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Baron Augustus Reinhold[edit]

PLatCV Profil Augustus Reinhold.png

He died some time ago. In his will state that who find the Golden Apple will receive his fortune.


The late Baron Reinhold created St Mystere and all its inhabitants for his daughter Flora. His love for Flora was so great, he devised an elaborate scheme to ensure that she wouldn't be alone after his death.

Lady Dahlia[edit]

PLatCV Profil Lady Dahlia.png

Lady Dahlia is the late wife of Baron Reinhold. She is the employer of Layton and Luke. She loves her cat Claudia like a child. After all, she's never had any of her own.


Lady Dahlia is a robot created to be an exact replica of Flora's mother, Viola. She's bossy and haughty, but she also has a hidden sweetness that shows itself when she deals with Flora.


PLatCV Profil Flora.png

She is the daughter of Baron Augustus Reinhold, but where is she?


The only daughter of a vastly wealthy family, Flora is the mysterious girl who has been running around the village. She lost her mother as a small child and was raised by her father, Baron Augustus Reinhold.


PLatCV Profil Matthew.png

The butler of Reinhold Manor can usually be found in the Manor Foyer. He is very accommodating, and knows all about the Reinhold Family's history.


The oldest of Bruno's robots, Matthew has faithfully served the Reinholds as their butler for many years. Perhaps because of his kind and mild nature, however, he often gets the brunt of Lady Dahlia's bossiness.


PLatCV Profil Ramon.png

The big, purple lipped servant of Reinhold Manor.

Though employed by the Reinhold family, Ramon prefers bunking off at the village restaurant to actually working. Most people know Ramon as "that man with the creepy purple lips".


PLatCV Profil Gordon.png

The late Baron's rotund brother. Gordon's greatest wish is to find a wife.

Though wealthy, Gordon is extremely preoccupied with his finances. Maybe it's because of his frugal nature that he just can't seem to attract many interested ladies, something else frets about constantly.


PLatCV Profil Simon.png

The nephew of the late Baron. His father is the brother of both Gordon and Augustus Reinhold. His mannerisms are quite snobby.


Needing maintenance, Simon collapses, leading all to believe that he's been murdered. Don Paolo finds his body and hides it. Later, however, Bruno finds Simon and restores him to working order.


PLatCV Profil Claudia.png

Lady Dahlia's white cat. He is an unfriendly cat who gets scared easily by loud noises.

The fluffy little cat may have a delicate name, but the shocking truth is that she is actually a he. He usually stays close to Dahlia, but he has been known to slip away and tear up the fish stand to relieve a little stress.

Inspector Chelmey[edit]

PLatCV Profil Inspector Chelmey.png

He says he dislikes sweets but in a newspaper article they show him eating sweets...strange.

A member of the police force, Inspector Chelmey is uncompromising and stubborn. While shorttempered, his skill as a lawman is unrivalled, and he is feared by criminals all over the London area.