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On the way to St. Mystere

The game opens with a letter from Luke to you. It speaks of mysterious events that happened to Luke and Professor Layton, to whom Luke is apprenticed.

A cinema scene then occurs, showing Luke and Layton driving in a car towards a town called St. Mystere. We learn that Layton has accepted a job investigating an inheritance dispute.

The Facts[edit]

The very wealthy Baron Augustus Reinhold has recently died.
His unusual will instructs his relatives to find a "Golden Apple" hidden somewhere in St. Mystere.
His will states that his entire estate goes the finder of the "Golden Apple."

Lady Dahlia, Baron Reinhold's wife, has hired Layton to help her solve the puzzle of the "Golden Apple."

Puzzle 001 automatically triggers.

Once the puzzle is solved, Layton and Luke arrive at St. Mystere. They find themselves stuck outside as the drawbridge is up.


PLatCV Mystery 01.png

Talk to Franco to trigger Puzzle 002.

Once inside, Layton and Luke's first priority is to contact Lady Dahlia at the Reinhold Manor. Although freely exploring the town is not an option at this point, you should talk to any villagers in sight.

Journal entry PLatCV Journal.png "Lady Dahlia Letter" and Mystery "The Golden Apple" appears.


Hint Coins In:
  1. The Barrel by the Inn
  2. The other Barrel
  3. The Pouch in the Window

Talk to Ingrid to trigger Puzzle 003.

Talk to Stachen to learn about Hint Coins.

Move north to the Plaza to start Chapter 1.