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Caution! This guide contains information about each puzzle including all three hints and the correct answer. If you do not want to see the solution to a puzzle and spoil the fun of figuring it out, scroll down carefully. The answers are hidden within the spoiler tags, so don't peek in them unless you're really stuck!

Puzzle 001[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 001.png
Name: Where's the Town? (US) / Where's the Village? (EU)
Trigger: Automatic
Location: In the Laytonmobile
Chapter: Introduction
Picarats: 10

Description: "My village is on a road that leads to no other towns. I look forward to seeing you there." Use your stylus to draw a circle around the right village, and then touch Submit.

  • Hint 1: You can use the stylus for a whole lot more than just circling the answer, you know. Try tracing a path--any path--to see if it connects to more than one town. Try it a few times until you are confident you have the right answer. Then just tap the submit icon.
  • Hint 2: Still stumped? Try tracing paths backward, so that you start from a village and work your way back. This will make it easy for you to see if any other towns are connected to the one you selected.
  • Hint 3: Just look for the town that's not connected to any other. In other words, any town that's connected to another can't possibly be the right answer. If you take a look at the map, you should be able to see any corrections between towns with no trouble.
PLatCV Puzzle 001 Solution.png
Answer: Circle the red and white town in the top left of the map and hit SUBMIT.

Puzzle 002[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 002.png
Name: The Crank and Slot
Trigger: Talk to Franco
Location: Drawbridge
Chapter: Introduction
Picarats: 15

Description: There's no way to lower the bridge and get across without inserting the crank into the correct slot! Choose the slot that fits the crank shown below.

  • Hint 1: First, get a good, long look at the shape of the crank. How is the central axle shaped? Are the little protrusions around the edges of the crank triangular or square? Next, look at where those funny shapes stick out of the crank. Starting to make sense?
  • Hint 2: While you need to pay attention to the actual features of the crank and slot, you also need to remember that the shape of the slot is a mirror image of the crank. That's right, you have to stare at the crank straight on and then look for the slot that mirrors it.
  • Hint 3: The central axle on the crank has five sides. There are three shapes attached to the main axle, one triangle and two squares. One of the small squares sits right on top of one of the central axle's five corners, while the other two shapes sit flush on two sides of the axle. All right, now you have everything you need. Don't forget that you need to flip the crank's shape when searching for the slot!
PLatCV Puzzle 002 Solution.png
Answer: Slot 1

Puzzle 003[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 003.png
Name: Strange Hats
Trigger: Talk to Ingrid
Location: Entrance
Chapter: Introduction
Picarats: 10

Description: These four top hats are all the same height, but the length of each brim is different. In other words, the hats are equally tall but vary in width. One of these four hats has a brim and height that are the same length. Which hat is it?

  • Hint 1: Don't just pick an answer based on what you see on the screen. If this puzzle could be solved with a quick glance at the screen, it wouldn't be much of a puzzle, now would it? The human eye perceives vertical and horizontal length differently.
  • Hint 2: B is certainly not the hat you are looking for.
  • Hint 3: D isn't the right hat either.
PLatCV Puzzle 003 Solution.png
Answer: A

Puzzle 004[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 004.png
Name: Where's My House?
Trigger: Talk to Percy
Location: Plaza
Chapter: 1
Picarats: 20

Description: Can you find my house? Go out the front door of my place and turn left. At the first intersection you come across, take a right. Turn right again at the following intersection, and you'll come face-to-face with the morning sun. Circle my house.

  • Hint 1: To face the morning sun, one must, of course, look eastward. The map shows north pointing toward the top of the screen, so which direction indicates east?
  • Hint 2: The rising sun comes from the east. On this map, that means it comes from the right. Therefore, if you follow the directions, you should be facing to the right after you take your last turn.
  • Hint 3: Trying to follow the directions from each hose only complicates matters. Instead, why not follow the direction in reverse? Needless to say, going backward means the directions you turn will reverse as well. Start by facing right, then head left down the road, then take a left, the another left...
PLatCV Puzzle 004 Solution.png
Answer: Circle the blue-roofed house in the center of the grid and hit SUBMIT.

Puzzle 005[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 005us.png
Name: Digital Digits
Trigger: Tap the clock face on the Clock Tower
Location: Plaza
Chapter: 1
Picarats: 50
Note: This Puzzle exist only in US-Version.

