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PLatCV chapter 09.png

Chapter Goal: A path to the tower has been found. Scale the tower and solve all the mysteries of St. Mystere.

Along with the start of Chapter 9 comes the Journal Entry PLatCV Journal.png "The Path Opens."

Move north.

Tower Entrance[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Mold on the Right

You need to have solved at least 75 puzzles to open the tower door. If you are short a few puzzles, visit Granny Riddleton's shack in the Plaza to try some unsolved puzzles, or talk to the citizens of St. Mystere to find puzzles you may have missed.

If you have solved the required amount of puzzles, tap on the door and enter the tower.

The room is in such bad condition that the floor falls out from under you! Luke and Layton automatically fall to the basement.

Tower Basement[edit]

PLatCV Screen 06.png
Hint Coins In:
  1. The Space below the Red Switchboard

Before you head upstairs, tap on the notebook on the right side of the screen. It seems the notes that you have been finding around St. Mystere are from this notebook.

Move onto the stairs. Before you can get too far, Bruno stops you and questions your purpose in coming to the tower. When you tell Bruno that you are only here to search for the Golden Apple, his whole demeanor changes. He says the Golden Apple is on the top floor.

Before you head to the top, however, Bruno spills some secrets about St. Mystere. All of the villagers are robots! This information solves both the "Cog Discovery" mystery and the "Abductions" mystery. The Journal Entry PLatCV Journal.png "Climbing the Tower" also appears.

Tower Floor 1[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Barrels on the Left

It's time to start the climb up the tower.

Tap on the gate on the left to trigger Puzzle 094. You must solve this puzzle to advance the game. After you have completed the puzzle, Luke and Layton discuss the stolen drawbridge crank. Layton provides an explanation and the "Crank" mystery is solved!

Head upstairs.

Tower Floor 2[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Pile in the Back

Tap on the question mark to trigger Puzzle 095. After you solve it, Professor Layton will reveal the identity of Beatrice's other inn occupant.

Keep moving upstairs.

Tower Floor 3[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Unlit Candle on the Right

Talk to Pavel. He is still lost, but he has time to present you with Puzzle 096.

Head upstairs.

Tower Floor 4[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Hole at the Bottom of the Wall

Tap on the question mark to trigger Puzzle 097. Once you solve it, Layton will explain Simon's disappearance and the origin of the mysterious noises. The mysteries "Ramon" and "Rumbling Tower" are solved!

Keep moving forward.

Tower Floor 5[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. Tap Under the Bench in the Back/Left

Talk to Martha. She has a puzzle for you, of course! Solve Puzzle 098, then walk forward.

Tower Floor 6[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Window above Layton's Head

Tap on the question mark to trigger Puzzle 099. After you solve it, Layton will explain Lady Dahlia's resemblance to Lady Violet. The "Lady Dahlia" mystery is solved!

Head through the door with the question mark.

Tower Floor 7[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Middle of the Path toward the Back

Tap on the green question mark to trigger the last puzzle, Puzzle 100! Solve it to progress to the top of the tower.

Spiral Staircase[edit]

PLatCV chapter 09s.png
Hint Coins In:
  1. The 3rd Lamp for the Left

Grab the hint coin, then head upstairs.

Once you have reached the top floor, the mists clear and you can see a charming little cottage! Who could possibly live here?

Chapter 9 ends with this discovery.

Tower Top Floor[edit]

Hint Coins In:
  1. The Middle of the Garden

When you tap on the door of the cottage, the game will ask you whether you want to "Continue into the house," or "Return to the village to explore more." If you still have puzzles to solve, you might want to head back to the village.

If you are ready to solve the last mysteries, select Continue. Now sit back and enjoy the cinema scenes!

Afterward, the "Noise" mystery is explained and subsequently solved.

Manor Foyer[edit]

PLatCV End.png

You will end up in the Manor Foyer, where Layton asks you to touch the spot on the Flora painting where the Golden Apple is hidden. Touch just below Flora's left shoulder (the shoulder on the right of the screen). Another cinema scene will occur, and the mystery of the Golden Apple will be solved!

Congratulations! You have solved all the Mysteries!

The Journal Entries PLatCV Journal.png "The Real Golden Apple" and PLatCV Journal.png "The Fortune's Location" appear the next time you play Professor Layton from your completed save file.


For more puzzling fun, restart the DS, then select Bonuses on the Main Menu. In the Bonus section, select Layton's Challenges. There are fifteen puzzles here to solve!

  • The Inventor's House unlocks when you have found all of the Gizmos.
  • The Art Decorator's House unlocks when you have found all the inn items and arranged Layton and Luke's rooms to their satisfaction.
  • The Art Lover's House unlocks when you have collected all the painting scraps and put the painting back together.
  • The Golden Apple's House unlocks when you have completed the game.
  • The Puzzle Master's House unlocks when you have solved all of the other puzzles in the game, including the bonus puzzles.