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The newly appointed King Alus of Saronia thanks the Warriors of Light for putting an end to the civil war. As a token of gratitude, he gifts them with a new and powerful airship, the Nautilus. Thanks to its great speed, the Nautilus can fly against the strong wind currents from the canyon in the Dalg continent, meaning a new area is open for exploration.

Water Crystal jobs
(Black Belt)
Dark Knight
Keep one Dragoon from the previous chapter.
The Dark Knight is currently "naked", i.e. unusable; equipment for this job will become available in the next chapter.
Healers Dark Knight Bard The Famicom Dark Knight and the remade Bard are weak healers. Will you accept the challenge, or will you "chicken out" and use an obsolete job?
In the Famicom original, you have to keep using a Ranger for healing until the Dark Knight's equipment becomes available (in the next chapter).
Evoker The Famicom Bard is only useful if there are at least two physical attackers in the party. Wait for the Dark Knight to get equipped in the next chapter. In the Famicom original, the Geomancer is especially effective underwater.
Build-up the Evoker, so that some extra healing and support can be provided, but also to use the powerful summons that will be obtained in the next chapter.

Suggested party:

  • Dragoon (physical attacker)
  • Bard (3D) or Ranger (NES) (healer)
  • Evoker (special skills & healer)
  • Geomancer (special skills; Terrain is very effective underwater, especially in the NES original)

Before the dungeon[edit]

World map. Click to enlarge.

Now that you have the Nautilus, and the gales blocking you from reaching Dalg are gone, you can travel more of the world! First, let's explore the surrounding towns that are sure to sell new items for your jobs.

If you picked up all of the equipment from the last few dungeons and treasure rooms, you should have equipment for the following classes:

  • Dragoon (two different spellcasting spears, armor, helm)
  • Viking (spellcasting hammer, armor, helm)
  • Geomancer (status-inflicting bell, armor, rune bracers)

You'll also have a some powerful arrows for Ranger, and a new weapon for the Thief.

Unfortunately, the next dungeon must be completed while Mini, so physical attacks will be useless. Status-inflicting weapons, such as the Earth Bell and Medusa arrow are also ineffective. You'll need a party that can dole out plenty of magic attacks. Here's what we suggest:

Have one Dragoon equipped with spellcasting Wind Spear and Thunder Spear, but no shield; a Scholar (3D) or a Ranger (NES) for healing; and a Geomancer for the Terrain ability. You can pick any spellcasting job for your fourth slot: Evoker, Black Mage or a Red Mage equipped with a Light Rod. Try out Evoker since it's new, but if you want to replace it, feel free. Evoker shares gear with the other magic jobs, so you can swap easily.

About the Evoker
The Evoker is a unique class that can call forth powerful Summons to deal damage or support the party. When using a Summon, there is about a 50% chance of the Summon using either offensive moves or support moves (such as healing and casting status effects). You can give your Evoker either the Black Robe or the White Robe. These two robes improve the wearer's Intelligence (which amplifies offensive spells) and Spirit (which amplifies healing abilities), respectively.

If you didn't explore Duster before crash-landing in Saronia, you may notice that your Geomancer and Evoker are missing some head equipment. Head to Duster first to fix this.


Items in italics may not need to be purchased because they can be found for free.

Item shop Weapon shop Armor shop
Items Cost Weapons Cost Armor Cost
Hi-Potion 1200/600 Diamond Bell 4500 Gaia Vest 4200/7600
Gold Needle 300/100 Madhura Harp 8000/10000 Bard Vest 5500
Maiden's Kiss 100 Loki Harp (3D) 12000 Feathered Hat 8000/6000
Echo Herbs 100 Lamia Harp (3D) 12000 Rune Bracers 5000
Mallet 100 Dream Harp (3D) 12000
Eye Drops 40
Antidote 80
Gysahl Greens 150
Gnomish Bread 200

Southeast of Saronia is the island of Duster; home of many Bards who will happily sing you a tune, so be sure to turn up your game volume when chatting to a villager! In this town you can purchase two Feathered Hat for the Geomancer and the Evoker. Consider purchasing the Bard Vest if you have the money, but if it's too expensive, you can always come back later.

There are two hidden items here, both Earthen Drums. The first one is on the northwest side of town, next to a Bard who plays the item catch music. The second one is on the northeast side of town, next to the Bard who plays the Chocobo music.

After enjoying the Bards' beautiful music, head onward to Replito.


Item shop Magic shop
Items Cost Spells Cost
Hi-Potion 1200/600 Escape 100
Gold needle 300/100 Icen 700/7000
Maiden's kiss 100 Spark 1500/7000
Echo herbs 100 Heatra 3000/7000
Mallet 100 Hyper 5000/7000
Eye drops 40
Antidote 80
Gysahl Greens 150
Gnomish Bread 200

Replito is along the mountains, northwest of Saronia. If you want to level up your characters a bit, you can land just northwest of Saronia and walk all the way there.

