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Box artwork for Vampire Chronicle.
Vampire Chronicle
System(s)Sega Dreamcast, PSP
Preceded byVampire Savior 2
Japanese titleヴァンパイア クロニクル
Release date(s)
Sega Dreamcast icon.png Sega Dreamcast
PlayStation Portable icon.png PlayStation Portable
CERO: CERO 15 old.gif Ages 15 and up
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
PEGI: PEGI 12.png Ages 12+
TwitchVampire Chronicle Channel

Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service was first released exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast in Japan by Capcom in 2000. Much like Hyper Street Fighter II, it allows players to pit one version of Darkstalker's characters against an entirely different version. For example, Night Warriors Morrigan can fight against Vampire Savior Sasquatch. This version of Vampire even allowed players to select styles of characters for games that they weren't originally present in, like a Darkstalkers version of Hsien-Ko, or a Night Warriors version of Jedah.

Before each player chooses a character and style, a version must first be chosen that governs the rules, health meter, and Special meter of a particular match. Selecting a different version for your character only affects which moves they have available. It was later redeveloped for the PSP as Vampire Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, and released outside of Japan as Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower. It included a new game play mode called "The Tower" that was like a combination of King of Fighters XI's Challenge mode and Street Fighter Alpha 3's World Tour mode.

The move lists provided below correspond only to those versions of characters which were not originally present in Darkstalkers or Night Warrior

Version comparisons[edit]

Ability Vampire Vampire Hunter Vampire Savior Vampire Savior 2
Chain Attacks only Weak to Strong Yes Yes Yes
Aerial Chains No No Yes No
Pursuit Attacks No only with Kick Yes Yes
Friendships No No Yes Yes
Dark Force Change No No Yes some can with new commands
Dark Force Power No No Only in Console versions Yes

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