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Many spells and skills exist in Final Fantasy III. The spells are divided into 3 categories: Black Magic, White Magic, and Summon Magic. This section also describes the effects of the Geomancer's Terrain skill and the Bard's Sing skill.

White Magic[edit]

These spells are mostly used to heal and protect your allies, though there are some attack spells among them.

White magic users:

  • Wind crystal jobs: White mage (L1-7), Red mage (L1-4)
  • Fire crystal jobs: Knight (DS only, L1), Scholar (DS only, L1-3), Ranger (NES only, L1-3)
  • Water crystal jobs: Mystic knight (NES only, L1-3 field only)
  • Earth crystal jobs: Devout (L1-8), Sage (L1-8)
  • Secret job: Onion knight (DS only, L1-8)

Spell list[edit]

In the table below, only the first shop is listed. Spells are usually available in later shops after the first one.

Lv. Spell Type Effect Free location Price & shop
1 Cure Field/support Restores a small amount of health 1: Ur
2: Sealed Cave
100 Gil, Canaan
1 Poisona Field/support Cures poison - 100 Gil, Ur
1 Sight Field Shows the world map on the overworld - 100 Gil, Ancients' Village
2 Mini Field/support/attack Causes or cures mini;
instantly defeats enemies
Healing Copse -
2 Toad Field/support/attack Causes or cures toad;
instantly defeats enemies
Gurgan Gulch -
2 Aero Attack Deals minor wind damage Dragons Peak 700 Gil, Tozus
3 Cura (Cure2) Field/support Restores a medium amount of health points Tozus (bookshelf) 1500 Gil, Ancients' Village
3 Blindna Field/support Cures blindness - 1500 Gil, Ancients' Village
3 Teleport Field Teleports party to the world map if in a sub-area - 1500 Gil, Ancients' Village
4 Libra Debuff Shows enemy HP and weaknesses - 3000 Gil, Gysahl
4 Confuse Debuff Causes confusion Elven claw
(Ancient Ruins)
3000 Gil, Gysahl
4 Silence Debuff Causes mute - 3000 Gil, Gysahl
5 Curaga (Cure3) Field/support Restores a large amount of health points - 5000 Gil, Saronia
5 Raise Field/support Revives dead party members with low health - 5000 Gil, Saronia
5 Protect Support Raises defense against physical attacks - 5000 Gil, Saronia
6 Stona Field/support Cures petrification - 10000 Gil, Doga's house
6 Haste Support Raises speed (hits per turn) - 10000 Gil, Doga's house
6 Aeroga (Aero2) Attack Deals high wind damage - 10000 Gil, Doga's house
7 Curaja (Cure4) Field/support Restores all health points to one party member, or restores a large amount of HP to the whole party - 20000 Gil, Doga's village
7 Esuna Field/support Cures all status ailments except death - 20000 Gil, Doga's village
7 Reflect Support Creates a magic barrier that reflects spells back at the caster, doesn't work on all spells - 20000 Gil, Doga's village
8 Arise (Raise2) Field/support Revives one party member with full HP - 60000 Gil, Eureka
8 Tornado Attack Reduces one enemy's HP to critical status - 60000 Gil, Eureka
8 Holy Attack Deals light damage - 60000 Gil, Eureka

Spells analysis[edit]

Healing spells

These are the most important spells in order to survive through the game.

  • L1/3/5/7 Cure/Cura/Curaga/Curaja: These four spells restore health; the higher the level, the more HP are restored; Curaja (Cure4) always fully restores HP to the maximum, unless used on more than one party member.
  • L5/8 Raise/Arise: They restore a dead ally to life; Raise restores a minimal amount of HP, while Arise fully restores HP.
  • L6 Stona: Petrification is similar to death, as the character cannot act in any way, but Raise and Arise won't work; the Stona spell is required to restore to life a petrified character.
  • L1 Poisona: Cures the poison status.
  • L3 Blindna: Cures the blindness status.
  • L7 Esuna: Cures every status ailment, except petrification and death.
Field spells

Spells that are typically used outside battle.

  • L1 Sight: It shows a map of the world; it cannot be used in dungeons.
  • L2 Mini: It miniaturizes the heroes; this is necessary to crawl two dungeons; miniaturized characters have physical attack and defense reduced to 1, and can only fight using magic; The Devout and Sage can also effectively use this spell in battle: a miniaturized enemy is forced to leave the battle, resulting in instant-defeat.
  • L2 Toad: It transforms the heroes in toads; this is necessary to access two dungeons; toad characters have physical attack and defense reduced to 1, and cannot even use magic; The Devout and Sage can also effectively use this spell in battle: a toad enemy is forced to leave the battle, resulting in instant-defeat.
  • L3 Teleport: It teleports the heroes back to the entrance of the dungeon. The Devout and Sage can also effectively use this spell in battle: a teleported enemy is instantly defeated.
Support spells

Battle spells that target the heroes.