Description: Imagine a digital clock like the one shown below. How many times will the clock display three or more of the same number in a row over the course of one day? In case you were wondering, the clock in this puzzle displays time on a 12-hour scale, not on military time.

  • Hint 1: As mentioned earlier, this digital clock works on a 12-hour display system. This means you'll cycle through the numbers twice a day. Therefore, before you submit your answer, you need to double the number of times you found to account for a.m. and p.m.
  • Hint 2: You probably have already picked up on combinations like 1:11 and 2:22, but finding the less obvious combinations is what makes up the real meat of this problem. Did you, for example, remember to include the time 10:00?
  • Hint 3: 12:22 is another combination that's easy to overlook. Also, have you thought about 11:12? Be sure to take a look at the various combination that follow the above time as well.
PLatCV Puzzle 005us Solution.png
Answer: There are 34 times where three or more of the same digits show up. A complete list is 01:11, 02:22, 03:33, 04:44, 05:55, 10:00, 11:10, 11:11, 11:12, 11:13, 11:14, 11:15, 11:16, 11:17, 11:18, 11:19 and 12:22 multiplied by 2 to account for both 12 hour turns.

Puzzle 005[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 005eu.png
Name: Clock Hands
Trigger: Tap the clock face on the Clock Tower
Location: Plaza
Chapter: 1
Picarats: 50
Note: This Puzzle exist only in EU-Version.

Description: An ordinary clock has two hands, with the longer hand moving faster around the face of the clock. Assuming that the clock keeps perfect time, how many times will the long and short hands pass over each other between 12 noon and 12 midnight?

  • Hint 1: The hands pass over each other once an hour, so in 12 hours they will pass twelve times... Or will they?
  • Hint 2: The hands start off on top of each other during 12 noon, so that doesn't count as a pass.
  • Hint 3: One pass every hour. But the hands don't pass over each other on the hour. They will pass around 5 minutes past 1, or 33 minutes past 6. So what time will be the last time they pass?
PLatCV Puzzle 005eu Solution.png
Answer: The hands pass over each other 10 times. As they start off and end on top of each other, these two times do not count.

Puzzle 006[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 006.png
Name: Light Weight
Trigger: Talk to Marco
Location: Manor Road
Chapter: 1
Picarats: 40

Description: Here we have eight small weights that all look the same. However, one of the weights in the group is slightly lighter than the rest. Using this scale two times, you can find out which of these weights is lighter than the rest. So, which weight is the light one?

  • Hint 1: You're not weighing two sets of four weights on your first use of the scale, are you? If you do that, you'll only have one more chance left to determine which of four weights is the light one. But you probably already know that, right?
  • Hint 2: Maybe thinking about another example will help you out here. Imagine you have three weights, one of which is lighter than the rest. To find the light weight, all you gotta do is weigh any two of the three. If one of the weights on the scale is lighter, there's your answer. If the two weights on the scale are the same, the remaining weight is the light one.
  • Hint 3: Think about the last hint. You can figure out the light weight in a group of three with one use of the scale. If you can narrow the number of weights in question to three in one use of the scale, you've got your answer.

Answer: The lightest weight changes each time. To find the correct weight, weigh any three weights on one side against another three weights. If neither side is lighter, weigh the remaining two weights to find your answer.

If one side is lighter, one of the three weights on the light side is the lightest weight. Weigh two of those three weights against each other. If one side is lighter, you have your answer. If neither side is lighter, than the weight left off the scale is the lightest.

Example: 1,2,3 is weighed against 4,5,6. If the side with 4,5,6 on it is lighter, weigh 4 against 5. They are the same weight. Therefore, weight 6 is the lightest.

Puzzle 007[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 007.png
Name: Wolves and Chicks
Trigger: Talk to Ramon
Location: Manor Border
Chapter: 1
Picarats: 50

Description: Get the three wolves and three chicks seen below to the other side of the river while obeying the following conditions.

  • No more than two animals can ride the raft at the same time.
  • There must be at least one animal on the raft in order for it to move.
  • If more wolves than chicks stay on either side of the river, the wolves will eat the chicks, and you'll have to start over.

You can move the raft as many times as you like, but this feat can be accomplished in as few as 11 moves.

