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Game Boy Advance information needed

Does anyone know if it is still being made? I havent seen the handheld for sale for quite a while. No games have been made for it in a while either. I think we need to update the category for it (seen here: Category:Game Boy Advance). I did some searching, but I can't find an exact year for when production stopped on the handheld (as well as it's newer models: Micro and SP). The information in the category should be updated as soon as possible, as it's probably not accurate currently. RobJ1981 20:49, 10 June 2009 (UTC)

The last ones made were the Micros to my knowledge (only 2 models). They started focusing on the DS since they could also play GBA games. (Zaiqukaj has a history of buying too many Game Boys and normally keeps an eye on whats available at the stores.) --Zaiqukaj 04:26, 11 June 2009 (UTC)
Old product. Copyright on lists 2006 as the expiration (bottom of the page), but that's not a good indicator of the actual end of production. --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 04:42, 12 June 2009 (UTC)

Popular Wii guides.

I looked at it a thousand times and for some reason, Dead Rising is part of it. I don't know if you agree with me and if I'm not clear, when you click the Wii category at the beginning, the popular guides goes from 10 to 1. To me it doesn't fit in because Dead Rising is a fair game but I'm not sure if we should still keep it and expect people to go to that guide for help. I mean I loved to rework it but really, the only thing I would challenge myself is changing times. With The Conduit coming and more games coming, I just need clarity about Dead Rising and at least know what makes that as a popular guide. If I want to keep Dead Rising, I would work towards Wii players who never played this game before for help. It might be a topic not worth discussing but I do like to know what you guys think about it anyway because I'm still thinking about it and I wouldn't give a go ahead if I want to offend people who likes Dead Rising. Johnnyauau2000 07:08, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

The popular guides listing is automatically generated by the server. The results are based on how many people go to a certain guide. Therefore, if more people go to a guide, it literally is more popular than a different guide. We don't choose them, readers do (but it really comes down to popularity versus guide completion; if a guide isn't complete, people won't tell others to read it). --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 08:17, 17 June 2009 (UTC)
Dead Rising is on the top 10 is because the view counts are not divided by system; a title's position will not necessarily reflect its popularity on that specific system. The totals also do not reset over time, which means that heavily-viewed games that have become less popular will not drop away until other guides surpass their overall view counts. Despite these limitations the most popular games for each system tend to occupy at least the top few positions, so it works quite well. Completion stage 0 and 1 are excluded; these may be commonly searched for but have little or no useful content and so are not something that is worth advertising to visitors. GarrettTalk 08:33, 17 June 2009 (UTC)
Ok. That's all I needed to know. I guess every kind of system is different so ok. Johnnyauau2000 10:54, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

Run Saber naming

Alright, so I can't decide which form of the name to use. There is a SNES game that was produced by Atlus Co.; GameFAQs and IGN, Wikipedia, and MobyGames list it as "Run Saber." However, the name in the art is:
At the start of the game, there's an initial credits screen that says "RUNSABER TM" without a space. The word Saber refers to the origin of the main characters, who are robots created under Project: Saber. Therefore, the title may be a command (Run Saber, run...). So which is it?

  1. Run Saber
  2. RunSaber
  4. Run-Saber

--Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 06:55, 18 June 2009 (UTC)

With the kind of consensus you've mentioned (GF, IGN, WP, and MG), it really only makes sense to go with #1. It's clearly two distinct words, so 2 and 3 don't apply, and there's no dash in the title anywhere, so 4 is out. So I would stick with #1. Procyon 20:38, 18 June 2009 (UTC)

Longer Chart

I don't know if this is the place to ask this question- but I am wondering about the Charts used in Wiki. I see the prettytable can be used, but there are not enough cells across and down for me to put in all the info I need to put in. I am new to using charts and looked at the Charts Help area and still couldn't understand how to make a chart big enough for what I need. I need up to 4 cells across and at least 20 cells going down. Could you please help me with this? Thank you! --{Carrieo2guns}

You can use as many rows and colums as you want. As far as I know, there isn't a limit, just if you have too many going across (though it would have to be, like, a hundred) then the writing wouldn't fit in. So yours will work. --Melon247 Hammy, my hamster. Cute! (talk · contribs · comp) 15:59, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

You can use the following as a template. Each row is separated by a "|-", so to add a new row, just add a line containing "|-". The "|" in front of each line is a new column within that row.

{| {{prettytable}}

That generates the following:

1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4
2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4
3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4

Hope this helps!--DukeRuckleyTalk | Contribs 20:00, 22 June 2009 (UTC)

My runescape guide?

Hey!! I just got questioned on my runescape guide, and okay i can put it in third person "smart like" for you (Though, I don't sound it when I type, i know lol). I did at first to be quite honest (I read through wiki alot) til I started to edit it then I went a little crazy. Anyway. There was an update not to long ago on runescape, called the Chaos Tunnels. The runescape table of contents does not have this yet. It will fit perfect under guides. "Chaos Tunnels Guide" I will also Gladly write another contribution, about everything one needs to know on the chaos tunnels. Write back asap :) *Watching page* I was also asked what to name it. Well, if you do put up another guide name "Chaos Tunnels Guide" the name of my green dragons report thing could be changed to "Green Dragons" --Stephypooface 15:56, 25 June 2009 (UTC)

Feel free to add the page, RuneScape/Chaos Tunnels. --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 08:06, 26 June 2009 (UTC)

Problem with Category:MySims

It has MySims as a subcategory, and it's also categorized with MySims at the bottom of the page, which shouldn't be happening. Anyone know what the problem is? I looked at other series categories, and didn't see it happening with those. RobJ1981 07:27, 28 June 2009 (UTC)

It's becuase of the MySims template, which puts the category on the page it's on. So we either have to remove the category from the template and do it manually or just have the series in it's own category (I think the first one sounds better, don't you? ;)) --Melon247 Hammy, my hamster. Cute! (talk · contribs · comp) 08:33, 28 June 2009 (UTC)
Series templates should not categorize pages they are placed on. Since they only reside on the main page of a guide anyways, the guide's infobox should be able to sufficiently categorize it using the series parameter. --Notmyhandle (talk contribs) 09:19, 28 June 2009 (UTC)


In Mechquest there are hundreds of mechas so how do you add alpabetical lists to the page? Chalkwriter 13:08, 28 June 2009 (UTC)

{{prettytable|sortable=1}} allows for a sorted list. There's additional things to note with sorting tables as described in Template:Prettytable/Documentation. --Sigma 7 15:12, 28 June 2009 (UTC)