  • L5 Protect: Increases physical defense of the target.
  • L6 Haste: Increases physical attack of the target.
  • L7 Reflect: If the targeted hero is attacked with magic, the spell will bounce back to the caster.
Debuff spells

Battle spells that target the enemy, but deal no damage. If the caster has low skill, they can miss.

  • L4 Libra: It shows the attributes of the target enemy.
  • L4 Silence: The target cannot use magic.
  • L4 Confuse: The target is confused and will attack himself or a random monster.
Attack spells

Battle spells that deal damage to the enemies.

  • L2/6 Aero/Aeroga: Wind-elemental attacks.
  • L8 Tornado: Reduces the enemy health to less than 10 HP, but does not kill them.
  • L8 Holy: Holy-elemental attack.

Black Magic[edit]

These spells are used to deal damage and to cause status effects.

Black magic users:

  • Wind crystal: Black mage (L1-7), Red mage (L1-4)
  • Fire crystal: Scholar (L1-4) (DS only)
  • Water crystal: n/a
  • Earth crystal: Magus (L1-8), Sage (L1-8)
  • Secret: Onion knight (L1-8) (DS only)

Spell list[edit]

Lv. Spell Type Effect Free
Price and shop
1 Sleep Debuff Puts enemies to sleep Altar Cave 100 Gil, Kazus
1 Blizzard Attack Deals minor ice damage Sasune castle 100 Gil, Kazus
1 Fire Attack Deals minor fire damage - 100 Gil, Kazus
2 Blind Debuff Blinds enemies Canaan 700 Gil, Canaan
2 Thunder Attack Deals minor lightning damage - 700 Gil, Canaan
2 Poison Attack Non-elemental attack,
poisons enemies
- 700 Gil, Canaan
3 Fira (Fire2) Attack Deals moderate fire damage Viking Base 1500 Gil, Ancients' Village
3 Blizzara (Blizzard2) Attack Deals moderate ice damage Viking Base 1500 Gil, Ancients' Village
3 Thundara (Thunder2) Attack Deals moderate lightning damage Viking Base 1500 Gil, Ancients' Village
4 Shade Debuff Paralyzes enemies - 3000 Gil, Gyshal
4 Break Attack Inflicts gradual petrification - 3000 Gil, Gyshal
4 Blizzaga (Blizzard3) Attack Deals major ice damage - 3000 Gil, Gyshal
5 Erase Debuff Removes all buffs - 5000 Gil, Saronia
5 Thundaga (Thunder3) Attack Deals major lightning damage - 5000 Gil, Saronia
5 Raze Attack Instant-defeat if enemy level
is lower than the caster's
- 5000 Gil, Saronia
6 Warp Field/attack Moves back some floors in dungeons;
instantly defeats enemies
- 10000 Gil, Doga's Manor
6 Firaga (Fire3) Attack Deals major fire damage - 10000 Gil, Doga's Manor
6 Bio (Poison2) Attack Non-elemental attack,
inflicts "poison" status
- 10000 Gil, Doga's Manor
7 Breakga (Break2) Attack Petrifies enemies, defeating them instantly - 20000 Gil, Doga's Village
7 Drain Attack Drains the target's HP and gives it to the caster - 20000 Gil, Doga's Village
7 Quake Attack Deals major earth damage to all enemies - 20000 Gil, Doga's Village
8 Death Attack Instantly defeats one enemy - 60000 Gil, Eureka
8 Flare Attack Deals massive damage to one enemy - 60000 Gil, Eureka
8 Meteor Attack Deals massive damage to all enemies - 60000 Gil, Eureka

Spells analysis[edit]

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Field spells:

  • L6 Warp

Debuff spells:

  • L1 Sleep
  • L2 Blind
  • L4 Shade (paralysis)
  • L5 Erase (erases enemy status upgrades)

Attack spells:

  • L1/3/4 Blizzard/Blizzara/Blizzaga (element: ice)
  • L1/3/6 Fire/Fira/Firaga (element: fire)
  • L2/3/5 Thunder/Thundara/Thundaga (element: lightning)
  • L2/6 Poison/Bio (inflict "poison" status)
  • L4/7 Break/Breakga (petrify)
  • L5/8 Raze/Death (instant-death)
  • L7 Quake (element: earth)
  • L7 Drain (restores HP to caster)
  • L8 Flare (non-elemental, targets one)
  • L8 Meteor (non-elemental, targets all)

Summon Magic[edit]

Summon magic users:

  • Water crystal: Evoker
  • Earth crystal: Summoner, Sage

There are two types of Summon Magic: a type with two effects that occur randomly, and a type with one fixed effect. The former is used by Evokers, and the latter is used by Summoners. Sages can use the two-effect summons in the DS version, but in the NES version they used the fixed effect ones instead.