  • Hint 1: Do you find yourself moving the raft back and forth only to end up with the animals back in the start position? Somewhere within your movements, you are doing something that restores the animals to their original positions. When you've found that point, try to do something different than you have thus far. It might bring you close to the answer.
  • Hint 2: You don't necessarily have to take two animals over on every trip and then bring only one back. Sometimes you may want to bring two animals back. For starters, try getting all three of the wolves to the right side. Then you can slowly start swapping out wolves for chicks.
  • Hint 3: Let's recap the previous hint. First, get all the wolves to the right side of the river. Then, start swapping the wolves for chicks. When you start to have too few chicks on the left bank of the river, you can bring a chick back over with a wolf to keep your remaining chick from getting eaten.

Answer: Take two wolves across, bring one back. Take two wolves across, bring one back. Take two chicks across, bring a wolf and a chick back. Bring two chicks across, take one wolf back. Take two wolves across, bring one back. Take the remaining two wolves across. This should take 11 trips to make it across.

Puzzle 008[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 008.png
Name: Farm Work
Trigger: Touch the strip of Flowers above the River
Location: Manor Border
Chapter: 1
Picarats: 20

Description: Alfred and Roland have been hired by a farm to sow flower seeds. They've been assigned a 10-acre plot of land and split it in half so they can work independently. Roland starts from the east and Alfred from the west. Alfred can plow the land at a rate of 20 minutes per acre. Roland takes 40 minutes to plow, but sows seeds at three times the speed Alfred does. If sowing seeds on the 10-acre plot pays $100, how much of that money should go to Roland?

  • Hint 1: The two workers receive $100 for the job and divide it according to the amount of work each person did. In this case, "work" refers to the number of acres each person seeded. Read the puzzle again and think about exactly how much work each person did.
  • Hint 2: Since work refers to the number of acres each person seeded, the amount of time each person took isn't a factor in deciding payment.
  • Hint 3: Did you see the sentence that said that Roland and Alfred were assigned a 10-acre plot of land to work together and split it in half? What does that tell you about the amount of work each person did?
PLatCV Puzzle 008 Solution.png
Answer: 50. The facts about how fast the two people work are irrelevant since it has been mentioned in the beginning of the question that both agreed to split the plot of land in half.

Puzzle 009[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 009.png
Name: One Poor Pooch
Trigger: Enter the Reinhold Mansion
Location: Manor Foyer
Chapter: Between 1 and 2
Picarats: 35

Description: The matches below are arranged in the shape of a dog. This poor little guy was just minding his own business when a car came barreling don the road and ran him over. Move two matches to change the picture so that it shows the dog after the accident. All puzzles are a matter of perspective, so don't assume that you'll be looking at the dog from the side by the time you're finished with this one.

  • Hint 1: The original shape shows the dog walking. Think about how that shape will change after the dog gets hit by the car.
  • Hint 2: Dogs walk on all four legs, but since this poor pooch isn't doing much walking anymore, the position of his legs must have changed.
  • Hint 3: The dog is probably sprawled out on the pavement where it got hit. To show this, you'll need to move two of his legs, or two matches. Take the two legs in the middle and bring them above.
PLatCV Puzzle 009 Solution.png
Answer: The two matches you should move are the two that make up the dog's middle legs. Thy will move onto the dogs back so that the end picture will be from an aerial perspective. You do not need to rotate the matches. Simply move the middle-right match above the right corner of the dog's back and move the middle-left match above the left corner of the dog's back.

Puzzle 010[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 010us.png
Name: Alphabet
Trigger: Tap the middle of the Bookcase
Location: Manor Foyer
Chapter: Between 1 and 2
Picarats: 30
Note: This Puzzle exist only in US-Version.

Description: All right, here's a quick and easy one. The first letter of the alphabet is A, and the letter B comes after the letter A. However, the letter you need to worry about is the last one. What's the last letter of the alphabet? Here's a hint: it isn't Z.

  • Hint 1: Z isn't the answer. Though it might not seem like it, that's a very big hint.
  • Hint 2: The letter after P isn't Q. It's H.
  • Hint 3: Still nothing? Look at the title of this puzzle. It's all you really need to know.
PLatCV Puzzle 010us Solution.png
Answer: T. If it wasn't obvious to you, the question was asking about the last letter in the word "alphabet".

