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Map of Naboo: Plains
  1. This command post is behind the shield, and is usually the last one you take.
  2. There are no vehicles at this command post, but it offers a shorter walk to the battle.
  3. Enemy command post, there's nothing here except 3 turrets. The best way to take it is with an AAT.
  4. This is the "bloodbath" of this map; units coming from all 4 sides make for a nice introduction to the nitty-gritty part of Battlefront.
  5. Your home base. With 3 AATs, 2 speeders, and 4 turrets, this place is invincible.


  • Your faction: CIS
    • Easy reinforcements: 200
  • Opposing army: Native (Gungan)
    • Easy reinforcements: 200
  • Vehicles on map: CIS: AAT, Droid speeder, Kaadu
  • Jedi hero: none


The secondary objective in this map is to take down the shield by destroying the shield generators (yellow diamonds). This is easily accomplished by driving an AAT through the shield and unloading into the animals holding the generators. But it's not necessary to do that. You can beat this level any way you want; it's almost impossible to lose on Easy or Normal.

To get the most kills, pilot one of your team's AATs (5); to capture command posts, a simple droid soldier will do the job. The map is too big and the enemies are too few to justify playing the Droid Demolitions. There's nowhere to snipe from, and not enough firepower against you to need to regenerate vehicle health.

Note: You do not get to use Super Battle Droids or Droidekas in this level. Don't worry, it's easy enough that you won't need them.