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The controls menu, where you can edit the game's control mappings.

Portal has a simple and flexible control scheme which is mostly-consistent across the various platforms it's on. However, you can't access more advanced engine functionality (such as the console) from anything other than the PC version of the game. On the left is an image of the PC control mapping options.

Default Controls[edit]

Action PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360
Move forward or back
Strafe left or right
 W   S   A   D  Neutral lstick Neutral lstick
Look Mouse Neutral rstick Neutral rstick
Fire Blue Portal Mouse left click R2 button RT button
Fire Orange Portal Mouse right click L2 button LT button
Pickup / Use object
 E  Square button or R1 button X button or RB button
Jump  Space  Cross button or L1 button A button or LB button
Duck / Crouch  Ctrl  Circle button or R3 button B button or R button
Pause Game  Esc  Start button Start button
Toggle close caption sound effects Unassigned by default N/A N/A
Quit game Unassigned by default N/A N/A
Capture screen shot  F5  N/A N/A
Quick save  F6  N/A N/A
Quick load  F9  N/A N/A
Toggle developer console  `  N/A N/A