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Search for the Toad Brigade Captain[edit]

First planet

You start out in a large watery area with a ? Coin in the tree off to the side and a 1-Up mushroom under the wooden ramp going down into the water. Watch out for the Flaptacks in this area; let them get above you so their shadow stops moving, then move out of the way and run into them when they slam into the ground. Head around behind the big tree and you'll find a green warp pipe that will take you to a time coin challenge. Grab the ? coin and quickly gather the coins that appear. There are three coin patterns and you get a 1-Up each time you get all the coins in a pattern. If you don't get an early pattern, the next one won't appear. The first pattern is a square, followed by a larger circle, then a large square with a column of coins in the center. Just keep running in the same clockwise or counterclockwise direction the whole time, adjusting your path for new patterns. After completing the large square in the last patter, hurry over to the column and do a backflip at the bottom to collect them all. When you're done, take the warp pipe back up to the top of the planet.

This Galaxy introduces the Cloud Flower, which lets you create three clouds by spinning. While you have cloud powers you can stand on clouds without falling through them and your jumps are a little more floaty. Even after using up your three clouds, you'll still be Cloud Mario and can walk on clouds, although any time you touch water or get hit you'll lose the power-up. Make your way up to the platforms with a Flaptack and an Elite Octoomba. As Cloud Mario, take the clouds up to the right to the grassy area above. Here you'll find a ? square full of coins and a checkpoint flag. You can continue this way or long jump over to the top of the tree in the lower area where you'll find a Launch Star to a large cloud above. On the cloud is a Hungry Luma who wants 100 coins and a ? Coin that will release more coins for you to collect. If you've done all the coin collecting you can do up until this point, you'll have enough to transform the Luma into another planet where you can get the hidden star.

From the checkpoint flag, long jump across the clouds to the next area and wall jump up the chute to the Launch Star.

Second planet
Comet Medal
After collecting the star pieces and getting rid of the Cosmic Clones, backflip and spin to get the Comet Medal.

On this watery planet you'll need to collect the five star pieces scattered around while being chased by Cosmic Clones. It's pretty easy, just don't backtrack or stop and if you miss a star piece just keep going and get it when you come around the planet again. The Comet Medal is also here, at the top of a column of coins. When you've collected all the star pieces, the Launch Star will appear on the wooden platform.

Third planet

Here's you'll find a checkpoint and a Flaptack guarding the path by a Cloud Flower. Deal with the Flapjack and grab the power-up, then proceed to the right past the square stones that push out of the wall. Get on the cloud above the grassy platform and use it to jump up and create a cloud to get you on top of the higher stone block where a 1-Up mushroom is waiting for you. At the top of the cliff above, you'll find an Elite Octoomba and some Piranha Plants along with another Cloud Flower and a swing. Use the swing to get to the treetop and go up one more treetop to the Toad Brigade Captain next to a wooden bridge some cloud platforms. From the leftmost cloud platform you can jump off to the left and create clouds to get to a large cloud with a 1-Up mushroom and another Cloud Flower on it. Eventually you'll want to go to the area across from the Toad Brigade Captain and use your clouds to get to the top of the hill where you'll talk to The Chimp, who will give you a Power Star.

The Chimp's Stomp Challenge[edit]

Note: This star only becomes available after you receive a letter from The Chimp.

The Chimp invites you back to the galaxy to take part in a stomp challenge where you will need to rack up 10,000 points in the 120 second time limit. You can collect coins and stomp enemies for 100 apiece, but you'll want to make sure you pick up all the ? Coins and mushrooms, which are worth 1,000. You can improve your score for stomping enemies by stringing together stomps without touching the ground. You'll get 200 points for a second stomp and 300 points for every stomp thereafter. There is a ? Coin in the tree next to where you start and there are 1-Up mushrooms under the wooden ramp where you start, at the top of a tree in the upper area and on top of the large tree in the bottom area (long jump from the upper area to get there). There is also a Life mushroom behind the large tree. Just getting these five items will get you halfway to the score you need. If you get 10,000 or more points you'll get the Power Star, otherwise you lose a life and the challenge restarts.

Start out by going down the ramp stomping the Octoombas and then into the Goomba pen, then collect all the coins. This will get you over 3,000 points just to start. Next, head over to the tree and get the ? Coin and the coins it drops for another 1,800 points, then the mushroom under the ramp and the one behind the large tree for another 2,000. From there take the Launch Star up to the platforms with the Octoombas, Goombas and Elite Octoombas and do the best you can there. When you launch up to the top level you should have at least 7,000, which means after the remaining two 1-Up mushrooms you only need to collect 1,000 more points from stomps and coins and you have plenty of time left on the clock. Do you best on the groups of Octoombas up there and maybe grab the ? square for some more easy coins. If you're not doing so well, just stop stomping and coin collecting when you hit 8,000 points and then grab the mushroom up in the tree and long jump over to the other one on top of the large tree.

Every Planet Has Its Price (Hidden Star)[edit]

In the first star, collect 100 coins and feed them to the Hungry Luma you can launch to from the top of the large tree. The Luma transforms into a new planet you can launch to with the pink Launch Star. The new planet has a triangular wall with will clouds and platforms in front of it. There is a 1-Up on on the right side of the wall when you're going up, but you can choose any path to get up. There's really no way to die here, so just take your time and don't be afraid to make some clouds as there are plenty of Cloud Flowers on the way up. Eventually you'll want to get on the cloud platform going up on the left, then use your clouds to get on top of the spinning wheels to get to higher platforms. At the top, jump off the last spinning wheel and make clouds to get to the star at the pinnacle of the triangle.

Green Stars[edit]

You will be able to hear the first Green Star right when you get to the galaxy and when you move you can see its shadow in the center of the dirt where you were. Go grab a Cloud Flower and use it to get up to the Green Star with backflips. You can see the second Green by going into first-person view with Up dpad and looking at the cliff above to the left of the upper area. You can either use backflips and your clouds to get to it from below where the Whittle in the water is, or you can jump to it from the large cloud above where the Hungry Luma was. At the end of the level at the cloud platforms right before you get to The Chimp, you can see the third Green Star from the leftmost cloud platform. It's to the left and in front of you on top of a hill. Use your clouds to jump over to it.