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Collect five to make a crown.

The Shining Leaf is an item found in HeartGold and SoulSilver. It is a very rare item that can be found by the player's Pokémon when walking around. When it is found by a Pokémon, it will have no apparent presence other than in that Pokémon's status screen. When a Shining Leaf is shown to the player's friend Lyra or Ethan, she/he will explain about them and request for the player to bring four more. When the player shows her/him a single Pokémon with five Shining Leaves attached to it, she/he will then award the player with star for his or her Trainer card, and then craft the leaves into a Leaf Crown.

A Pokémon can find a Shining Leaf while being in the grassy area of a route, but the specific route a certain Pokémon can find one depends solely on its nature. However, because of its rarity, a Pokémon is not guaranteed to find a Shining Leaf, even when the route and nature match. Therefore, the player should check their Pokémon frequently to make sure a Leaf can be found in that area. Whenever a Shining Leaf is found, upon examination, the Pokémon will have an exclamation mark above its head, do a dance swaying from right to left, then finish off with a green musical note above its head.

Following is a list of all the Shining Leaves found in the games, with sections for each family, as well as the routes where they are found.


  • Natures: Hasty, Mild, Quirky, Rash
  1. Route 44
  2. Route 39
  3. Route 26
  4. Route 18
  5. Route 11


  • Natures: Calm, Gentle, Lax, Relaxed
  1. Route 32
  2. Route 35 , Route 48
  3. Route 2, Route 28
  4. Route 4
  5. Route 6


  • Natures: Impish, Jolly, Naive, Naughty, Sassy
  1. Route 31
  2. Route 34, Route 47 (Flying-types cannot obtain the Shining Leaf on this route.)
  3. Route 1
  4. Route 3, Route 18
  5. Route 5, Route 12


  • Natures: Careful, Docile, Modest, Quiet, Serious
  1. Route 33 (Water-, Fire-, Ground-, and Rock-types cannot obtain the Shining Leaf on this route.)
  2. Route 36
  3. Route 45
  4. Route 7
  5. Route 8, Route 13, Route 14


  • Natures: Adamant, Bold, Brave, Hardy
  1. Route 42
  2. Route 37
  3. Route 22 , Route 46
  4. Route 15
  5. Route 9, Route 24


  • Natures: Bashful, Lonely, Timid
  1. Route 43
  2. Route 38
  3. Route 27
  4. Route 16
  5. Route 10, Route 25