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  • Bronze: 29
  • Silver: 18
  • Gold: 13

7 Portal Strategy

  1. Go forward into the next area.
  2. Very quickly run straight towards the silver pneumatic column, then take a leftward "C" shaped path to the wall behind the sentry gun. If done quickly enough the sentry on the top floor hit you with 0-2 shots and the lower sentry will hit a little bit more.
  3. Pick up the sentry and carry it to the small ledge. If you can keep it upright and alive, the next step will be easier.
  4. Place the sentry in the corner then use the wall climbing glitch to jump the ledge. (If the sentry was alive, wait for it to be calm before climbing to the top of it and this step should be able to be done with one simple grab/jump motion. If not, it will be necessary to very quickly press the grab, then jump buttons alternately.)
  5. Quickly grab the next sentry, carry it up the small jump, and do the same thing to get onto the next ledge. Again, this will be easier if the sentry is alive, upright, and calm.
  6. Grab the block and proceed back down to the first level.
  7. Shoot an orange portal at the wall above the glass platform.
  8. Shoot a blue portal right below the glass platform, facing the solid ledge above with a button on it, then carry the cube through it.
  9. Shoot an orange portal at the ceiling above the button then carefully drop the block through the portal so that it lands on the button.
  10. Shoot an orange portal at the floor near the entrance, directly underneath the upward arrow sign and as close to the wall as possible.
  11. Drop through the blue portal and land on the high platform with a cube on it, then throw the cube off and away from the blue portal.
  12. Drop through the blue portal and land on the button platform, then throw the cube off.
  13. Place both cubes on the buttons then use the camera to wall climb the small ledge one last time.
  14. Proceed though the disintegration barrier to the next area.
  15. The door ahead will only open enough to shoot a portal through- shoot a blue portal through.
  16. Shoot an orange portal on the side wall and step through.
  17. Jump quickly to the right and kill the sentry on the top level.
  18. Jump back across the gap, turn 180 degrees towards where the sentry just was, shoot an orange portal up and to the right onto the wall.
  19. Jump through the blue portal, through the disintegration field, and proceed to the exit.


  • Bronze: 1:55
  • Silver: 1:30
  • Gold: 1:23

No real secrets to completing this quickly. Follow the same basic path as the 7 portal walkthrough but of course use portals to quickly bypass any distances. The one main time saver is to portal directly to the second floor after leaving the entrance and before grabbing the first cube.