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Vampire Savior
Box artwork for Vampire Savior.
Japanese titleヴァンパイア セイヴァー 2
Release date(s)
ESRB: ESRB T.png Teen
Preceded byVampire Savior
Followed byVampire Chronicle
TwitchVampire Savior 2 Channel

Vampire Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior 2 were two simultaneously-released upgraded versions of Vampire Savior that were distributed only in Japanese arcades. The main difference between the two upgrades and the original Vampire Savior are in its character roster. Vampire Hunter 2 features the same character roster and soundtrack as Night Warriors, omitting the added characters from Vampire Savior, while Vampire Savior 2 features the new characters with Donovan, Huitzil and Pyron, but does so by omitting J. Talbain, Rikuo and Sasquatch. Gameplay-wise the big change is the removal of air chains from Vampire Savior.

The Sega Saturn and PlayStation versions of Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers 3) also feature the returning characters from Vampire Savior 2. You can change the system in the EX Options menu to reflect all of the changes made to VS2 and VH2.

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