Unless specified otherwise, Evoker attacks target one enemy only, while Summoner attacks (and Evoker indirect effects) target all enemies. Unlike other debuff spells, the Evoker's debuff effects have 100% accuracy, missing only if the enemies are immune to the specific status ailment (sleep, stop, instant-defeat, petrify).

L Summon Evoker's special Evoker's attack Summoner's attack Element
1 Escape / Chocobo Party escapes from battle
(Chocobo Dash)
or no effect (Stumble)
- Attack all (Chocobo Kick[1]) -
2 Icen / Shiva Casts Sleep on all enemies
Attack one (Icy Stare) Attack all (Diamond Dust) Ice
3 Spark / Ramuh Casts Shade on all enemies
(Mind Blast)
Attack one (Thunderstorm) Attack all (Judgement Bolt) Thunder
4 Heatra / Ifrit Casts Cure on party
(Healing Light)
Attack one (Hellfire) Attack all (Inferno) Fire
5 Hyper / Titan - Attack one (Clobber) or
Attack one (Stomp)
Attack all (Earthen Fury) Earth
6 Catastro / Odin Casts Reflect on party
(Protective Light)
Attack all (Slash) Inst. defeat all (Zantetsu-ken) -
7 Leviath / Leviathan - Attack all (Cyclone) or
Inst. defeat all[2] (Demon eye)
Attack all (Tidal Wave) Wind
8 Bahamur / Bahamut Casts Haste[3] on party
Inst. defeat one (Rend) Attack all (Mega Flare) -
  1. Chocobo Kick: the damage is proportional to the level difference between caster and enemies.
  2. Demon Eye: it petrifies all enemies, unless immune to petrification; a petrified enemy is instantly defeated.
  3. Aura: it increases strength and agility for the rest of the current battle.

Evoker's spells analysis[edit]

  • Debuff/attack spells:
    • L2 Shiva (sleep)
    • L3 Ramuh (paralysis)
      • These spells should be used early in the dungeons, to make battles easy during early exploration of the surroundings. Remember that physical attacks can wake up the enemies, i.e. remove "sleep" and "paralysis", so choose well your targets!
  • Support/attack spells:
    • L1 Chocobo (escape): only useful in miniaturized dungeons (e.g. Cave of the Magic Circle), where it's hard to win all battles with magic alone.
    • L4 Ifrit (heal): more useful in the deeper levels of dungeons, when the party suffered damage after fightning many battles.
    • L6 Odin (reflect): only useful against spellcasting enemies and bosses.
    • L8 Bahamut (haste): cast this spell at leisure, but not against bosses, because they are immune to istant-death attacks.
  • Attack-only spells:
    • L5 Titan: best left for battles against bosses, that are usually immune to status ailments.
    • L7 Leviathan: useful against large groups of enemies, but not against bosses (immune to instant-death and petrification)

There's no need to analyze the Summoner's spells, because all of them are attack spells that target all enemies.


The Terrain skill is useable only by Geomancers. It harnesses the power of the earth to cause different elemental damage. The determining factor of what effect is caused is the environment the skill is used in. This skill does not consume MP.

Environment Effect Targets Element
Molten Cave
40% Magma
38% Flame burst
20% (Wind slash)
02% (Shadowflare)
Attack all
Attack 1
Attack 1
Attack 1
Forest, plains, airship
50% Wind slash
48% Ice storm
02% (Shadowflare)
Attack 1
Attack all
Attack 1
Ice & Water
Underwater, river
38% Whirlpool
40% Ice pillar
20% (Wind slash)
02% (Shadowflare)
Instant-defeat all
Attack 1
Attack 1
Attack 1
Ice & Water
Ice & Water
40% Earthquake
38% Cave-in
20% (Wind slash)
02% (Shadowflare)
Attack all
Attack 1
Attack 1
Attack 1
40% Black hole
40% Shadowflare
20% (Wind Slash)
Instant-defeat 1
Attack 1
Attack 1

Each dungeon can be associated to one of the five elements at the top of the next table. The second row lists the main terrain attacks associated with each element. Note that the Geomancer job is obtained after the only Fire Dungeon in the game. In the World of Darkness the Geomancer's Terrain is different again: 25% Earthquake, 25% Flameburst, 25% Ice Pillar, 25% Windslash.

