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As you walk through the Gym towards Jasmine, you will be stopped by two Trainers. They won't battle you, though; you have already met them at the Lighthouse. Instead, they will commend you for helping Jasmine in helping Amphy, the Lighthouse's Ampharos, recover. After they have finished talking to you, walk up to Jasmine, who will now battle you for the Mineral Badge.

Leader Jasmine[edit]

Jasmine uses Steel-type Pokémon. If your starter was the Fire-type Cyndaquil, this battle should be simple. If not, there are other Fire-type Pokémon, such as Growlithe (found on Route 37 south of Ecruteak City). If you chose Chikorita, it still has some resistance to the Electric-type Magnemite. Totodile is the only starter who might have any difficulty in this battle, against the two Magnemite, but its Water-type is super-effective against Steelix.

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Leader Jasmine: Pokebuck.png4200