Puzzle 010[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 010eu.png
Name: Four Digits
Trigger: Tap the middle of the Bookcase
Location: Manor Foyer
Chapter: Between 1 and 2
Picarats: 30
Note: This Puzzle exist only in EU-Version.

Description: A, B, C and D are single-digit numbers. The following equations can all be made with these numbers.

  • A+C=D
  • A*B=C
  • C-B=B
  • A*4=D

Find the values of each digit and input your answer as a four-digit number, ABCD.

  • Hint 1: Two of the equations have D as their answer. Your starting point should be to compare these two equations.
  • Hint 2: A+C and A*4 both equal D. Since A*4 is the same as A+A+A+A, C must equal A*3.
  • Hint 3: C-B=B. This means that C=2*B. You also know from the second hint that C=3*A. Only one single-digit number is divisible by both 2 and 3. Find it and you've found the key to solving the puzzle.
PLatCV Puzzle 010eu Solution.png
Answer: Based on the hints above, C can only be 6. That means A is 2 and B is 3. using either equations involving D, we can easily work out that it represents 8.

Puzzle 011[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 011.png
Name: Arc and Line
Trigger: Talk to Simon
Location: Manor Parlor
Chapter: Between 1 and 2
Picarats: 20

Description: As shown in the diagram below, you have one-fourth of a circle. Within this circle is rectangle ABCD, which touches the edge of the circle at point D. Assuming that point B is located at the center of the circle, how long is diagonal line AC?

  • Hint 1: Surely somebody must have looked at the diagram and realized that the triangle formed by points A, B, and C is a right triangle. That's sharp thinking and exactly right. However, are you sure there isn't a much easier way to find the answer?
  • Hint 2: You don't need the Pythagorean theorem to answer this one. Something else in the diagram should be the exact same length as AC.
  • Hint 3: Notice that diagonal line AC within the rectangle is the same size as the diagonal line BD. Have you also noticed that BD is also the same length as another part of this diagram?
PLatCV Puzzle 011 Solution.png
Answer: 10. The diagonal line AC is the same length of BD, which is the radius of the circle.

Puzzle 012[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 012.png
Name: Make a Rectangle
Trigger: Talk to Gordon
Location: Manor Parlor
Chapter: Between 4 and 5
Picarats: 40

Description: If you want to cut the pieces of paper shown in Diagram 1 into two pieces and then reassemble them to form a rectangle, all you have to do is cut the paper as shown in Diagram 2. However, in order to assemble the pieces as shown in Diagram 2 you need to flip one of the pieces over before putting them together. Where should you cut the paper if you want to turn the paper in Diagram 1 into a rectangle without flipping either of your two pieces?

  • Hint 1: The example shape that the puzzle shows you (Diagram 2) isn't at all indicative of the shape you're looking for. Think about a totally different shape you'd like to try.
  • Hint 2: The paper has a total area of 15 squares. Since you're trying to assemble a rectangle, the only dimensions possible are 3x5 squares or 5x3 squares.
  • Hint 3: Look for a piece that can help you complete a rectangle that's five squares tall. Now that you know the height of your rectangle, you should be able to narrow down your options a little.
PLatCV Puzzle 012 Solution.png
Answer: Start by drawing a horizontal line one square down from the top on the left. Draw the line two blocks to the right (do not draw the line all the way to the edge of the paper). Now draw a vertical line from the end of the first line that goes down one square. This line should hit the edge of the paper. Look at the shapes created by these lines. You should end up with a shape made up of six blocks and a shape made up of nine. Hit SUBMIT.

Puzzle 013[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 013.png
Name: Sinking Ship
Trigger: Tap the Boat
Location: Manor Border
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 30

Description: SOS! Fifteen people are trapped aboard a ship that's going to sink in exactly 20 minutes. Their only chance for survival is the five-person life rat stowed on their vessel. To make matters worse, the waters around the ship are teeming with man-eating sharks, so swimming to safety is out of the question. A round trip to the nearest island and back to the boat takes nine minutes on the raft. How many people will live to see dry land?