Most of the people that inhabit Replito are Evokers, so naturally you can buy five Summon spells for the Evoker (and later Summoner) in the magic shop.

There is one lone Gulgan, hiding in the trees on the east side of town. He tells you that someone is trying to have darkness overflow in this world, which isn't the first time it's happened. However, an imbalance between dark and light will destroy them both. After you've finished listening to his ominous speech, search to the west of him to find a hidden Phoenix Down.

You can find two Turtle Shell hidden around town. The first is in a tree north of a house on the northwest side of town, and the second is in a tree east of a house on the southwest side of town.

There are also two hidden Elixir. One is hidden in the woods on the west side of town. The other takes a bit more effort to reach. You may have noticed that one of the houses on the north end of town is a different color. Go around the back of this house, and go down when you're at the east end to enter the back door. Inside, there is a secret passage on the eastern wall concealing the final Elixir.

Doga's Manor[edit]

Fly south from Duster until you hit land: the Dalg continent. Follow the coast southwest until you see a peninsula pointing south, that has a small area of forest on it. Go north through the mountains, and continue north at the fork in the path. Land the airship on a patch of grass and enter Doga's Manor.

Here, you will find yourself accosted by Moogles! Fortunately, Doga shows up and recognizes you as the Warriors of Light. He explains that the Great Magus Noah bestowed upon Unei, Doga and Xande gifts. Xande apparently wasn't too pleased with his gift of mortality and stopped time to become immortal. Now that you've resumed the flow of time, Xande is on the move to try and halt time again.

Doga joins your party, and asks you to take him to the Cave of the Circle, and tells you how to access it from the comfort of the manor.

You can now explore Doga's Manor. In the 3D versions, there is a Moogle who will allow you to access Mognet to read letters.

Item shop Magic shop
Items Cost Spells Cost
Hi-Potion 1200/600 Firaga 10000
Gold Needle 300/100 Bio 10000
Maiden's Kiss 100 Warp 10000
Echo Herbs 100 Aeroga 10000
Mallet 100 Stona 10000
Eye Drops 40 Haste 10000
Antidote 80 Curaga 5000
Gysahl Greens 150 Raise 5000

On the second floor, you can use a Gysahl Greens on the candlestick on the east wing to summon a Fat Chocobo. The two Moogles behind counters sell items and magic. Stock up on any healing or status items you may need and consider buying some high-level magic from the other Moogle. Remember, you'll need lots of strong magic while you're Mini! Haste will probably be helpful later, so consider picking that up as well.

On the third floor, examine the pot to have your HP and MP restored, and examine the book to revive any fallen party members. When you're ready, examine the candlestick to the right of the magic healing pot, and open up the hidden passage.

Cave of the Circle[edit]

There is one more thing to do before you enter the Cave of the Circle: cast Mini on your party. Then, you will be able to enter.

In the 3D versions of the game, the path through the cave is quite linear: go from the left side of the screen to the right. The only challenge comes in the form of strong monsters, but your magic team (especially a Geomancer's Cave-In) will take them out quickly.

In the NES version, the path is less linear, but all paths eventually meet up at the same destination. On the first floor, go south, then west at the first crossroads. Continue west until you find the stairs down to the second floor. On the second floor, go east and follow the path around to the west. Take the stairs down to the third floor. On the third floor, go west, then south, continuing south past the crossroads.

Step on the magic circle on the third floor to be teleported to a small room. Doga tells your party that his time is running out, and quickly casts a spell to enable the Nautilus to travel underwater. He directs you to visit the Temple of Time next to retrieve Noah's Lute, which will wake up Unei. Doga exits your party to go search for the Eurekan Key, teleporting you back to just outside his manor.

If you need to heal, let yourself back into Doga's Manor to drink from the magic HP/MP pot again. He won't mind.

Exploring the bottom of the sea (optional)[edit]

The first thing you may notice is that travelling underwater is quite slow in the Nautilus. Doga never said it was going to be a 'good' submarine, OK? Second, you are unable to exit and swim. Your party can be attacked underwater by the various sea life, and the background changes to an underwater scene.

Living up to its name
The new and improved Nautilus can now go underwater! To turn your airship into a submarine, fly over water and press B (Circle on PSP). To return to the surface, press A (X on PSP).

To travel faster underwater... don't. Simply fly above the surface of the water to your destination, then submerge the Nautilus.

If you use Sight or Gnomish Bread you can see an underwater version of the map, and three visit-able locations marked.

Since we're fairly close, let's visit Doga's Village first.

