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  • Bronze: 16
  • Silver: 8
  • Gold: 5

3 Portal Strategy

  1. Proceed forward and shoot a blue portal onto the left upper wall as close to the portal immune wall as possible.
  2. Shoot an orange portal onto the lower level wall.
  3. Proceed through the orange portal and if you are quick enough you can take out or jump past the sentry. (Jumping backwards may help)
  4. Use the wallclimbing glitch with the sentry gun to make your way up to the platform with a cube on it.
  5. Throw the second sentry gun to the middle level.
  6. Place an orange portal on the back wall where you get the cube so that it is opposite the doorway.
  7. Take the cube with you and throw it on the second button.
  8. Carry a sentry gun over by the original blue portal and use it to deflect the power orb into the blue portal.
  9. Once you get it in the portal, quickly follow it, duck, and stand on the button so that it goes through the open door and is caught.
  10. Jump across the gap, drop down, and proceed to the exit.