  • Hint 1: In 20 minutes, the raft can make two round-trips to the boat. Where is that boat located after two trips to the island and back?
  • Hint 2: After two round-trips, the raft returns to the ship. At this point, 18 minutes have passed, but since the ship hasn't sunk yet, there's no reason the raft can't pick up a few more passengers. That's right, the raft has time to pick up three loads of passengers.
  • Hint 3: You now know that the raft has time to pick up three loads of passengers, so you're probably raring to answer. Just be careful, as there is one more trick to this puzzle that you might not have picked up on. It's sad to say, but not every passenger will make it off that ship alive.
PLatCV Puzzle 013 Solution.png
Answer: 13. There must always be one person maneuvering the boat, so only 4 new passengers can board during return trips.

Puzzle 014[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 014.png
Name: Which Chair?
Trigger: Tap the Brownish Chairs
Location: General Store
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 30

Description: A new multipurpose event hall has been built in the center of your town. It will be used for everything from concerts to sporting events to conventions. With the hall complete, its time to order the chairs. Five chair designs, labeled A through E, are being considered, but of all the designs, only one chair is completely suitable for the auditorium. Which chair is it?

  • Hint 1: As stated earlier, the hall is multipurpose. Don't you think that, depending on the size and nature of a day's event, the number of chairs needed will change?
  • Hint 2: When choosing chairs for the home or office, most people base their selection on comfort and other factors that affect what the chair is like when it's in use. But for this particular application, the most important aspect of this chair is what you can do with it when it's not in use.
  • Hint 3: Naturally, when a very large group of people are using the hall, a large number of chairs are necessary. But what about smaller events? When only a smaller number of chairs are needed, storing the extra chairs can turn into a big problem. Which chair makes storage the easiest?
PLatCV Puzzle 014 Solution.png
Answer: E. The chair's design makes it stackable, which makes it easier to store.

Puzzle 015[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 015.png
Name: How Many Are Left?
Trigger: Tap the Candle
Location: General Store
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 10

Description: Ten candles stand burning in a dining room. A strong breeze blows in through an open window and extinguishes two of them. Checking back in on the candles later, you see that one more candle has gone out. To make sure no more flames go out, you shut the window. Assuming the wind doesn't extinguish any more candles, how many candles do you have left in the end?

  • Hint 1: It may seem straightforward, but it wouldn't be a puzzle if there wasn't a trick to it. Read the problem over again. The problem want to know how many candles you "have left in the end."
  • Hint 2: The wind blows out two candles, and then shortly afterward blows out one more. So how many candles are extinguished? The candles that aren't extinguished by the wind continue to burn. What will happen to these candles if they are allowed to keep burning?
  • Hint 3: Think critically about what "have left in the end" really means. It means that an item continues to exist, doesn't it? So, what becomes of a burning candle when it's left alone?
PLatCV Puzzle 015 Solution.png
Answer: 3. The burning candles would have completely melted, leaving the three extinguished ones standing.

Puzzle 016[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 016.png
Name: Triangles and Ink
Trigger: Talk to Rodney
Location: Town Hall
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 40

Description: Here are two shapes, one large and one small. Each is made up of little triangles. Dipping your fountain pen into the ink, one time gives you just enough ink to draw four little triangles, as depicted by the shape on the left. So, with that in mind, how many times do you have to dip your pen in the ink in order to draw the shape on the right that's made up of 36 triangles?

  • Hint 1: To draw the smaller, four-triangle shape, you actually only need to draw three triangles. To see for yourself, trace the shape on the Touch Screen. Notice how the middle triangle (Triangle 3) in the shape is actually made up of the sides of the other triangles?
  • Hint 2: The puzzle describes the shape on the left as made of four triangles. However, you could also say that this same shape is made of three upward-pointing triangles. Try applying this way of thinking to the larger shape. Just how many triangles does it take to make this shape?
  • Hint 3: If you only count the number of upward-pointing triangles in the large triangle, you'll get a total of 21. You can draw three upward-pointing triangles with one dip into the ink, so....
PLatCV Puzzle 016 Solution.png
Answer: 7. As mentioned above, the four triangle arrangement is actually made up of three triangles. Subtracting all the downward-pointing triangles in the diagram and dividing the remaining triangles by 3 will give you the answer.

Puzzle 017[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 017.png
Name: Five-Card Shuffle
Trigger: Talk to Stachen
Location: Entrance
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 30

Description: Three of the four images shown below are the exact same picture rotated in a variety of ways. Can you find the odd one out?