Doga's Village[edit]

Magic shop (N) Magic shop (NE) Magic shop (SE) Magic shop (Center) Magic shop (SW) Magic shop (NW)
Spells Cost Spells Cost Spells Cost Spells Cost Spells Cost Spells Cost
Fira 1500 Break 3000 Quake 20000 Firaga 10000 Thundaga 5000 Escape 100
Blizzara 1500 Blizzaga 3000 Breakga 20000 Bio 10000 Raze 5000 Icen 700/7000
Thundara 1500 Shade 3000 Drain 20000 Warp 10000 Erase 5000 Spark 1500/7000
Cura 1500 Libra 3000 Curaja 20000 Aeroga 10000 Curaga 5000 Heatra 3000/7000
Teleport 1500 Confuse 3000 Esuna 20000 Stona 10000 Raise 5000 Hyper 5000/7000
Blindna 1500 Silence 3000 Reflect 20000 Haste 10000 Protect 5000
Curaga 5000
Raise 5000

You may have noticed the small village surrounded by mountains to the east of Doga's Manor. However, now that the Nautilus can go underwater, you will discover a secret about the lake in front of the village: it's connected to the ocean. Fly to the east of the village and submerge the Nautilus. Follow the path to what looks like a dead end, then return to the surface. Land next to the village and head inside.

As the name implies, this is Doga's Village, named not because Doga came from here, but it's because the village only sells ancient spells created by Doga himself. Most of Doga's Village's Black Mage residents are magic shopkeepers, and there isn't even an inn!

Buy any strong magic spells you may use, and can afford, then leave when you're ready. There are no hidden items.

Sunken Cave[edit]

Sunken Cave
Sunken Cave Checklist:
  • Dual Tomahawk
  • Diamond Shield (NES) / Chakram (3D)
  • Defender Sword (NES) / Tiger Claws (3D)
  • Loki Harp
  • Ancient Sword
  • Air Knife
  • Black Hole (NES) / Cognitome (3D)
  • Bacchus' Wine (NES) / Metal Knuckles (3D)
  • Diamond Shield
  • Diamond Armor
  • Diamond Helm
  • Diamond Gloves
  • Diamond Bracers
  • Blood Spear (NES) / Trident (3D)
  • Triton Hammer
  • Aegis Shield
  • Reflect Armor
  • Phoenix Down
  • Elixir

This is an optional dungeon with lots of powerful new equipment. Some of the chests are trapped, meaning monsters will attack you upon opening them. Take the opportunity to level up your characters, if they've been feeling a bit weak lately. You can find this cave underwater in the southeastern most island.

The first floor has no treasure, so go southwest to the stairs to the second floor.

There are many ways to go on the second floor. Head northeast to find a chest containing either the Defender Sword (NES) or Tiger Claws (3D). Return to the stairs, and go west to find a Diamond Shield (NES) or Chakram (3D). Go south from the stairs, and head southwest at the crossroads to find a Dual Tomahawk. Return to the crossroads and go east, down the stairs.

The third floor has plenty of treasure to make up for the disappointing first floor. Go south and cross two bridges. Before you cross the third, head west and open the chest for an Ancient Sword. Continue south and cross the last bridge for four chests. The chests contain Diamond Shield, Bacchus' Wine (NES) /Metal Knuckles (3D), Diamond Helm, Black Hole (NES) /Cognitome (3D).

Cross back over two bridges, then go west for four more chests with Diamond Mail, Loki Harp, Diamond Bracers, and Air Knife. Head south across another bridge to find three chests with Phoenix Down, Elixir, and Diamond Gloves.

There are yet more chests to be found here; take a secret passage on the west side of the wall to find four chests. However, these four chests are guarded by monsters, so make sure you are healed before opening one. The chests contents are:

  • Aegis Shield, guarded by Zombie Dragon
  • Trident, guarded by Peryton
  • Reflect Mail, guarded by Death Claw
  • Triton Hammer, guarded by Eater

Once you've opened the last chest in the secret passage, you're finished with the Sunken Cave. Teleport out, or walk back to the entrance.

Saronia Catacombs[edit]

Saronia Catacombs
Saronia Catacombs Checklist:
  • Golem Staff
  • Diamond Bell (NES)/ Rune Bell (3D)
  • Gaea Robe (NES)/ Heavy Lance (3D)
  • Aegis Shield
  • Reflect Armor
  • Phoenix Down x 4
  • Elixir x 4

Recommended party:

  • Warrior (consider completing the Temple of Time first to obtain the Defender if you'd rather not dedicate a party slot to Protect)
  • Dragoon
  • Thief (at least job level 71 to be able to steal Gungnir from Odin)
  • White Mage or Red Mage (to use Protect)

The Saronia Catacombs, located under water on the southeastern corner of Saronia Castle, is the final resting place for the Kraken you defeated earlier in the game, and naturally, he doesn't seem to want to stay dead. You may find yourself attacked by this alternate color Kraken, Cenchos, while wandering the dungeon, and he can still attack twice per turn. Make sure you bring plenty of Eye Drops and Gold Needle since lesser monsters can inflict Blind and Petrify.

