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Main Town Sections[edit]

  • Drawbridge: The entrance to St. Mystere. Here you will find the Laytonmobile...and not much else.
  • Entrance: This section of town contains the Inn.
    • Inn: Layton and Luke rent rooms here from the owner, Beatrice.
  • Plaza: The Plaza is the center of town; containing the Clock Tower, The House of Puzzles, and Town Hall.
    • Granny R's: This house is home to Granny Riddleton. She collects all the puzzles you missed during the game and keeps them here for you to solve. Also called the House of Puzzles.
    • Town Hall: Rodney keeps track of St. Mystere's official business from his home in Town Hall.
  • Manor Road: There is a General Store on this road that never seems to have anyone running it. Marco often hangs out here.
    • General Store: This mysterious store seems abandoned.
  • Manor Border: Here you find Ramon and the boat needed to get to the Reinhold Manor.
  • Park Road: The road to the park has a popular Restaurant.
    • Restaurant: The owner Crouton is always ready with a puzzle, as is his main customer, Flick.
  • Sewer: The entrance to the Sewer. Pavel somehow found his way here.
  • Sewer Dead End: Sylvain tends to St. Mystere's sewer system from here.
  • Sewer Exit: Stachen hangs out in this section of the sewer that leads outside.
  • Outside the Sewer: Although it provides no way out of St. Mystere, this section has a lovely view of the opposite bank.
  • Park Gate: The entrance to the mysterious park. The sign says open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., but the place looks old and abandoned.

Manor Sections[edit]

  • Reinhold Manor: The outside entrance to the Reinhold Manor is impressive indeed. Tap on the door to enter the Manor.
  • Manor Foyer: Here is where Matthew is usually stationed. There are also some interesting portraits of the Baron and his daughter Flora on the Foyer wall.
  • Manor Parlor: Lady Dahlia's sitting room is the place where the inheritance mystery is supposed to be discussed. However, things seem to keep interrupting. Lady Dahlia, Gordon and Simon frequent this room.
  • Dahlia's Room: Dahlia's room is neat and tidy with a nice view of the gardens. The room is connected to the Manor Parlor.

Through the Clock Tower[edit]

  • Clock Tower: This small section of the town is frequented by Lucy and the occasional alley cat.
    • Archibald's: Archibald lives here with his one-of-a-kind desk.
  • Fork in the Road: The cafe is located here, so there are usually people here at night.
    • Crumm's Cafe: Crumm runs this popular evening hangout.
  • Northern Path: This street leads to the residential area of St. Mystere.
    • Prosciutto's: Prosciutto lives here in this rather messy house.
  • Market: Stalls and merchandise flood this section of town. Archibald and Giuseppe are usually here peddling his wares.
  • Northern Hill: Come here for a nice view of the rooftops of St. Mystere.
  • Path Entrance: This section leads deep into St. Mystere.
  • Tower Road: This shady part of town is where Martha typically hangs out.
  • Dead End: A massive wall creates a dead end here, but something doesn't seem quite right...

The Park Sections[edit]

  • Park Path Fork: The entrance to the park holds several signboards.
  • Abandoned Tent: This part of the park holds tents from an old circus.
  • Ferris Wheel: The Ferris Wheel towers over this section of the park.
  • Waterside Shack: A tiny locked up shack extends out into the lake. There are several rooms underneath it.
    • Under the Shack: The underground tunnel leads to two hallways. A puzzle on the wall reveals which path to take.
    • Underground Path: An uneventful hall ends with a mysterious door.
    • Underground Area: This crowded storage room holds a lot of junk...and a few mysteries.
  • Shack Path: There's a lovely shack on this road.

The Tower Sections[edit]

  • Tower Entrance: The Tower has rather large doors. Tap on the door to enter.
  • Tower Basement: Bruno works in this room at the bottom of the tower.
  • Tower Floors 1-7: Puzzles await Layton and Luke on every floor of this Tower. The puzzle on each floor must be solved in order to advance.
  • Spiral Staircase: The last floor before the top of the tower is a long spiral staircase.
  • Tower Top Floor: A charming cottage perches on top of the tower. Who could live here?