  • Hint 1: The key to this puzzle is knowing where to look. The detail that distinguishes the one picture from the rest has something to do with the cards, that much is for sure. It's not the number of cards, though, because each picture has five cards.
  • Hint 2: Each card is marked with one of four suits, and each set of cards is oriented in a different direction. Try to track the relative shift in movement for every card in the picture.
  • Hint 3: Still stuck, huh? Here's a big hint. Look at how the cards are stacked on top of each other. Pay spectial attention to how each card overlaps with the middle card for your answer.
PLatCV Puzzle 017 Solution.png
Answer: D. The overlapping portions of both Clubs had been swapped.

Puzzle 018[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 018.png
Name: Of Dust and Dustpan
Trigger: Talk to Beatrice
Location: Inn
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 10

Description: As you can see, what we've got here is some trash and a dustpan made of matchsticks. Can you move two matchsticks to change the picture so the dustpan is holding the trash?

  • Hint 1: Can you see how the matchsticks form a dustpan? Notice that the scoop part is pointing up in the picture. To put the trash "in" the dustpan, you need to arrange the matches so that the trash is surrounded on three sides.
  • Hint 2: Let's just keep the match farthest to the left where it is. Keeping in mind that we need to surround the trash on three sides, the topmost match in the shape starts to look ripe for rearrangement, doesn't it? Now all you need to do is figure out which other match to move.
  • Hint 3: Move the match in the upper-right side of the dustpan and the match directly above the trash. It shouldn't be hard to determine where these need to go so that the dustpan looks like it's scooping up the trash.
PLatCV Puzzle 018 Solution.png
Answer: Four matchsticks make up the dustpan. They make up the two prongs, the handle, and the top of the dustpan. To solve this puzzle, we need to flip the dustpan upside down. First, move the horizontal toothpick to the left until it forms a corner with the bottom toothpick. Now, move the right prong to the left side of the garbage. The top of this toothpick should form a corner with the horizontal toothpick. The dustpan should now be facing downward. Hit SUBMIT.

Puzzle 019[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 019.png
Name: Parking Lot Gridlock (US) / Car Park Gridlock (EU)
Trigger: Tap the Laytonmobile
Location: Drawbridge
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 30

Description:The Laytonmobile, the Professor's pride and joy, is stuck behind several other cars trying to exit a crowded parking lot. Things are so tight, though, that each car can only move forward and backward with respect to the direction it's currently facing. Use your stylus to direct traffic and guide the professor's red car to the exit.

  • Hint 1: Just trying to clear the cars immediately in front of the professor's vehicle won't get you anywhere. Think about exactly what it is you'll need to do to clear a path to the lot exit.
  • Hint 2: Don't be afraid to take a step back to move ahead two steps. You may need to move some things into the way to get them out of the way in the end. When you're moving cars around, be sure to keep in mind each car's directional limitations.
  • Hint 3: To start, you'll need to move the two cars directly in front of the Laytonmobile. In order to do that, you'll first need to move the horizontally oriented car that sits right above those two vehicles. Once you've complete that task, move the Laytonmobile forward toward the exit. Then try to rearrange cars at the end of the lot opposite the exit.

Answer: This puzzle can be solved in 14 moves. First move the car above the car directly in front of the Laytonmobile to the right. Next move the car directly in front of the Laytonmobile up. Move the next car blocking the Laytonmobile's exit up. Move the Laytonmobile right. Now move the car in the bottom left corner up. This allows you to move the two horizontally oriented cars in the bottom-left to the left. Halfway there! Next move the car second-from-the-left on the top down. Move the Laytonmobile to the left. Now move the car in the middle of the top down. Of the two cars in the top-right corner, move only the lower car left. Move the two cars blocking the exit upwards, then move the Laytonmobile to the right.

Puzzle 020[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 020.png
Name: Unfriendly Neighbors (US) / Unfriendly Commute (EU)
Trigger: Talk to Pauly
Location: Park Road
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 50

Description:Draw a path between one man's home and his work by connecting matching blocks. The catch is that these men can't stand each other, so you have to make sure that none of the paths touch. To make a path, all you need to do is tap a block and start drawing.