Fire Wind Water Earth Non-Elemental
Flame burst
Wind slash
Ice storm
Ice pillar
Black hole
Fire terrains Wind terrains Water terrains Earth terrains Non-elemental terrains
- Forests
Onboard airships
Sea bottom
Molten cave Castle Sasune towers
Dragon's Peak
Tower of Owen
Castle Hein
Goldor Manor
Dragon Spire
Bahamut's nest
Crystal Tower
Nepto Shrine
Tower of Owen (base)
Subterranean Lake
Cave of Tides
Amur Sewers
Sunken Cave
Temple of Time
Saronia Catacombs
Falgabard Waterfall
Lake Dohr
 ??? Dungeon
Altar Cave
Sealed Cave
Mythril Mine
Tozus Tunnel
Cave of the Magic Circle
Ancient Ruins
Falgabard cave
Bahamut's Lair
Cave of Shadows
Doga's Grotto
Ancients' Maze
Forbidden Eureka

In the NES version, there is a chance that the Terrain ability backfires and hits the Geomancer himself. It happens if the Terrain technique misses all possible targets.

In the table below, the names in brackets are the corresponding or most similar effects from the DS remake.

Environment Effect Targets Chance of backfire Element
Sea Watersprout (Whirlpool) Attack all enemies 1 - very low Lightning
Plains Earthquake ("Ice Storm"?) Attack all enemies 1 - very low Wind
Mountain, dungeon Landslide (Earthquake) Attack all enemies 1 - very low Earth
Forest, dungeon Wind Slash (Wind Slash) Attack one enemy 2 Wind
Onboard airship Tornado ("Shadowflare"?) Attack one enemy 2 Non-elemental
Desert Quicksand (Cave-in) Instant-defeat one 3 - high Earth
River Whirlpool ("Ice Pillar"?) Instant-defeat one 3 - high Lightning
Swamp Sinkhole (Black hole) Instant-defeat one 3 - high Non-elemental
(anywhere) Backfire Geomancer! n/a n/a

The following table shows the Terrain effect for each dungeon:

Earth Water Wind Non-elemental
Earthquake Whirlpool Wind Slash Sinkhole
Plains Seas & sea bottom Forests Swamps
Altar Cave
Mithril mines
Castle Sasune
Sealed Cave
Tozus tunnel
Tower of Owen
Molten Cave
Dragon spire (top floor)
Doga's cave (floor 1)
Crystal Tower boss
World of Darkness bosses
Saronia Catacombs boss
Temple of Time
Sunken Cave
Saronia catacombs
Amur sewers
Goldor manor
Dragon Spire
Cave of Magic Circle
Ancient Ruins
Cave of Shadows
Ancients' Maze
Crystal Tower
World of Darkness
Doga's cave (floor 1)
Earth Water Wind Non-elemental
Landslide Rapids Tornado Quicksand
Mountains Rivers Canyons Deserts
Doga's cave (floor 3) Cave of Tides
Lake Dohr
Doga's cave (floor 2)
Bahamut's Lair


The Sing skill is useable only by Bards. Using different harps can have different effects on the songs sung. Note that the strength of the effect increases with job level.

Note that the effects of Minne, Minuet, and Elegy only last for 2 rounds of battle.

Harp Song Effect
Madhura Harp Minne Support: increase physical defense power of the party.
Loki Harp Minuet Support: increase physical attack power of the party.
Lamia Harp Requiem Attack: damage all opponents.
Dream Harp Paeon Healing: heals the party a little.
Apollo Harp Elegy Support: decrease the amount of damage the party takes from any attack.

In the NES version, the Sing ability simply attacks the enemies, with no added effect. Instead, the NES bard has two more skills, as shown in the table below. Because the effects of Cheer and Scare are small but cumulative, it would be a good strategy if the Bard uses continuously the same command during a battle.

Skill (NES) Effect Strategy
Sing Attack: replaces "fight" command; two harps have debuff effect. Keep singing will eventually debuff all enemies.
Cheer Support: increases speed and physical strength of all allies; effect is cumulative. Keep cheering the allies in a boss battle will eventually boost the attack of front-row jobs quite a lot.
Scare Debuff: lowers the level of all enemies, eventually making them flee; stronger enemies are immune. Keep scaring a group of annoying monsters will make the fight faster.