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After restoring the Fire Crystal's light, a plea for help arrives from the Tokkul. The bandits from the flying fortress raided the town and captured all of the people!

Suggested team for this chapter:

  • Thief (the thief's Lockpick ability lets you open any door without a key, as long as the Thief is in the first party slot).
  • Knight
  • Scholar (healing spells in the DS remake)
  • Ranger (healing spells in the Famicom version)

Before the dungeon[edit]

Dwarven Hollows treasure room[edit]

Dwarven Hollows Treasure Room Checklist:
  • Book of Fire
  • Book of Ice
  • Book of Light
  • Killer Bow
  • Knight Armor
  • Gauntlets
  • Heroic Shield
  • Scholar Robe
  • Scholar Hat
  • Elixir
  • Phoenix Down x 2
  • Gold Needle
  • Echo Herb
  • Ottershroom
  • Gysahl Greens
  • Magic Key x 2

Return the horns to the Dwarf near the shrine. The dwarves will thank you for your help by granting you access to their treasure room. Talk to the Dwarf leader again to get a Magic Key, then head to the southeast. Speak to the Dwarf just before the stairs then head down. Follow the path to the treasure room. In here, you'll find full equipment for the Scholar and Knight, a bow for the Ranger, and many other useful items. Important, before you head on your way out, load up on holy arrows for next chapter. On your way out a man approaches you, and asks you to go help Tokkul. However, there's still loot to be plundered, so head back to Castle Argus.

Castle Argus treasure room[edit]

Castle Argus Treasure Room Checklist:
  • Killer Bow
  • Light Arrows x 20
  • Fire Arrows x 20
  • Ice Arrows x 20
  • Medusa Arrows x 20
  • Book of Fire
  • Book of Ice
  • Book of Light
  • Scholar Robe
  • 7,700 Gil

Once you get to the castle, go inside, up the stairs and interact with the farthest candle to the east. A secret passage opens. Go through the passage, then pass through a hidden wall in the east. Grab the three chests for a total of 3000 Gil, then head upstairs and grab all six of the chests there for 4700 Gil. Go upstairs again.

You'll find yourself on the castle's rampart. Head west to a locked door, open it using your Thief or a Magic Key and head inside. Investigate the dresser to the east to open another secret door, and grab the three chests (Light Arrow, Killer Bow, and 20x Medusa Arrow). Exit the room, then head east to another locked room. Take the loot from the six chests here: Book of Light, Book of Fire, Book of Ice, 20 Ice Arrow, 20 Fire Arrow and Scholar Robe.

Once you've grabbed everything, leave the castle and head to the Living Woods.

Living Woods[edit]

Just southwest of the castle you will notice a mountain range. Sail along the coast line and land on the other side of the mountains and you will notice a small pass, which leads to the Living Woods.

In the Living Woods you will meet some Fairies and notice a huge crater in the middle. If you talk to the Fairies they will tell you a bit about the Wizard Hein, (namely his weakness!) and the crater. Once you're done chatting with the Fairies, head out and follow the coast south to Tokkul.

Hein's Castle[edit]

Hein's Castle Checklist:
  • Holy Arrows x 20
  • King's Sword
  • Rune Bow
  • Mallet
  • Phoenix Down x 3
  • 6430 Gil
  • Zeus's Rage
Complete the Bestiary
You cannot come back to this place after defeating the boss. Make sure you've encounter every mobs before facing Hein. There are 5 kinds of mob in this dungeon, the missable ones are Lamia and Dullahan, both can be found in the third chest room in Second floor.

Most enemies are undead, so are weak to Holy and Fire. You can use the Scholar's Study ability to confirm their weakness. Equip the Ranger with the Holy Arrows and shoot at will, since this dungeon is the last one in the game with a large number of undead enemies. The Knight and the Scholar should equip Fire weapons: the Salamand sword and two Books of Fire, respectively. Switch to any other arrows and sword when fighting against enemies that are not undead, using the Item menu during battle. The Thief should always try to Steal instead of attack; in particular, steal arrows from the Demons and attack items from the Lamias.

  • Castle dungeon: you start in the prison, together with the King of Argus and many other people. Talk to everyone, and one guy will give you a Mallet. Then, walk through the wall on the right to access the next cell. In this cell, one of the prisoners reveals himself to be a Demon! Defeat the Demon. In the next cell, talk to the person lying on the floor to receive a Mini spell. Cast Mini on the party and go through the mousehole in the northeast corner of the room. Use the pot next to the hole in the wall to restore MP if you need to change a character to a white mage then back again.
  • First floor: Un-Mini your party before continuing. Go south for a chest with 20 Holy arrows. Then, walk into the wall on the left to the hidden stairway. The chest near there contains a Phoenix Down.
  • Second floor: The three doors conceal two chests each, for a total of 6430 Gil, Phoenix Down and Zeus' Rage. Walk around the block and enter up the stairs. The chest conceals the King's Sword, which has no elemental properties, but is stronger than any sword you already have. Walk into the another wall on the left to find a secret passage with the stairs down.
  • Third floor: A chest on the left holds a Phoenix Down, and the stairs are on the left. There are no secret passages here, so move on.
  • Fourth floor: Before you enter the door, grab the Rune Bow from the chest first. Then, enter the door and face the boss, Hein.

Boss: Hein[edit]

Level 22 HP: 4500 (DS) 1600 (NES) Weakness: Changes with Barrier Shift Gil: 4300 Exp: 3464
NES version

Hein is able to change his weakness after using the spell Barrier Shift. After you notice Hein use this spell, have the Scholar Study him to discern his new weakness. Then, open the Item menu and change the weapons of the Scholar, Knight and Ranger to match Hein's weakness. The Thief has no elemental weapons and cannot steal much from the boss. Instead, have your Thief use offensive items he stole during the various battles, such as Arctic Wind and Zeus's Wrath. If you found or stole a Bomb Arm in the Molten Cave, use it while Hein is weak to Fire to deal massive damage.

DS-specific notes: This fight can be tough since your Scholar, who probably has all of your healing spells, is tied up Studying Hein's ever-changing weakness. It may be easier to simply ignore Hein's Barrier Shift and continue attacking with your strongest elemental weapons, while your Scholar heals with items or spells. You could also swap out your Ranger for a Monk and use the Retaliate ability to return damage to Hein.