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The Warriors of Light outfit their airship with a Mythril Ram and break the boulders blocking passage to Canaan. However, their airship is destroyed in the process. They arrive in the city of Canaan, but they are stuck with no means to continue on their quest. With nothing else to do, they agree to help a girl in distress, by looking for her beloved, who left town towards Dragons Peak...

Suggested party:

  • Monk
  • Red Mage
  • Warrior
  • White Mage


Items in italics can be found for free, so there's no need to buy them.

Weapon Price Armor Price Magic Price Item Price
Mythril Rod 400 Mythril Armor 350 Fire 100 Potion 150/50
Mythril Knife 500 Mythril Shield 180 Blizzard 100 Eye Drops 40
Mythril Sword 500 Mythril Helm 130 Sleep 100 Antidote 80
Mythril Gloves 120
Mythril Bracers 120

Go back to Kazus where you'll find the curse has been lifted. (That means you can now buy stuff there!) After a short cutscene, Refia leaves your party for a very short while. Go to the Inn and speak to Cid, who wants to go back to Canaan. You have to use the Airship to bring him home, so conquer the river with the Folding Canoe you received from the king to get the Airship back.

Fly back to Kazus and walk into the house north of the Inn, which is Takka's house. Cid will ask Takka to equip the Airship with a Mythril Ram to break the Boulders that block the passage to Canaan. Exit the village and enter the airship. You will meet Refia there again, and she will join your party.

Mythril Mines[edit]

Mythril Mines Item Checklist:
  • 2 Mythril Swords

With Refia back in your party, enter the mines northeast of Takka's house. Go into the main room and check the northwest pillar to open a secret passage. Enter it and follow the path to two chests, which both contain a Mythril Sword. Exit the mine and fly west to the large rock blocking the path between two mountains. During a cutscene, the rock (and the airship) will be destroyed. Walk southeast to the village of Canaan and enter it.


Weapon Price Armor Price Magic Price Item Price
Mythril Rod 400 Mythril Armor 350 Cure 100 Potion 150/50
Mythril Knife 500 Mythril Shield 180 Thunder 700 Eye Drops 40
Mythril Sword 500 Mythril Helm 130 Poison 700 Antidote 80
Great Bow (3D) 1200 Mythril Gloves 120 Blind 700 Echo Herbs (3D) 40
Iron Arrow (3D) 8 Mythril Bracers 120 Gold Needle (3D) 40
Canaan Item Checklist:
  • Mallet
  • 20 Iron Arrows
  • Great Bow
  • 2 Golden Needle
  • Elixir (used for quest)
  • 2 Gnomish Breads
  • Potion
  • Phoenix Down
  • Blind

Cid will leave the party and tell you to meet King Argus in order to make a new airship. You can continue along the quest, but first, let's grab some loot!

Go to the house connected to the Inn and search the firewood beside the stove for a Mallet. Go left of the firewood through a hidden passage below the lamp and search the pot to find a Golden Needle. Talk to the girl on the bed, and Luneth and Refia will decide to search for her beloved Desch.

In the northeast part of the village is a pond; take the stairs in the north, and follow the river to the west until you find a chest containing an Elixir. You'll need this soon. Head to the armory and buy anything you may need, then head to Cid's house north of the armory. Enter and talk to both Cid and Mrs. Cid. Use the Elixir on Mrs. Cid, and Cid will tell you about a secret path in his house!

Activate the lamp just above the bed and head through the passage, and down the stairs. Grab the 8 chests (Phoenix Down, Blind, Golden Needle, 20 Iron Arrows, Great Bow, 2 Gnomish Breads and Potion). Walk down into the water and onto the small island in the southeast corner. Continue east, into the passageway and loot the chests (4000 Gil and 2 Phoenix Downs)

Buy anything else you need, exit the village, and walk east to the mountain, Dragon's Peak.

Dragon's Peak[edit]

Dragon's Peak Item Checklist:
  • Phoenix Down
  • Gold Needle
  • Aero
  • Mini(after the boss)

Follow the path up the mountain to the crossroads. Take the southern trail for a chest containing a Phoenix Down, then continue up the mountain. When you come to another crossroads, take the path to the east to find Aero. Return to the crossroads and take the path west. Grab the Gold Needle from the chest and then go up. Bahamut will show up and throw you into its nest. Once there, talk with Desch. Bahamut will show up again and try to fight you.

BOSS: Bahamut[edit]

NES version

In pre-islamic Arab culture, the Bahamut is a huge, powerful and benevolent creature that supports the World on its back. Later, Christian influence turned it into a "pagan devil", Behemoth (other devils: Astaroth was the Babylonian goddess of love Ishtar; Beelzebub was the Phoenician god Baal-Zebub, i.e. "Baal the Almighty").

You are far too weak to defeat him, so just run away from battle.

After you successfully escape, Desch will give you the spell Mini and join the party. You will then jump off the mountain end up in a new area on the world.

NES differences[edit]

Some items are different, therefore, here's a full checklist:

Checklist before the boss:
Items to find Items to purchase
  • Weapons:
    • 2 Mithril swords
    • 40 Iron arrows (Ranger)
    • Great bow (Ranger)
  • White magic:
    • Aero
  • Black magic:
    • Blind
  • Items:
    • 5 Gold needles
    • Mallet
    • 2 Phoenix downs
    • 2 Potions
    • 2 Gnomish bread (casts Sight)
Shops in Kazus and Canaan
  • Weapons:
    • Mithril knife
    • Mithril rod
  • Shields:
    • Mithril shield
  • Black magic:
    • Fire
    • Poison
    • Thunder
  • Body armors:
    • Mithril armor
  • Helms:
    • Mithril helm
  • Arm protections:
    • Mithril bracers
    • Mithril gloves