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PLatCV chapter 07.png

Chapter Goal: Does the park hold the way into the tower? Search the park grounds to find out.

Along with the start of Chapter 7 comes the journal entry PLatCV Journal.png "The Sealed Park."

Head to Town Hall.

Town Hall[edit]

Question Rodney about the locked park gate. He tells you that the park maintenance is the job of the park caretaker. If you want to enter the park, you'll need to find his whereabouts. Since the park caretaker also takes care of the sewers, Layton suggests you head down there.

After your conversation, the Journal Entry PLatCV Journal.png "Finding a Way Into the Park" appears.

Make your way to Park Road and descend into the open sewer cover.


Hint Coins In:
  1. The Water on the Left
  2. The Bottom Rung of the Ladder
  3. The Middle of the Wall left of the Ladder

Feel free to talk to Pavel, although the disorganized explorer does not have any puzzles for you to solve. However, if you tap the sewer opening, you will find hidden Puzzle 120! Do not tap on the Shoe Icon and then tap on the sewer opening, for this will cause you to move back to Park Road and will not trigger the puzzle.

Move left.

Sewer Exit[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Ivy on the Right Wall
  2. The Water on the Left
  3. The Gate

It seems odd to find Stachen in the sewer, but if you talk to him he will ask you to solve Puzzle 084, which seems completely normal.

We haven't found the caretaker yet, so keep heading left.

Outside the Sewer[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Bank by the House
  2. The Water below Layton
  3. The Leftmost Window

There's not much here, but tap on the Laytonmobile to trigger Puzzle 085. Solve the puzzle and you will be rewarded with a PLatCV Fossil.png Fossil. Give it to PLatCV Professor Layton.png Layton.

Head back to the sewer entrance. This time, head right.

Sewer Dead End[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Middle of the Rightmost Mold
  2. The Bottom of the Waterfall
  3. The Floor by the Back Wall

Talk to Sylvain and ask him to open up the park gate. He promises to let you in just as soon as he finishes his job. Layton offers to help, and Puzzle 086 will trigger automatically. Solve it to gain a PLatCV Painting Scraping Middle.png painting scrap and access to the park.

The Journal Entry PLatCV Journal.png "The Park, at Last" appears after Sylvain opens the gates.

Walk into the Park!

Park Path Fork[edit]

A Poster with Flora on it.
Hint Coins In:
  1. The Bottom of the Signpost
  2. The Trashcan
  3. The Top of the left Lamppost
  4. The Middle of the Rightmost Tree

Touch the poster on the left to discover a bit of the park's history. It seems the park was built solely for Flora's enjoyment!

To explore further, head left.

Abandoned Tent[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Stack of Cups
  2. The Back of the Circus Horse
  3. The middle Dirt Spot
  4. The Leftmost Street Lamp

Tap on the right side of the drink stand to find the hidden Puzzle 115.

Move right.

Ferris Wheel[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Rightmost Street Sign
  2. The Sign by the Ticket Stand
  3. The middle Leg of the Ferris Wheel
  4. The rightmost Grey Box in the Shop

Tapping on the Ferris Wheel causes Layton to think of puzzle 087. A correct answer is rewarded with a PLatCV Painting Scraping Border.png painting scrap!

Backtrack to the Park Path Fork and move right.

Shack Path[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The right Patch of Grass
  2. The Trashcan
  3. The Blue Part of the Shack Roof
  4. The Shack Chimney

Talk to Sylvain and he'll give you puzzle 088 to solve. If you answer it correctly, you will receive a PLatCV Violin.png Violin as a reward! Give it to PLatCV Luke.png Luke.

Tap on the bottom-right part of the shack. Puzzle 116 is hiding here!

Before moving on, tap on the shiny white scrap on the ground beside Sylvain. It's another note from the mysterious journalist! This time the note hints that the park was built to distract Flora from the secret of the village.

File this information away and head north.

The Waterside Shack[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Bush on the Right
  2. The Trashcan
  3. The Wood Path to the Shack
  4. The Niche of Water on the Left

Upon entering the area, Layton and Luke examine the shack by the water but find it locked. The Journal Entry PLatCV Journal.png "The Lost Amusement Park" appears.

Walk back to the Ferris Wheel by moving left.

Ferris Wheel[edit]

Luke and Layton examine the Ferris Wheel closely, but to no avail. They are just about to give up and go back to town when the Ferris Wheel mysterious jumps free of its stand and begins chasing them. After a terrifying run, the Ferris Wheel crashes into the Waterside Shack and sinks into the surrounding water. In the remains of the Waterside Shack, Luke finds an entrance to the sewers.

The Journal Entry PLatCV Journal.png "A Close Call" appears after the cinema scene.

Move into the remains of the Waterside Shack.

Under the Shack[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Pail
  2. The Stone on the Right
  3. The Middle/Right Side of the Path
  4. The Wall above the Tablet

Tap on the stone tablet to trigger Puzzle 089. A successful answer rewards you with an PLatCV Artisans Teapot.png Artisan's Teapot and access to the left corridor. Give the teapot to PLatCV Professor Layton.png Layton.

Head left.

Underground Path[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Dirt Spot in the Middle/Front
  2. The Middle of the Right Wall
  3. The Stones in the Back/Left
  4. The Moss in the Bottom Left

In order to move forward, tap on the door at the end of the corridor. This will trigger Puzzle 090. Solve the puzzle to move through the door and gain the final PLatCV Painting Scraping Middle.png painting scrap!

Go into the Painting section of the Professor's Trunk to put together the painting. When it is complete, The Art Lover's House will be unlocked in the Bonus Section.

When you are finished, move through the open doorway.

Underground Area[edit]

PLatCV chapter 07s.png
Hint Coins In:
  1. The Floorboard by the Tub
  2. The Mold next to the Milk Jug
  3. The Grey Bump on the Right Wall
  4. The Space under the Raised Cabinet
PLatCV Mystery 10.png

Tap on the picture on the right wall. Luke is suddenly reminded of Puzzle 091. Solve it to get a PLatCV Bone China Teacup.png Bone China Teacup that goes perfectly with PLatCV Professor Layton.png Layton's Teapot. This is the last Inn Item!

Go into the Inn section of the Professor's Trunk. If you have arranged the rooms to please both Luke and Layton, The Decorator's House will unlock in the Bonus Section.

Now tap on the pictures on the back wall. When the pictures have been slid aside, Layton and Luke find a key shaped like the tower! "The Tower Key" is added to your list of mysteries.

This concludes Chapter 7 and the Journal Entry PLatCV Journal.png "We've Found a Key" appears.

Head back to Town

Park Road[edit]

Layton and Luke will automatically stop on Park Road. Layton will suggest they first head back to the inn to figure out the identity of the suspicious intruder in St. Mystere.

Chapter 8 begins.