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At begin there is only one Gizmo

In Chapter 2, Franco alerts Professor Layton to a mysterious theft. At the scene of the crime, Franco found a mysterious gizmo. He gives it to Professor Layton and thus starts the Gizmo side-quest. Layton and Luke will occasionally receive gizmos for solving puzzles.

To put the gizmos together, simply tap on the gadgets in the white squares along the bottom of the screen. The gizmos will automatically lock into the correct position.

Where to Find[edit]

Number Puzzle Location
PLatCV Gizmo Tail.png Tail Automatic Plaza
PLatCV Gizmo End of Tail.png End of Tail Puzzle 016 Town Hall
PLatCV Gizmo Rear Leg.png Right Rear Leg Puzzle 019 Drawbridge
PLatCV Gizmo Foot.png Right Rear Foot Puzzle 020 Park Road
PLatCV Gizmo Front Leg.png Right Front Leg Puzzle 021 Park Road
PLatCV Gizmo Power Cell.png Power Cell Puzzle 025 Restaurant
PLatCV Gizmo Foot.png Right Front Foot Puzzle 023 Restaurant
PLatCV Gizmo Front Body.png Front Body Puzzle 027 Manor Parlor
PLatCV Gizmo Rear Leg.png Left Rear Leg Puzzle 028 Manor Parlor
PLatCV Gizmo Foot.png Left Rear Foot Puzzle 029 Manor Parlor
Inspector Chelmey
PLatCV Gizmo Front Leg.png Left Front Leg Puzzle 030 Manor Border
PLatCV Gizmo Foot.png Left Front Foot Puzzle 031 Manor Road
PLatCV Gizmo Ear.png Right Ear Puzzle 032 General Store
Candy Jar
PLatCV Gizmo Top of Head.png Top of Head Puzzle 034 Plaza
PLatCV Gizmo Rear Body.png Rear Body Puzzle 024 Restaurant
PLatCV Gizmo Eyes.png Eyes Puzzle 035 Plaza
PLatCV Gizmo Head.png Head Puzzle 037 Clock Tower
PLatCV Gizmo Tongue.png Tongue Puzzle 038 Fork in the Road
PLatCV Gizmo Nose.png Nose Puzzle 041 Northern Path
PLatCV Gizmo Ear.png Left Ear Puzzle 040 Market


The completed Robot.

Once you've got all 20 gizmos, you can start putting the pieces together. Once you're done, you will receive a Robot-Dog, which will help you find hidden Hint Coins and Puzzles. You can give it a name. That is not all there is to it. You will also gain access to the The Inventor's House which will have 3 new Puzzles ready for you. If a piece is missing, then look the number up in the table to get it.