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Route 33[edit]

The final route before you reach Azalea Town, this small route connects Union Cave to the slowpoke well. It is inhabited by Anthony, a hiker with a Geodude and a Machop, and a lady who will give you a little history on Azalea Town. This route is not very long, since Trainers have already traveled through Union Cave and passed Route 32 to reach this clearing. No new Pokemon can be found here, and they are even in the same level range as Route 32. By continuing west, the player will finally reach Azalea Town, the next town on the Trainer's quest.

In Generation IV, Route 33 is a little different from the original Gold/Silver. It is now always raining, and the effects of the rain are effective during battles. There are also two Apricorn trees now in the place of the single Berry tree. The right-hand tree holds a Blk Apricorn (Heavy Ball), while the left-hand tree holds a Pnk Apricorn (Love Ball).