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Luneth was out of town when an earthquake happened, the ground split asunder and he fell into a cave. Looking for an exit, he finds the mystic Wind Crystal, that reveals him the World is dying and the only hope to save it is to restore the other three Crystals of Light (Fire, Water and Earth)

Thus, the adventure of the Warriors of Light begins...

Altar Cave[edit]

Altar Cave Item Checklist:
  • 2 Leather Shields
  • Longsword
  • 3 Potions
  • 2 Antarctic Winds

At the outset of the game, you see Luneth fall down a hole and into a cave. You get a chance to name him, then watch as he rounds a corner and ends up in a battle. Fight three Goblins with physical attacks until they fall. After you defeat them, you gain control of Luneth. There's a path in front of you; travel forward and you'll encounter two chests(Leather Shield and Potion)

Continuing ahead, Luneth sees a suspicious rock. Zoom in on it (using the camera symbol in the upper left corner, or the shoulder buttons) to discover that it shines. Interact with the rock (by tapping it or pressing the A button) to uncover a path forward! Go through it to find a chest (Longsword). If you haven't already, equip the Shield and Sword on Luneth, then take the stairs.

Luneth finds himself at a crossroads. The left path contains a chest (Antarctic Wind). The right path also contains a chest (Potion). After getting these items, go forward again and loot the chest directly in front of you (Potion). The path splits off again at this point. The right path contains another chest (Antarctic Wind) and a "Wellspring".

Wellsprings are pretty important! they do several things from healing/restoring MP, removing status ailments, and reviving fallen allies! interact with this one to heal yourself. Then, take the other path, which leads to a door...

Luneth arrives in a tiled room. Move forward and you're attacked!

BOSS: Land Turtle[edit]

The Land Turtle is an important creature in Japanese folklore. Known as Genbu, it represents the Earth element, the North direction and the winter season, and it is associated with the black color.

Level: 4 HP: 111 (120) Weakness: None Gil: 500 EXP: 20 (33)
NES version

Wohoo! First boss battle! Anyway, this battle is fairly straightforward. While you can use the two Antarctic Winds you found in this dungeon and then whack away at the boss until it's defeated, there is an easier way that lets you hold on to one of them. Equip yourself with a Longsword and a Dagger (replacing the shield) for much more powerful attacks, and use only one Antarctic Wind on the Turtle. Follow that up with your standard attacks. If your health drops to around 10, then use a potion on yourself.

After the boss battle, Luneth talks with the Wind Crystal, then you find yourself outside on the world surface. Save your game, and then you can continue your journey...

Return to Altar Cave[edit]

About Saving
It is advised that you save a LOT in this game! You can only save on the world surface; there are no save points in dungeons, so you may end up losing your progress if you perish while trying to defeat the boss!
Altar Cave (Revisited) Item Checklist:
  • Leather Cap
  • 2 Bronze Bracers
  • 2 Long swords
  • Bronze Knuckles
  • Copper Ring
  • Sleep

Instead of proceeding south, go back into Altar Cave and go right through a hidden wall to find 2 chests (Leather Cap and Bronze Bracers). Go downstairs and head forward from the entrance to find a room full of chests (2 Longswords, Bronze Knuckles, Bronze Bracers, Spell Sleep), as well as the hole you fell through on your first time through. Now exit the Cave and go south to Ur.

NES version differences[edit]

The main differences are that in the NES version you start already with a team of four Warrior of Light, and five jobs are unlocked as soon as you speak with the Wind Crystal. Therefore, this "NES differences" section will be quite long just here and in the next page.

Suggested jobs[edit]

Change classes as soon as you can, and start earning experience and abilities.

Suggested classes:

  • Monk: you'll soon find two free weapons that only he can use;
  • Red Mage: he can use both black and white magic, and soon a free weapon only he can use will be found;
  • White Mage: you'll soon find two identical white spells for free, so you'll need a second white magic user/Red Mage;
  • Warrior: this is the only job left that can use the long swords you found for free.

Don't worry about the Black Mage: they'll come in handy later. Before leaving the altar room, talk to the Wind Crystal again and it will completely restore Health and Magic Points.