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The Sweetest Silver Stars[edit]

First planet

Go up the path to the right and grab the Bee Mushroom so you can fly up to the ledge above. From there crawl along the honeycombs on the wall up to where you can fly up to the swing. Use the swing to get over to the next section with some water and a couple Octoguys. The green warp pipe in the water goes down to a room with three Chance Cubes you can spin and in the lower section with the other Octoguy, you'll find a 1-Up Mushroom in the corner. When you're ready to leave the area, just fly to the jump flower in the upper right from the platform with the Bee Mushroom on it, then spin on it and you'll be flung up to a swing you can jump off to get reach the honeycombs on the wall. Head up the wall and fly over or under the Choppah to the platform with the Bee Mushroom on it. Past the Bee Mushroom you'll need to avoid the water rolling toward you. Go up a couple more ledges jumping over the water, then fly over the Choppah at the top to the clouds. Spin the Floaty Fluff and jump on to it to fly down to the other planet.

Second planet
Comet Medal
On the right side of the planet, wall jump up the chutes to find the Comet Medal.

Grab the checkpoint on one of the platforms in the water, then start looking around for the five Silver Stars. Watch out for Octoguys, Octoombas and Flipbugs that will attack when you're in Bee form. You can grab a Life Mushroom in the beginning area above the big purple flower. Start out by heading over to the two water spouts on the wall below the Silver Star next to the fling flower. When the water isn't shooting up, fly up and grab the Silver Star and continue heading to the right. Go ahead and drop into the water and take the steps behind the fling flower down and around to an area with three Octoguys. Behind them is a chute you can wall jump up for another Silver Star and the Comet Medal. At the bottom of the second chute with the Comet Medal in it, jump over to the platform with the sleeping bee on the left and go around to collect the Silver Star below the two spouts dropping water bubbles. Cross over to the next section and take out the Octoguy, then grab the Bee Mushroom on the back ledge and fly down to the next Silver Star on the flower below. Jump up and fly back up to where you were above before the flower snaps you up. From here, use the purple flower to get up to the ledge above where you'll see an Octoomba and a swing. The swing will take you up to the final section where the Queen Bee resides.

The last Silver Star is on the Queen Bee's back, and you need to be Bee Mario to climb on her. You may want to clear the area of enemies as normal Mario first to make it easier on yourself. All you have to do is climb to the Silver Star on her back and the Power Star will form on the ledge across the water. When you finish this level, a Bee Mushroom will appear on Starship Mario.

The Chimp's Score Challenge (Hidden Star)[edit]

Note: This star is only available when you get a letter from The Chimp.

This challenge is a lot like The Chimp's Stomp Challenge from the Fluffy Bluff Galaxy. It's a lot harder to score 10,000 points this time around though, as there is only one 1,000 point element in the level, instead of five. Also, all the enemies are Octoombas or Elite Octoombas, so there's a greater chance that you'll be hit. For this challenge you really need to chain together you stomps to get as many of those 300 point stomps as you can. Try to stomp all the enemies in a group without touching the ground, then quickly gather up the coins and move on. Because you have a two minute time limit and most of you points will be gained at the top of the level, you should take a fast route to get up there while maximizing the points you can get along the way.

Start out by stomping the line of four Octoombas in front of you and collecting their coins for 1,400 points, then head up past the mini Launch Star and collect the coins around the Elite Octoomba for another 800. It's better not to waste time killing it, so just run back and use the mini Launch Star then the flower to fling yourself up to the ledge above. This lines you up perfectly for a quadruple Octoomba stomp at the top. Grab the coins and long jump over to the left where you can take out the two Octoombas in the water and the three on the leaf platform, then use the mini Launch Star to head up another level. Grab the three coins here and take out the Elite Octoomba and swing up to the top level.

Here you'll need to make your stomp combo count. You should have around 5,000 points at this time, and with the ? Coin in the middle for another 1,000, you'll need to make around 4,000 points just from stomping enemies and collecting coins. Each group of Octoombas has eight enemies around a leaf pad with a ninth on it. Even if you don't get a perfect combo on all nine or don't have time to collect all their coins before they disappear, you still shouldn't have too much trouble making the points up if you don't screw up too badly. If you're just shy of 10,000 points and you have some time on the clock, try to get some of the Elite Octoombas on the ledges in the back of the area. If you're having trouble getting the combos down, try throwing in a spin if you think you're going to miss to get back you back on track.

Green Stars[edit]

The first Green Star is behind the red balloon when you take the Floaty Fluff over to the second planet. The second Green Star is right in front of the Queen Bee's face, so just climb up her belly, jump off and fly to it.