  • Hint 1: You might think that this puzzle is impossible, but rest assured, it's not. The first thing you should try to do is connect any pair of blocks. That'll limit where your next path can go. B's route is shortest. Try enough times and you're sure to figure it out.
  • Hint 2: The path between the b blocks is a straight line. D goes around to the north.
  • Hint 3: As stated earlier, connect the pair of b blocks with a straight line. Then connect the d blocks by drawing a path that arcs up over the b block path. A goes south, then east. Got it now?
PLatCV Puzzle 020 Solution.png
Draw a line from the top B block straight down to the bottom B block.
Next, draw a line from the left D block that goes left, then straight up. Go all the way to the top of the streets, then head to the right. At the fourth intersection, turn downwards. At the third intersection, go right and connect the line to the D block.
Now draw a line from the right C block to the right, then down. At the third intersection, draw the line to the left. At the second intersection, continue down again for one street. Go left and connect to the C block.
Last, draw a line from the bottom A block that goes down, then all the way left. Go up, then turn right at the second intersection. Go up again at the second intersection, then left when you hit the wall. At the first intersection go up and connect to the A block.

Puzzle 021[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 021.png
Name: Pill Prescription
Trigger: Talk to Pauly
Location: Park Road
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 30

Description: A man has been prescribed 10 pills. Starting today, he must take one pill a day, but because the concentration of the medicine is different in each pill, he must take them in a specific order. Since the pills all look the same, the man has decided to write numbers on each pill to help him remember the order he needs to take them in. How many pills does he have to number if he wants to keep track of the order?

  • Hint 1: If the man wants to indicate the order in which he needs to take his pills, he just needs to write a number on each of the 10 pills. While that's true, the bare minimum of numbers he needs to write is fewer than 10. Think about how he can accomplish this.
  • Hint 2: When you have two visually identical items, you only need to mark one of them. Therefore, you don't need to mark each pill to tell them apart.
  • Hint 3: Keep in mind that the man must start taking his pills today. In fact, he's going to start by taking the pill right in front of him. If that's the case, does he really need to mark which pill he's going to take today?
PLatCV Puzzle 021 Solution.png
Answer: 8. He doesn't need to mark the pill he is about to take, nor does he need to mark the pill he takes by the tenth day, as there will only be one remaining.

Puzzle 022[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 022.png
Name: Pigpen Partitions
Trigger: Talk to Agnes
Location: Park Road
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 30

Description: Seven prizewinning pigs are lazing about in a pen. To make sure that the pigs don't fight with each other, you've decided to section off the pen with three ropes. Can you hitch the ropes up to some of the posts shown below and separate each pig from it's neighbor? Remember, not even a snout or curly tail can sneak over each partition!

  • Hint 1: Since you have seven pigs to separate and only three ropes, it's pretty much a given that the ropes will have to overlap in places. Go ahead and hitch the ropes up a couple of times. You might just find the answer.
  • Hint 2: Look at how the seven pigs are arranged. Do you see the one pig in the middle? In order to separate him from the other pigs, you're going to have to surround him with rope on all sides. Your three ropes need to be arranged in such a way that they surround and isolate the middle pig.
  • Hint 3: Arrange your three ropes so that the little pig in the middle is surrounded completely. Next, look at how your ropes are laid out. You need to keep the middle pig surrounded, but you also need to separate the other pigs. There aren't many configurations that will satisfy those conditions, so you should have an answer before you know it.
PLatCV Puzzle 022 Solution.png
Answer: See the pig in the upper-left corner? Attach a rope to the post directly above his head. Connect this rope to the post to the bottom-right of the pig on the bottom. Now connect a rope to the post left of the pig in the upper-left corner. This rope will stretch straight across to the post on the right of the upper-right corner pig. Last, Attach a rope to the post above the pig in the upper-right corner. This rope will attach to the post directly left of the middle-bottom pig. Make sure no pigs are crossing the rope lines. Adjust if you need to, and hit SUBMIT.

Puzzle 023[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 023.png
Name: Juice Pitchers
Trigger: Talk to Crouton
Location: Restaurant
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 40

Description: Here we have an eight-quart pitcher filled with juice, an empty five-quart pitcher, and an empty three-quart pitcher. The pitchers are unmarked, and your task is to divide the eight quarts of juice so that both the five-quart pitcher and the eight-quart pitcher are each holding exactly four quarts.

