprite.png Heal Ball Pokebuck.png300
HGSSNetBallSprite.png Net Ball Pokebuck.png1000

Burned Tower[edit]

Ecruteak Gym