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Chapter Goal: Search the village for a path to the tower.

The beginning of Chapter 6 is accompanied by the Journal Entry "The Vanishing Customer."

Make your way to the Plaza.


Talk to Percy to trigger Puzzle 072. He will give you a Reading Lamp in return for a correct answer. Give it to Luke.

Enter the Town Hall.

Town Hall[edit]

Talk to Rodney. He will give you some strong advice and ask you to solve Puzzle 073. Solving the puzzle correctly rewards you with a Gramophone! Give it to Layton.

Stop at the Manor Border before heading through the Clock Tower.

Manor Border[edit]

Ramon thinks you look a little tense, so he gives you Puzzle 093 to loosen you up. Solve it to find a painting scrap!

Head through the Clock Tower and into Archibald's house.


Talk to Archibald and help him out with Puzzle 109. If you solve the puzzle, you will get a Teak Table that Layton would enjoy very much.

Make your way to the Northern Path and into Prosciutto's.


Talk to Prosciutto and he will stop eating for a moment to present you with Puzzle 104. A successful solution will reward you with a Baron Statue. Give the statue to Layton.

Make your way through the Market, and onto the Path Entrance.

Path Entrance[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Ledge on the Right
  2. The Top of the Pot
  3. The Stone in Front of the Door
  4. The Window on the Door

There is no one here to talk to, but tap on the red sign before moving on to find the hidden Puzzle 119.

Head north.

Tower Road[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Flowers in the Box
  2. The Bottom of the Window Frame
  3. The Window of the Middle House
  4. The Globe above the Door

Tap on the rightmost window to trigger the hidden Puzzle 117. Talk to Martha and she'll ask you to solve Puzzle 102.

Before moving on, tap on the shiny paper by Martha's feet. The paper is another journal entry! This one mentions the author's desire to create a tribute to Lady Violet. Professor Layton seems like he has an idea of what this means, but he keeps it to himself.

Move north.

Dead End[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Window
  2. The Crack at the Bottom of the Right Wall
  3. The Roof on the Left
  4. The Bottom-Left Corner of the Mold

Upon entering the Dead End, a cinema scene occurs. A mysterious girl appears, but she disappears before giving out any information. After the encounter, Layton and Luke find a Ferris Wheel ticket. They decide to check out the park, but their investigation could be more dangerous than it seems.

Chapter 6 comes to an end and the Journal Entry "The Silent Girl" appears.

Grab some hint coins, then head straight to the Park Gate.

Park Gate[edit]

Tap on the park gate sign and Layton will suggest they go to Town Hall to have someone open the gate.

Chapter 7 begins.