  • Hint 1: This puzzle can be frustrating because it's easy to end up back where you started. Pay special attention to difference, particularly the one-quart difference between five quarts and four quarts.
  • Hint 2: If you pour the contents of the five-quart pitcher into the three-quart pitcher, you are left with two quarts. If you're aiming to isolate four quarts, you just need to remove one quart from five. To get that one quart, you just need to create a single quart's worth of space in another pitcher.
  • Hint 3: If you pour the contents of the five-quart pitcher into the three-quart pitcher, you are left with two quarts, Next, empty the three-quart pitcher and pour in the two quarts you had stored in the five-quart pitcher. Well, look at that! How many quarts worth of space do you have left in that three-quart pitcher now?

Answer: This can be done in seven moves. You start out with liquid in cup 8 (8,0,0). Pour cup 8 into cup 5 (3,5,0). Pour cup 5 into 3 (3,2,3). Pour 3 into 8 (6,2,0), then 5 into 3 (6,0,2). Next, pour 8 into 5 (1,5,2), followed by 5 into 3 (1,4,3). Last, pour 3 into 8 (4,4,0).

Puzzle 024[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 024.png
Name: Milk Pitchers
Trigger: Talk to Crouton
Location: Restaurant
Chapter: 3
Picarats: 50

Description: On the counter we have a 10-quart pitcher full of milk, an empty seven-quart pitcher, and an empty three-quart pitcher. The pitchers are unmarked, and your task is to divide the 10 quarts of milk so that both the 10 quart pitcher and the seven-quart pitcher are each holding exactly five quarts.

  • Hint 1: You can use the same strategy you used for the juice puzzle on this puzzle. Simply shifting some milk over to one of the smaller pitchers won't get you the five quarts you need. Pay attention to what remains when you pour some milk into the smallest pitcher.
  • Hint 2: Pour milk from the 10-quart pitcher into the seven-quart pitcher. Then take the contents of that pitcher and pour what you can into the three-quart pitcher. This leaves you with four quarts in the seven-quart pitcher. After that, return the contents of the three-quart pitcher to the 10-quart pitcher and refill the smallest pitcher using the seven-quart pitcher. This should leave you with one quart in the seven-quart pitcher. Next...
  • Hint 3: Now you should have one quart left in your seven-quart pitcher. Empty the contents of your smallest pitcher into the 10-quart pitcher, then pour the one quart into the smallest pitcher. You should now have nine quarts left in your 10-quart pitcher, so pour seven of them into the middle pitcher. Next, take your newly filled seven-quart pitcher and pour the milk into your three-quart pitcher. You should already have one quart in the small pitcher, so...

Answer: This puzzle takes nine steps. You start with ten quarts in the 10-quart pitcher and nothing in the 7 and 3 quart pitchers (10,0,0). Pour 10 into 7 (3,7,0). Next, pour 7 into 3 (3,4,3). Then pour 3 into 10 (6,4,0), followed by 7 into 3 (6,1,3). Again pour 3 into 10 (9,1,0), followed by 7 into 3 (9,0,1). Next comes 10 into 7 (2,7,1), then 7 into 3 (2,5,3). Last, pour 3 into 10 (5,5,0).

Puzzle 025[edit]

PLatCV Puzzle 025.png
Name: Equilateral Triangle
Trigger: Talk to Flick
Location: Restaurant
Chapter: 2
Picarats: 25

Description: In the drawing below, 10 coins are arranged to form an equilateral triangle. The triangle is pointing up right now, but can you get it to point down by moving three of the coins?

  • Hint 1: If you flipped the position of the base and the top rows of the triangle, the triangle would point the opposite direction. But moving the top rows of the triangle requires you to move six coins. Why don't you try to move the base row?
  • Hint 2: You don't really think it's impossible to flip the triangle by moving three coins, do you?! Come on now! Think about it. You can only move three coins. You're dealing with a three-sided shape. This couldn't be a coincidence, now could it?
  • Hint 3: There are three corners on a triangle. Since the triangle pictured here is pointing upward, only one corner points upward. The other two corners point downward. You are trying to reverse the direction of the triangle, so why not focus on rearranging the corners?
PLatCV Puzzle 025 Solution.png
Answer: Take the topmost coin. Put it to the immediate right of the two-coin row. Take the bottom-left corner coin. Put it to the immediate left of the original two-coin row. Last, take the bottom-right corner coin. Place it below the bottom row, in the middle of the remaining two coins. Hit SUBMIT.