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This section is a basic outline of the weapons in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Primary weapons[edit]

  • The blaster rifle is carried by all basic infantry units in some form or other. Depending on the unit, the clip may contain from 50-60 rounds. Fire this weapon in short controlled bursts of about 5 rounds or so, as firing continuously decreases the accuracy of the rifle.
  • The missile launcher is carried by anti-vehicle units. It does a substantial amount of damage, but is really only good for large maps with many vehicles or turrets. However, it is easiest to kill invincible Jedi heroes by blasting them off an edge with a rocket launcher. In addition, the rocket launcher is effective in clearing command posts, blasting pesky enemies, providing cover fire, and blasting away NPCs who would normally be tough to kill with other weapons (e.g. Gammoreans).
  • The sniper rifle is carried by sniping units. Republic and Empire snipers have a 6-round clip and a scope that can magnify one time, while the rifles from the CIS and the Rebellion have a 5-round clip and a twice-magnifying scope. Either way, the blast is fast and takes barely any time to hit the enemy. However, its small clip and slow firing rate makes it unsuitable in close fighting, except for providing cover fire.
  • The blast cannon is carried by Imperial Dark Troopers and Rebellion pilots. It has a shotgun-like style, and shoots out 5 or 6 rounds simultaneously, depending on the unit. It is useful in short-range, but its use is diminished for farther distances, except for hitting multiple targets at once.
  • The mortar launcher is carried by Imperial pilots. It fires a grenade in an arc that explodes on contact. It is quite powerful, but it can be sort of difficult to aim. With a little practice, it can be used to devastating effect on the move.
  • The radiation launcher is carried by CIS pilot droids. It is very similar to the mortar launcher, but fires a green burst of radiation that is quite effective. Like the mortar launcher, it fires in sort of an arc.
  • The DN bolt caster is carried by clone pilots. It is almost useless when uncharged, as it is slow and takes three uncharged shots. When charged, it may destroy a droid at close range, but after firing, it has a 3-second charge up that renders it inefficient.
  • The Wookiee bowcaster is carried only by Wookiee smugglers. It fires a green bolt with a moderate speed, but the best way to use it is to charge it up and release a lot of bolts at your opponent. At close range, you may be able to kill two stormtroopers simultaneously with this weapon when charge.
  • The EMP launcher is carried by the Jet Trooper of the Republic. It is powerful and discharges an EMP blast. It can kill a droid with one shot, and has some limited splash damage. However, it only has 2 shots with one clip, so use it wisely.
  • The repeating blasters are the only weapons of the Droideka. They are charge-powered, but can fire extremely rapidly. In addition, it's quite energy efficient, and is often the weapon of choice for slaughtering loads of clones.
  • The grenade launcher is carried by the Rebellion's Wookiee Smugglers. It launches a grenade that takes about 3 seconds to detonate. Because of this, you may want to accordingly time your shot position.

Secondary items[edit]

These items are carried in the unit's secondary slot.

  • Pistols are carried by all units in some form or another except in Wookiee smugglers and Droidekas. They are charge-powered, and aren't very powerful, but they work in a pinch (i.e. when you have no ammo left). Unlike blaster rifles, pistols never become inaccurate after a specific amount of blaster fire, so they are great for mid to long range.
  • Thermal detonators are basically grenades. They are red, and do splash damage. A well-placed grenade can clear out a heavily populated command post in no time, so chuck these often. Make sure you don't kill your team mates as well.
  • Concussion grenades are only carried by the basic infantry units. Their main purpose is to be used against vehicles and turrets, as they stick on to them. They have a yellow blast, and does the same damage as a missile.
  • Wrist rockets are only carried by Super Battle Droids in place of grenades. They fire a rocket from their wrist blasters that is best suited for eliminating the few stragglers around a badly-guarded command post. Also, it can be used for vehicles and turrets.
  • Tri-shot are only carried by Super Battle Droids in place of the pistol. It fires 3 bullets in a triangle shape and is primarily used as a shotgun.
  • Mines are carried by anti-vehicle units. Place them in strategic, out-of-sight regions to guard your command posts. You only carry four at a time, so place wisely.
  • Recon droids are special droids carried by sniper units. When deployed, the player takes the recon droid's perspective. The droid has a weak, charging blaster, but its value lies in its ability to trigger an airstrike. By pressing and holding the secondary fire button, the droid makes 4 beeps, at the end of which triggers a large airstrike. It's useful for clearing out command posts, and made even more useful by the fact that the enemy will not fire at them. Once the droid is killed, it reverts back to the sniper's perspective. The droid automatically dies if the sniper is killed. Be careful that you don't trigger an airstrike near your sniper, lest you want to commit suicide. In addition, recon droids can't jump, so don't go into places where you can't jump back out. They can also fire regularly but it is usually ineffective.
  • The fusion-cutter is carried by pilot units. It can be used to repair vehicles, droids, and turrets, and also to build droids and turrets. If you've been riding in your X-Wing and you suffer too much damage (you can tell when it starts smoking and sparking), land in a secure area and heal it with your fusion-cutter.
  • The ammo-health dispenser is carried by pilot units. It consists of a bacta tank and an ammo canister. If you see one of your cronies in poor health, or you are in poor health or ammo, toss some. You only have 5 dispenses, so use it wisely.
  • Time bombs are carried by Wookiee Smugglers. It has a 10-second fuse (unlike in the sequel where it has a 5-second fuse), but it isn't very useful unless you anticipate your enemies coming there five seconds later. It is useful against turrets and vehicles, especially turrets since the cpu loves to use turrets.
  • Shields are for Droidekas only. They can take a sizeable amount of damage before powering down, but you'll want to keep them down until you see combat. Another reason is that they power down gradually, so you'll want to conserve energy.


Items can be picked up from dispensing pilots, or from dead bodies.

  • Ammo canisters are rectangular canisters with a red marking. They give you ammo, one of each.
  • Bacta tanks are cylindrical canisters with some blue liquid in them. They give you a small amount of health. If you grab multiple tanks, though, they can really add up.