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Header should have better navigation

We should add forward/back links in the header navs. It's quite an annoyance to either scroll to the bottom of the page to click next, or spend two clicks (the second click requiring concentration on what link to click). It's makes checking consistency between pages a pain in the ass. Teddy(talk) 01:42, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

Dana MC here!

Thanks for adding my Game Play Tips for Lady Bug! I thought I did add them to the main Game Play page, but I guess I didn't. I copied and paste them to that section and is now an official part of the WalkThrough section under the Topics list. So I guess it can be taken off the Talk section. I've been playing this game for years now and I still do on the old-school ,multi-game system ULTRACADE. My highest score is around 350,000 points (Level 24), so I consider myself a bit of an EXPERT on this game. This game is nearly 30 years old and a perceived Pac-Man clone, but let me tell you, it is still a damn good game to play and I recommend it to all you new-schoolers out there. Hey, I like the new stuff too at 40 years old, but nothing beats a good re-education with games I grew up on. Lady Bug is a highly recommended good start. Thanks a bunch. Any more tips I have will certainly be added.—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Dana_MC (talkcontribs) 20:28, 1 June 2010 (UTC).