If you're undeterred by the idea of zombie-Kraken ambushing you, and really need to get the loot, then continue on! Don't forget that you can use Teleport while outside of combat to escape this dungeon if needed.

In the first room, continue straight ahead to floor 2. Floor 2 is also fairly linear with no hidden treasure, so just cross the room and take the stairs to the next floor.

Not far into the third floor, there will be two branching paths. The way to the next floor lies at the end of the west path, so head east and look for treasure first. Go east, and then take the first path to the east for a chest with Golem Staff. Return to the main path, and continue north, then go east. The two chests at the end of the hall contain a Gaia Robe and an Aegis Shield. If you're playing the 3D version of the game, the path to the north with the two chests will be much shorter, and the chest contents are different: a Rune Bell instead of a Gaia Robe. The second chest, with an Aegis Shield, is unchanged.

Return to the entrance of the third floor and continue west. Take the first western path for a Reflect Mail. On the NES version, go around the corner and continue west at the split for Giyaman Bell. In 3D versions of the game, run past the stairs and grab the chest, with a Heavy Lance. Head upstairs afterwards.

On the fourth floor, there is a large open room with a set of stairs to the west. Go east through a hidden path to find 8 whole treasure chests. However, each chest is guarded by a monster, so make sure you heal up before opening any chests.

The top four chests all contain Elixir, and are guarded by an Ouroboros. The bottom four chests contain Phoenix Down, and are guarded by a Cenchos.

After you've looted the chests in the hidden room, proceed back to the stairs in the west room. Heal up for the boss fight upstairs.

Boss: Odin[edit]

Level 40 HP: 31000 (DS) 7000 (NES) Weakness: - Gil: 16800 Exp: 20000
NES version

If you're playing the 3D versions of the game, don't miss the opportunity to Steal a Gungnir Lance from Odin. In the NES version, Odin only has a Potion to steal.

Start off the fight by casting Protect on with your designated Protect-caster, whether that's a mage casting Protect or a Knight using the Defender. Have the Thief steal the Gungnir from Odin, then attack with the Chakram afterwards. Use the Dragoon's Jump every turn.

After you defeat Odin, you are given his Summon, Catastro, to use as you wish.

Temple of Time[edit]

Before you go...
If you are playing the 3D versions of the game, you should be able to do most of the Ultima Weapon quest. Take a quick detour, and check out the instructions for unlocking it here: The Ultima Weapon
Temple of Time
Temple of Time Checklist:
  • Diamond Helm
  • Diamond Bracers
  • Defender Sword
  • Diamond Armor
  • Behemoth Knife
  • Diamond Gauntlets
  • Diamond Shield
  • Protect Ring
  • Blood Lance
  • Lamia Harp

When you are ready to progress the story, head to the very southern tip of the continent Saronia is on. Submerge your ship in the middle of the bay, where the Temple of Time slumbers.

For reference, if you ever need to get back to the Floating Continent, travel just west of the inverted U, and head south. You'll hit the Floating Continent... and you won't have to use Sight.

Enter the temple, and follow the path into a big open room with pools of water in the middle of the path. Stick to the north side, using your Thief to enter the doors along the wall. The first door conceals a chest containing Diamond Helm, and the chest behind the second door holds Diamond Bracers. Enter the water, and walk up to the northeast to find the stairs down.

On the second floor, there is a lone chest holding the Defender Sword. You can have the user of this item cast the spell Protect for free; a very useful item indeed. Take the stairs down to the next floor.

Head all the way to the east end of the room and up the stairs. There is a chest holding Diamond Mail here. Return to the entrance to the third floor, then go north when the room opens up. To the west, there is a room with Behemoth Knife and Diamond Gloves. Then, cross over to the room to the east and go to the next floor.

Go south, then west to a room with a Diamond Shield. Back in the main hall, go east into another room to find Noah's Lute. Our job here is done, but there is one more thing to do before we go.

There is a secret passage behind the waterfall at the top of that long set of stairs you came down. In the NES version, refer to the map for the location of the secret passage. At the end of this passage are three chests. You may suspect they're guarded by monsters, but they gave you a break this time. Crack the chests open to find Protect Ring (Blood Lance in 3D remake), Protect Ring, and Lamia Harp.

Now you're finished in the Temple of Time, so Teleport or walk back out.